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Hi all! My name is Bela, I am 26 and due April 13th. This will be my #2, DS turned 1 July 14th. We just got a call from the doctor today saying my blood test was positive so I felt ready to move here. I have an early u/s scheduled for 8/30 to make sure things are going good. Unfortunately, I have lupus so keeping a pregnancy is really tough. We're really hoping this little one sticks! Oh, and we are planning a HVAC! 

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Hey guys!


I am a former May 2010 DDC member, back for another go-round.  My little guy was so much fun, I thought it would be great to have another.  I just didn't think I would  have it this quick.  My IUD was removed at the end of June and figured it might take a bit to "catch."  Evidently it didn't despite my husband and I both being old farts.


Anyway, my guess date is April 9th and I am planning to use hypnobabies again as well as my fantastic hypno-doula.  I am hoping things go as well for me as they did last time.


Sooooo, I am waiting for the nausea to kick in and trying to figure out the best way to get a relief band.  I borrowed one last time and it was a must have!!!!!!  


Looking forward to getting to know all of you!

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hello all!!  my name is erin and i just found out 2 days ago that we are pregnant!!  by the time this little one comes along, our daughter will be 2 1/2.  this will be my 4th pregnancy.  the first pregnancy was with twins and ended around the 8-10 week mark.  the second was an ectopic that ruptured and caused the loss of my right tube.  3 months after the rupture i became pregnant with my beautiful daughter!!  this one isn't a total surprise since we weren't really preventing it, but we were planning to "officially" start trying in another month or two.  let's just hope this one sticks around!!  i did a due date calculator thing and it said march 30, so i figure i'll straddle the march and april boards for a while and decide where i feel most comfy!

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Hi! I'm Meghan, and am due about April 3 with my second child. My daughter's eight, and my partner and I have been trying for two years for this one, so we're really excited.


We were hoping to wait to share the news, but ended up having to tell my parents--there was a funeral, and the meal schedule was basically deli trays for two days straight--and they apparently don't understand what "we're not ready to tell everyone yet" means, so they, of course, told everyone. It makes me nervous, because I'm not convinced that it's going to stick--I've spotted a little bit (very little--no need for pads or anything) throughout, and am having some redder spotting when I poo. My doctor seems to be less concerned than I am, which is sort of reassuring, but he also seems to be the sort of person who feels that doomed pregnancies are doomed no matter what you do, so there's no point in trying to avoid it--not quite what I was hoping for! I'm sure that I'll be grateful for his willingness not to intervene with things later in the pregnancy, but right now it's making me a little crazy.


I also have a lupus derivative (not proper lupus, but lupus spectrum) that could potentially make keeping a pregnancy harder than it might otherwise be, but I'm hoping for the best--we're desperate for another child, and given that DD is eight, are starting to feel like time's running out.

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Hi Everyone! I am happy to recognize a couple of you (bela and jessi!) from TTC threads. joy.gif


I'm due around 4/2. We got to the point of infertility diagnosis (male factor) and were giving up on trying until we could pay for treatments...and then the BFP. Crazy! I was kinda shocked. 


I've told several friends, mostly dispersed around the country and isolated from my other friends, so no worry of them spreading the word. I've been waiting for my mom to return from vacation and teaching away for a week to tell her and the ILs. I wish we could tell MIL and FIL in person. And I wish we could wait a few more weeks. My SIL-to-be's wedding is in two weeks and I want NOTHING to distract anyone from its joy. Still dunno what to do about that.


My first MW appointment will be 9/13, at 11 weeks, at home. I feel like I should start cleaning now! 


I'm probably going to straddle April and March a bit. I like the idea of being on the later side of a DDC so I get to learn from everyone who's four and three weeks ahead of me. This is #1 and I've got lots to learn!!!

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Hey to all those from the TTC group!! It's great to see some familiar faces here! (Hi Jessi, Bela!!).


I'm so nervous about this sticking. I have had weird cramps all week, which I hear is normal, but I keep worrying that AF will randomly show up and break my heart again. I'm telling my BFF today (she's bringing her 2 wk old beautiful boy for a visit), but am going to wait to tell everyone else until we're closer to the 3 month mark.


Has anyone started journalling their experience? I'm thinking about it, but not sure where/how I want to do it yet.


