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I love massages from my partner (or going out to get one when I can afford it)


I would love the Mom2Be Spa Kit! http://www.spastation.com/mom2be-spa-kit.html

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I love to take a bubble bath and read a good book.


I am interested in adding this http://www.spastation.com/kozi-neck-wrap-chocolate.html to my relaxation as well!

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I like to get a good book and and read in a quiet place to relax. 


The Alaska Glacial Lavender Peppermint Facial Purifying Mineral Mud Masque sounds amazing: http://www.spastation.com/alaska-glacial-lavender-peppermint-facial-purifying-mineral-mud-masque-3-5-oz.html

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Its been pretty hard to relax lately, but one of my favorite things has been hot foot baths and pedicures!

I would love to have this: http://www.spastation.com/energizing-body-lotion-5oz.html
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Pampering~I've incorporated before-bedtime stretches (most times with my LO's in tow!) that have blessed me with a deeper sleep.  Another relaxing bit to my evenings is an easy skin-care routine that includes honey--a total treat after stressfull day.  I think the Vanilla Lavender Alaska Glacial Mud Masque  would fit nicely into a lazy Saturday night--kids:down, tea:on, feet:up!

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I do an old ballet work out and completely lose myself in the music and movement. I follow that with a bubble bath and reading. I'd love to win the lavender-vanilla masque


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My moment comes from doing yoga as the sunrises. I try to sneak out of bed and into a few ansanas before my kids notice I am gone. It would be much more pleasant to have the faint glow of a salt lamp like this one http://www.spastation.com/nature-s-artifacts-pyramid-salt-lamp.html

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My mama moment comes when I am hooping :) in my forest with the sun shining on me. Since I am a beginner, I still gets lots of bumps and bruises and I think that this Calendula Oil  from SpaStation would be really nice on my sore body.

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I love an uninterrupted soak in a HOT scented bath. These bath petals sound simply luxurious! http://www.spastation.com/organic-bath-lavender-vanill-bubble-bath-petals-3-oz.html

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In order to de-stress I like to have a nice glass of wine and a game of Scrabble DH :)  I am really interested in the Biofreeze Gel- that sounds divine! http://www.spastation.com/biofreeze-gel-4oz.html

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oh, and I do kundalini yoga to relax and treat myself

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