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pattern for long A-line skirt?

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i just received a Singer sewing machine (no idea yet how to use it redface.gif), and look forward to making long skirts for myself.  very exciting!  but now i am overwhelmed about where to begin. 


anyone have a recommendation for a skirt pattern source, roughly an A-line shape, ankle length?  easy enough for someone who has not sewn before?  i peeked in the pattern books at a local fabric store, and it was not as easy to find as i had expected (skirts had slits, ruffles, knee-length or shorter, etc.).

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All the skirts I am thinking of would have something new for you to learn, and all have their positive and negatives.  A circle skirt or an a-line requires a fair amount of drafting and the curved edge is fussy to hem.  A tiered skirt, or broomstick skirt, involves gathering (which really isn't that hard to learn, really!) and working with elastic, but requires little drafting.  I generally only make skirts for my girls, so I always use an elastic waist so they can wear them for years.


Here's a pattern from a broomstick skirt (I'd skip the pockets if you're an absolute beginner): http://sewing.about.com/gi/dynamic/offsite.htm?zi=1/XJ&sdn=sewing&zu=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ericas.com%2Fprojects%2Fproj9801.htm


This looks like a promising a-line pattern with an elastic waist:  http://www.lauramarshdesigns.co.uk/pattern-categories/free-patterns/Aline-skirt-pattern-8-22.html


Actually, here's a website with dozens of free skirt patterns: http://craftstew.com/sewing/free-skirt-patterns


If you have specific questions after looking at the patterns, I can try to help you out!  Good luck!



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I teach this skirt pattern in an intermediate sewing class. It is a simple technique, but looks gorgeous and the little details make it look really vintage and neat. Colette patterns have awesome instructions and every size is in the same envelope. It's also easy to trace off just one size so you don't destroy the other sizes.


For a super beginner project, I highly suggest a bag or something that doesn't involve fit. Alternately, you could make a sample book so you learn how to use everything on your machine. Good luck!

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thanks, mamas, for the excellent suggestions.  i appreciate you taking the time.

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Here are sewing patterns for Gathered A-line skirt and its varieties




in womens and girls sizes,


however it's length does not go to the ankle.


You will have to add length to the skirt.  But it is very easy to make.

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