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Thanks for the welcome everyone!!  I guess I didn't introduce myself much -- I am 28, hubby is 26 and we just celebrated our 3 year anniversary on Tuesday!! love.gif


Hubby had a daughter with a previous girlfriend who died at 9 months old, so we waited longer than I really wanted to, to start TTC.  I have been baby crazy my whole life, so it's amazing I made it this long without getting knocked up!!  So excited to be starting, and can't wait to get a BFP!!  joy.gif

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welcome Jenel - may I ask what happened to DH baby?  Glad you are here, where in your cycle are you now?

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I'd love to join you ladies!

Name: Sarah/kittenbritches
Date: 8/12/11
Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/EcstaticUtahMommy
Where are you in your cycle: CD 9 - Waiting to O
Appointments: N/A
Symptoms if they apply:
Testing: Tentative POAS date 9/1/11
Thoughts: This is my sixth cycle over the last year (others we took a break or NTNP) TTC #3 (I have one boy and one girl already); trying soy isoflavones this cycle (along with some other supplements).

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Welcome to all the newbies! You've found a very wonderful and supportive group of ladies here. Babydust to all!
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See im not here yet
[url=http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/36ab23]My Ovulation Chart[/url]
Where are you in your cycle: Not at all sure, might be O ing soon
Appointments: Only see my OB in end September
Symptoms if they apply: D&C 7 weeks ago, no real AF
Testing:8/12/2011  BFN
Thoughts: Would love to get my body working again, desperate for our third little one.

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Janellody - So sorry about your DH's little one! So sad. It must have been hard for the both of you to decide to wait to ttc. I hope this journey treats you kindly.


Welcome kittenbrtiches!


Corgi - no worries winky.gif


Hi Marykgrove! How are you doing?

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Hi everyone! I'd love to join as well. 



Name: Maryam
Date: 8/12/11
Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2f9df9
Where are you in your cycle: should be ovulating soon?
Appointments: n/a
Symptoms if they apply: n/a
Testing: none yet




My husband and I have been together for eight years this November; he's 30 and I'm 26. I'm currently a graduate student in evolutionary anthropology and he's a programmer. We live in Northern California (Bay Area) with our nine wonderful, amazing non-human kids. I'm a big fan of knitting, painting, lifting heavy things, running, walking long distances, swimming, and cooking up delicious seasonal vegetarian foods from scratch!


We hadn't considered having biological children anytime soon (we considered adopting in the next couple years) but we recently had a 'scare' that made me realize that pregnancy and childbirth is something I want to experience firsthand, and that we don't have any good reasons to put off trying. I've been charting my temps only for the last couple weeks after reading Taking Control of Your Fertility, and just started checking cervical fluids and position about a week ago. I'm really excited and hope that we get good news in the near-ish future! I'm getting a bit ahead of myself and already looking at midwives - I can't help it.

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Welcome maryam!  It's hard not to get excited.. I agree about that!  This is my first moth TTC also.. here's to both of us getting that BFP soon!!

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Janellody and Maryamrose, I am in the same place (first month of ttc), and I am also trying not to get ahead of myself. . .but it is so hard not to be excited! I have started doing things like looking for baby clothes, diapers, etc. on ebay (we made a commitment to using 'recycled' baby things if we could). . .I try to justify it by telling myself that it is economical to plan ahead. winky.gif


I think the hardest part for me is holding off to start testing. I don't want to waste pregnancy tests, but I know when it gets close to when I might know it is going to be hard not to be testing every 30 minutes. biggrinbounce.gif

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Thanks for the welcome, Janellody! Fingers crossed for good news for all of us newbies :D


We're also hoping to buy most things (within reason) used, and that's what I've been using to justify buying stuff early, too! I just got my first item yesterday, a pair of lightweight maternity pants I found off ebay. 


