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It's probably a long shot but can you get some sort of refund, Jaimee?  There is probably some clause in the contract protecting them from stuff like this, but it's worth a try!  I know moving is expensive, so any sort of reimbursement would be great :)

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Ash- I am totally comfortable taking something for the pain, and that's something I intend to discuss at my next prenatal. Today I feel fine...but only because the ONLY walking I'm doing is from the kitchen to the living room, or to the bathroom or bedroom. Our house is 37' long, so not a lot of walking. And when I'm walking or changing positions, I hurt. 


My main thing isn't really the pain, it's just the easiest to complain about. ;) I'm seriously scared of this getting worse, as it tends to do, as the pregnancy progresses. Because I can handle the pain for a couple of months, no big deal. BUT, how am I going to care for 3 young, active children at the most active time of our year (fall; apple picking/canning, pumpkin patches, hiking, the zoo, homeschool trips, they want to go camping, etc) when some mornings I'm struggling to get out of bed and get dressed?

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Jaimee you should call in a hysterical fit and make sure that EVERYbody in that office knows EVERY handship this is causing for you!  Did you pay for their service?  DEMAND it be refunded!  Threaten to call BBB, or file a suit.  They will listen! 


Dennie- I hope there is something you can take that will help.  Pain during pregnancy is no fun.  Especially having to take care of other children.

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Went to the lake today. One thing I don't like about water and the sun is the utter exhaustion.

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Well we got the daily amount upped to $200 so over 5 days that will be $1000.  They told us to be creative and use it anyway we'd like.  So we are going to buy a queen bed that will be used for the guest room when our stuff finally arrives.  And we'll buy or borrow a queen air bed for my dad.  We'll put the kids on the floor with blankets.  We can borrow sheets, pillows, towels, pots/pans, etc. from my dh's colleague who has been letting us stay at her house.  It will still be challenging, but at least we'll be in the house we're paying rent for with more than one bathroom and the ability to baby proof so I don't go completely insane.


The silver lining to all this is that with the extra money we might buy ourselves a little treat like a flat screen TV or a recliner.  We'll see.

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Originally Posted by LunaLady View Post

Oh, Jaimee... that is rough. I'm so sorry that happened! It's times like this where the phrase 'total douche bag' is completely appropriate... irked.gif


I usually go for douche rocket. Seems to fit pretty well. Jaimee, I'm sorry about everything. I WOULD call them and LET myself cry and yell. It's not fair to you at all. I would also tell them that you will be telling everyone about your terrible experience with them and not to go through them.


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This is completely off-topic but I need to vent.  I hate holding in all this stress, especially when pregnant!

So, 6 months ago my dad passed away.  He died of COPD at the age of 56.  He was divorced from my mother so it was just me and my younger sister left to take care of his estate- he was flat broke, though he had things of value (motorcycle, cars, heavy duty tools, record collections, etc.)  We had to pay for his funeral and have been in debt since until the estate is settled with Medicare.  A month before he died he started taking college classes at a community college- everything for school was paid for, even his transportation cost, because he was on social security as well. 

He has a crazy sister who was really close with him before he died.  He never trusted her and neither did my sister or I, she is crazy and selfish but he needed a friend since my sis and I live far away (she 3 hours away and I am cross-country.)  He had to sign over one of his trucks to her two years ago when he first became ill so that he could liquidate his assets to get medicare coverage.  

Ever since he died she's been telling people that he owed her money- she said she loaned him a thousand dollars "for school" (apparently she doesn't think we know that his expenses for school were completely covered).  He didn't need money- he received social security income each month and it was plenty for one person to live on.  I know that he was also saving up some money- I talked to him every single day and we would often discuss his finances, etc.  I was very close with him. 


She wanted to keep the truck as collateral since "he owed her money".  We don't believe her but it was titled to her so there was nothing we could do about it. At the funeral she had mentioned wanting some other things- things that their mother had given to him, family heirloom type things.  He also had leather jackets and expensive cowboy boots that she liked.

So, fast forward to today when my sister went up to deal with more estate stuff.  She got to the house and the truck (that was titled to my aunt) was gone, and someone took the spare key (hidden, but we knew where it was and so did my aunt) and broke into the house and then the garage as well, taking THE EXACT things she had said she wanted AS WELL AS some other sentimental items (boots, grandfather clock, jackets, etc.)  Nothing of real value was taken- just sentimental family stuff.  Obviously it was a family member who took it, and she is the one who has been going on and on about what "he owed her".  

My sister went over to her house to approach her about it calmly, and my aunt lied and blamed it on my uncle (a very honorable man who has been so helpful during this process.  He would have never taken anything without permission.)  She said she called our lawyer and he said she could take the truck- we called the lawyer and he said he never spoke to her.  My sister asked when she took the truck and she admitted to taking it but didn't know when.  My sister asked where it was and she said she didn't know.  HOW DOES A TRUCK JUST DISAPPEAR?    She didn't admit to taking anything, just blamed it all on our uncle, and so my sister asked if she would be able to come inside and look around her house.  Bold, but she is her niece so it shouldn't be a big deal, right, especially if there is nothing to hide.  She said no.

