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Cleaning cabinet above the stove

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It doesn't matter if we use the fan or not, grease always migrates to the cabinets over the stove.  I haven't found a great way to clean them. They're newer cabinets and have a decent coat of polyurethane over them, but I'm still scared of damaging the wood. Dh use d steam cleaner on them and it left streaks in the polyurethane.  I've had the best luck with Dawn dish soap, but maybe I'm cleaning challenged, because I can't figure out how to keep enough soapy water on a vertical surface long enough to break down the grease and not drip all over the place. Ideas?  How do you degrease wood and how do you maintain the clean?

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The only thing that's worked for me is soapy water and lots of scrubbing. I repeat applications of soapy water until they are clean. I keep hardly anything inside the cabinets over the stovetop. The wasted space bothers me, but I don't like the grease/dust combination that collects on dishes there and I figure the heat damages any foodstuffs. 


I also try to control the grease in the first place. I use as little as I can get away with when I saute and I never deep fry anything. 


I have wondered if a citrus cleaner would do a better job, but I've never tried one because I clean mostly with soap or vinegar/baking soda. It might be worth trying.  

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Thanks. Yeah, I think I just need to get up there with a bucket of soapy water. I'd been (stupidly) just climbing up and down and rinsing the cloth in the sink because I was thinking it shouldn't take too much soap/elbow grease/time, but I'm apparently wrong! Thanks again for sharing your experience :)

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Helpful hint: Just don't look over at your ceiling fan while you are up there orngtongue.gif  lol.gif ! I made that mistake and ended up spending the better part of an afternoon scrubbing, when all I expected was to wipe off one cabinet. 


Good luck with it! 

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