I'm going to try my best not to test early despite my stash of cheapo stick tests that I got off Amazon. I would like to see if it becomes clear with temperature charting/intuition, and then I want to confirm with a test. This is going to be really, really hard.


For now, I can't even figure out if I've ovulated!

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Name: seawitch
Age: 28
TTC #3 after a boy and girl

Hey, can I join ya'll? I'm 28 and DH is 29. Our living kids right now are 3.5 and 4.5. I had a miscarriage last summer as well. I'm getting anxious about the age gap growing, and we decided that the sooner the better for conceiving our next, so this month we decided to TTC. I get very sick when I'm pregnant and I'm anxious about getting pregnant while we're staying with my mom while our old house is on the market - I would prefer if we were in our own home already. Call me crazy but I've got baby on the brain anyway, and I'd love a third (and fourth, and fifth, etc.). I have a feeling my mom isn't going to be thrilled if I do end up pregnant so that's sort of a downer, but she's been that way about each pregnancy so far and she's always come around. DH and I agreed that f it doesn't work out this month, chances are we're going to wait until we move into our new house to TTC again. But that could be for a WHILE... It's actually not totally unlikely that we might conceive this month, because all three of our pregnancies together have been conceived right off the bat (we practice withdrawal as birth control and each time there has been one incident of not withdrawing, I have gotten pregnant). This month there was one incident last Sunday and then another yesterday (though I'm pretty sure yesterday's was past ovulation). I've never really read up on TTC since we have just been past fertile... but I've been researching more and more about it lately. I'm really anxious this time around, for some reason - I think because the last pregnancy ended in a loss. Anyway. So, that's about it, I guess... *wave*

ETA: A bit about myself... I'm a SAHM who enjoys cooking, baking, sewing, knitting (how freaking wholesome is that list? lol), thrifting, and I'm a huge reader and I'm working on writing some novels as well.
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Welcome SeaWitch! *waves* :) Maryamrose, I know what you mean about ovulating! I have read through "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" and have looked at their online charting tool. . .so I get in theory what it is all about, but it is still confusing. Honestly, I am waiting to see if I just get pregnant right away after going off of BC and if I don't, then I will start taking my temperature every morning and all that jazz. winky.gif I would recommend maybe checking a copy of "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" from the library if you are interested in learning more (for me it wasn't worth buying a copy just yet). smile.gif

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Maryamrose, I just saw your first post, where you say that you just read TCOYF. I'm sorry, that is what I get for not reading carefully! :)

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Name: BeachLove
Date: 8/13/11
Chart: I don't chart right now, because my DD wakes me up at such erratic times!
Where are you in your cycle: Ummm... trying to figure that out
Appointments: n/a
Symptoms if they apply: several days of lots of CM, it's wet, not stretchy, just wet. Tired and hungry all the time, super emotional....
Testing: took a Dollar Tree test this morning, and negative. I was really expecting a positive, so it threw me for a loop.


Thoughts: I guess I'll wait and take another DT test this week. I had my period on 7/11, so maybe just a few days too early to check if I had a "normal' cycle? I had a ton of dreams about water and baby animals and mermaids and that sort of thing a couple of weeks ago, I know that may be a stretch, but those are supposed to be fertility/pregnancy dreams, right??!  I guess we shall see.

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Hiya ladies. Lurking and counting down the days till we actively start TTC again.


I have a situation that I wanted you ladies to weigh in on. My DP's brother's girlfriend and 23 months old son are visiting with us for the next 2 weeks. Our apartment isn't baby proofed since we have no babies and they failed to mentioned that the baby was coming or that they would even be here this long. The baby is very active. He started the dryer yesterday, changed the temperature control on the AC by climbing on the couch and pressing the buttons. He opens the dishwasher and proceeds to empty everything on the floor, he opens the oven, he climbs all over the TV stand which is glass and could break and hurt him.Basically he's all over the place. I love kids and understand they are going to get into things but what's ticking me off is that DP and I are the ones hands on with him. (me more than DP). I'll tell him no and get down to his eye level and say no we don't climb or touch that and he tries to hit me in my face or scratch me so I hold his hands and tell him no hitting. It's gotten to the point now where if he's doing something naughty and I enter the room he'll stop and look at me or I'll say no one time and he'll stop. His mother just sits or lays on the couch and call his name and says no, stop, don't do that, bring that to me. Are you kidding me?!?! he's climbing on a class TV stand, a TV you're watching and all you'll say is stop, no!!!