I'm so mad.  We can't get anything back and honestly it doesn't matter but how can someone make up lies like that?!  It is so annoying!  People are so crazy, selfish, and untrustworthy.  It makes me so mad. 

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I'm so sorry you're going through all of this. The police could look for the stuff in her house for suspicion of theft, couldn't they? I don't know about anyone else, but I would have changed the locks and locked the windows so no one that wasn't trusted could be there without it being breaking and entering. I hope it can be taken care of before baby comes. All of that, a new baby and keeping up with your own life would be hard. hug2.gif

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I'm unsure what the police can do, but we are def. changing the locks because she kept the key.  We are also filing a police report so hopefully they can help us out....

This is so annoying.  I can't believe people act that way.  This is her brother that died!  Show some respect, for crying out loud.

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Yeah, seriously! She may as well have robbed his grave! Disrespect of the deceased if I ever saw it.(well heard of it) I couldn't imagine losing a close family member while pregnant or shortly before finding out you're expecting. I hope you can get help from the authorities. Did your dad have a will? If anything is in a will and none of the stuff went to her in the will, the police CAN and WILL search her home for those things and try to return them.

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He didn't have a will- well he had one but it was null and void.  It may be worth a try to show it to them though....  He left everything to me and my sister.  He didn't have life insurance or ANYTHING so we are starting from scratch.  He died a month before I got pregnant- I was still grieving, obviously, the month that we got pregnant.  we will be naming our son after him.  It has been tough to juggle pregnancy and dealing with the estate but luckily I did most of the really hard grieving that first month before baby would have experienced that stress (I was totally and completely depressed in February... could barely care for myself let alone my 2 year old. Thank God for my husband!)  This may seem weird but I'm glad he passed when he did- he was chronically ill so it was just a matter of time- while I wish he could have met our DS2, I'm not sure he could have made it that long.  :(

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jbk21- I'm so sorry you're dealing with all that family drama.  So frustrating and annoying.  I hope that it resolves as best it can and you no longer have to worry or stress over it.  hug2.gif

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Originally Posted by jbk21 View Post

He didn't have a will- well he had one but it was null and void. 

Legally, then, nothing would go to your aunt.  If he is unmarried, the oldest child would be the legal NOK and could easily gain control of his property and assets, I believe.  That would make your aunt a theft.


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I'm the eldest... Our lawyer looked over the will and said it was void- my dad had named my mother as the beneficiary and then his children.  But they are divorced.  He named my uncle (our lawyer) as the executor but he can't be the executor because he is a judge now.  I hope there is something legally we can do to try to prove she did it (as if her reaction to my sister's approach isn't enough... more below) but she wouldn't let us in the house....

When my sister went over there and asked when my aunt picked up the truck, my aunt replied "I don't remember, it was after I called you" (february).  Well then my sister asked where it was and my aunt said she didn't know (uh, where did A TRUCK disappear to?)  later in the conversation my aunt started saying "I don't even know what truck you mean? What truck? I never had a truck!"  

Omg, if you're going to lie, at least get a story straight.





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Legally, then, nothing would go to your aunt.  If he is unmarried, the oldest child would be the legal NOK and could easily gain control of his property and assets, I believe.  That would make your aunt a theft.



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Goodness... that OB Vent thread sure went crazy, eh?  Honestly there are a few women on these boards that you see everywhere always having something opposite to say that stirs up an argument.  It drives me crazy.  There is a way to express an opposing viewpoint that does not encourage arguing, but instead encourages debating and sharing of experience and knowledge.  It really drives me batty when people can't say things nicely- even on the internet.  That's what smilies are for!  There are two that have already crashed this DDC...

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It did go crazy. I really didn't intend it to turn into that. lol

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thumb.gif Jaimee.


Anyone else nesting?  I just spent the last hour scrubbing out and installing the car seat this baby will be using.  My dd2 is mad at me, she insists it's still hers, so I am kind of glad I'm doing it early anyway.

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Hmmm.......Not nesting, but I do keep the house alot cleaner lately.

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Originally Posted by IwannaBanRN View Post

Hmmm.......Not nesting, but I do keep the house alot cleaner lately.

Same here. I spent about 20 minutes scrubbing out our shower yesterday. Randomly got the urge. So I cleaned both bathrooms to a spotless shine orngbiggrin.gif

And then got sucked in to the kitchen and scrubbed that, too. I *do* need to mop the kitchen floors... those are pretty bad. But, I ran out of energy. But in general I've been keeping the house a lot cleaner, and then I go through spurts to clean something out entirely. A few weeks ago I decided I need to re-arrange and re-wash most everything in the linen closet. We have our favorite sheets and towels and the rest of the stuff gets a bit 'stale' in the closet, so I guess I felt I needed to wash it all. Or something...


I'm getting REALLY antsy to start getting the nursery put together. I've got NOTHING done with that. I have three friends that have started preterm labour this week at 34 weeks (all three of them!), so its kinda jumpstarted my desire to get things ready in case I go early, too....!!!


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We don't have room for a nursery this time around, but I plan on putting the crib in the corner of our bedroom and making a special corner "theme" for him. It still has to be re-assembled from when we moved. Before I put DD in a toddler bed, she was in her pack and play. Now, to find those damn screws for the crib!

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