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Impending fertility returning

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So for the past few months I have definitely noticed things are different down there. Of course I know it is because my body is getting back to normal and my fertility is going to come back sooner rather than later. I guess I am wondering if anyone has experienced twinges/cramping/PMS symptoms for months upon your AF returning. I have read on Kellymom.com that there have been studies found that women have experienced this for many months upon their fertility returning. Though, I would like to hear people's particular experience with this. What kind of symptoms did you have?


Also- I am asking because DF and I had sex a few nights ago and I have been experiencing twinges all afternoon that feel exactly like it did in the beginning of my pregnancy and am wondering if this is normal or if I could be pregnant. It's been so long that I have experienced menstrual cramping, etc. that I almost forget what exactly it felt like lol! 

Thanks for your help!

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I'm probably not any help at all but i've had tons of that lately... and one other time durring my pp period so far and have yet to have AF.. my DD is 10 months.. and she is my 4th and this is the longest i've ever gone without af.. i wish i knew what was going on.. i feel liek a crazy person!

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Ds2 is 11 mo and my hormones have been returning over the last month or two.  I haven't had AF but there have been a couple of times where I've expected it 2 weeks later.  I've had returning libido, twinges / cramping, and returning cervical mucus but no AF as of yet.  I will get these signs stronger for a couple of days then back off and nothing, then they return for a few days.  I'm fairly confident I'm not pregnant though I haven't tested.  I think even the cramps/twinges are just part of my returning fertility.


I still night nurse but I've cut back to pumping once a day at work.  This is the first time I've had normal return of fertility as the first time around I got a Mirena and started menstruating again at 14 months.

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It is such a relief to me that other mammas are having the same symptoms with no AF. I have all the same symptoms you have talked about Eresh. I just went back to work almost 2 months ago and don't pump because I don't work everyday. I assumed then that AF would start...but we still nurse at night and I don't plan on night weaning anytime soon.

I am trying not to complain though ...

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For what it is worth, I returned to work at 11 months postpartum and pumped some for about the first month and then let it drop.  My AF arrived at 14 months postpartum.  I had twinges etc. for months prior to this.  I did not have a lot of cm though which I did have after my 2nd.  I seemed to suddenly get a little cm and then caught my temp rise.  It kind of surprised me how it all happened. 



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