Am I overreacting? Should I stay out of it? I don't want my apartment ruined but more importantly I don't want him to hurt himself. WWYD?

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Welcome New girls Welcome.gif


Mary&Sila- How are you both doing?


AFM- I think Im about 6dpo and again Im waiting till 14dpo which should be around the 22nd. I hope my POAS addiction wont get the best of me. No real symptoms I dont really feel like it happened this month a few things different than usual. Right after O I tend to pee alot it wakes me up at night usually but this month nothing the normal potty visits which is weird It didnt even change last month with our loss. Time will tell I just dont know how long I can wait to find out lol.

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Welcome to all the new gals! Hope your stay with us is short. I have updated your info on to our first post.


Fairy - I would just talk to her straight up and say that it is not working for you and ask what you can do to help if she is feeling overwhelmed and if not then you can say something about you having some ground rules in your house for the safety and comfort of everyone and if those can not (will not) be followed you would be happy to find other arrangements for them.



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Fairy - I would be pissed!  I hate parents who don't have an active role in disciplining their children -- especially in other people's homes!  I would definitely have a talk with her and let her know that you are getting a little annoyed that her child is ruining everything in your house and expect her to step it up and make sure he doesn't do that anymore.  It's not an easy situation, but I am all about being honest with people and not letting it get to the point where you have stewed over it for so long that you end up resenting her.




As for me, I had some EWCM on Friday, which was CD9 and way earlier than I expected it.  It was over 24 hours from DTD so don't think it was seminal fluid, but who knows!  Yesterday seamed to still have some CM so today I am waiting to see if there is anymore.. we are DTD every other day, so today is another try!  Wish me luck and any advice is appreciated, here is my chart for anyone wanting to see it's craziness: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/352915

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Hi ladies! I'm doing really well, all things considered. Thanks for asking Sila and DandJ. I've been getting some pink and beige tinged CM the last couple of days so I'm fairly sure AF is on her way. I've been doing really well staying zen about my cycle this time around. I'm actually pretty proud of myself for being so calm. I'm so happy that we're getting so many new faces around here. I still have been dropping by most days to keep tabs on all of you and how you're doing on this intense and amazing journey. I'm thinking I will chart next cycle so I will be checking in more. Babydust to all!
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Originally Posted by GradStudent13 View Post

Maryamrose, I just saw your first post, where you say that you just read TCOYF. I'm sorry, that is what I get for not reading carefully! :)

No worries at all! I just read it a little over a week ago and I was frankly embarrassed to realize how little I knew about fertility throughout the cycle (my background is in demography and fertility decision-making, so I felt a little dumb). It's a great book and the appendix is especially helpful if you start charting and it doesn't look quite right. 


I hope the transition off BC has been uneventful for you. I transitioned off Yasmin three years ago and it was really rough, and I still have some health problems associated with it. I understand this is pretty rare, though.




I'm still not positive that I ovulated based on temperature. My temps are rising super slowly, but my CM suggests that I ovulated on the 11th (FF seems to agree and puts me at 3 DPO). It's a bit of a waiting game, but if I don't get a BFP this time around I'm going to try switching to vaginal temps and see if that gives me a clearer pattern. One thing that's been kind of cool is that I'd never felt cramping around my ovulation date (I never knew when it was, anyway), but this time I definitely felt subtle cramping. It's amazing what you can feel if you just know what to pay attention to!

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