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KD Agreement

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So I've got what I think is a great donor agreement (worked from a sample I found online) and we've both read it and talked about the details and what they could mean.  I just got the idea that we could get it notarized but I'm not finding anything out there about if that will help.  So far, all I can find is that we'd both have to go to the bank together and sign it in front of them.  I was thinking of doing two copies so we each had one.  Anyone get their KD agreements notarized?

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We did get it notarized, but the notarization is free at my work so we thought, why not? Also, because we chose not to go through a lawyer it just seemed like another small layer of protection.

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Last night he told me he had just figured we'd get it notarized so we'll be going tomorrow before we both work.  It's free through most banks if you have an account so we'll go to the conglomerate I bank with.  We're also not having a lawyer involved.  Thanks for the input!

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Notarization is just a way of verifying that those who signed the documents are really those that signed the documents. So he can't come back when you're in a fight/legal battle and lie and say, "I didn't sign that document. That's not my signature." The notarization will prove that he did indeed sign it.


However, this in no way protects all your rights and means that the document will hold up in legal court. But in my opinion, every little bit of protection is helpful. The document itself indicates that he had only the intention of being a donor without parental rights. And by getting it notarized, you can prove he was the one who signed it so therefore it must have been his personal intention.


Did you get something in the document that notes he will sign away parental rights with another document once the chlld his born?



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It makes a lot of sense to get it notarized, especially with how thoroughly you explained the purpose.  It does not have a clause for that in there because it says he won't be on the birth certificate.  There are clauses that say he won't have any parental rights.  This is the sample I worked from http://www.2momslaw.com/donor.pdf.  It is very similar to the one I found in the guide to lesbian pregnancy book I read.  I feel confident in all the things in it and that we covered all our bases.  If this fresh round doesn't work then we will make an addendum for using a doctor as a middle man.  It looks like it is easier for a parent to relinquish rights in Colorado than in Illinois, so one more perk of the move!

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