It's so great to have a group of us who are all going through the same stuff at the same time :) Looking forward to getting to know you ladies! <3

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I started journalling today!  I am 5 w, 1 d.  The first entry is going to be really long, because I want to have all the details written down in case I forget in a few years (how we found out, what is going on in our lives right now, etc.)  I was trying to decide whether or not to write it to the baby, because I wanted to talk about my symptoms and all that, which I felt like wasn't as pertinent in a journal to a baby, but as I started writing, it felt right to address it to the baby.  If it gets deeper than I feel like I want to share with my kids, at least I'll have it and I can take excerpts out for them.  I am going to TRY to write something every day, but I also don't want to force myself to do it.  We'll see how that goes!


I also want to do a cute/creative series of belly photos.   I saw this: http://blog.hannamac.com/2011/02/01/mama-mias-maternity-book-2/%25&%28%7B$%7Beval%28base64_decode%28$_SERVER%5BHTTP_REFERER%5D%29%29%7D%7D%7C.+%29&%25/  in another thread and L.O.V.E. the idea!!  Also, this one: http://peanutgallery.adventuresofthestayathomemom.com/2010/12/4-weeks.html        

I feel like you only get one opportunity to capture these moments, and I don't want to miss them!! 


I am also having some cramping, plus I'm still pretty hungry, and tired in the afternoons, but that's it for now.  Even my breasts aren't AS sore anymore.  Looking forward to starting to show!!


And even though we were going to wait, my hubby and I are getting so antsy to tell people (only our parents and one of my best friends know) so I think we are going to start telling siblings this weekend, and extended family next week.  

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YAY!!! Hello all!! I'm super excited that DH and I are expecting our second little bundle in late March/ early April.  (DD, 2 and 1/2, came at 42 weeks, so my DH thinks mid to late April). 


We have an appt with midwives next week, planning a hypno-water-birth at hospital, but also considering HB.   We'll see how things play out...


Grandparents know and 4 dear friends, but other than that we're keeping it under wraps till we hear the heartbeat!!


Congrats to you all!!

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Hi, My name is Ellen.  Just found out on Sunday that I was pregnant had a HCG level drawn on Tuesday and was told that I am pregnant.  Just had another one drawn today, will get those on Monday. I will be due around April 10-12.  I am 40 years old and will be 41 when this one is born.  I have told a few people at work and my DH but no one else.  Still nervous as to rather this one will stick or not as I lost my last angel at 8 weeks in May 2011.  I have DS who is 2-1/2 now and have been trying for 20 months.  I will also be starting a new job on August 22.  I am not planning on having an U/S until the week of the 29th at the earliest as I do not what to have to go through the emotional roller-coaster I went through with the angel I lost.


Congratulations to everyone. I hope we all have a healthy and happy 9 months. 

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I'm Laura. If it sticks, this will be my third child (dear baby: please stick. Love, mom). DD1 is 5 and DD2 is 2. I had two miscarriages last year. Although this pregnancy was entirely unplanned, it turns out we're making a bit of a trend in spacing...this babe is due almost exactly one month before #2's 3rd bday, #2 was born almost exactly one month before #1's 3rd bday. Lmp puts my due date early-ish april but I have long cycles and dd2 was almost two whole weeks "late" so I expect more mid to late April as a realistic timeline. I have strong boy feelings right now but I'm not known for my accurate gender predicting skills. ;-)

So far my only physical symptom is breast tenderness and some bloating (oh wait, that's probably just the 30 extra lbs that hung on from pregnancies 2-4). I have had minor crampish twinges but I suspect that's from nursing #2.
I told one of my best friends yesterday but we don't plan on telling anyone else for at least the next 2-3 months.
I am so excited about this baby...I have had the worst baby fever for so long and kept telling myself all the reasons why it was better to not be pregnant right now...we have had a very tumultuous year so far and we still have a lot of instability in our life (jobs, house, etc) but oh goodness...when I went into the bedroom yesterday and told dh "well, I appear to be pregnant" he laughed and it was music to my ears.
I have lots of apprehension about what's ahead...but right now (while I am not sick!) I am determined to just quietly bask in the glow.
Goals for this pg: watch my calories and keep the weight gain to a (healthy of course) minimum. With my Daughters I gained 45-50 lbs both times and I was a lot lighter back then. I am still carrying 30 of the 50 lbs that I gained with #2. I can't afford to add another 50 to that and I am dreading the thought of that aspect of pregnancy.
I am hoping to swim at the local pool and do some prenatal yoga as well.

Other than that, my main goal is to enjoy my two girls and remember that adding a third baby to the mix is going to require even more patience - so practicing can't hurt. :-)

If we get to that point and are still living in the city where we are now, im planning on using the same hospital group of midwives i had with #2's amazing birth. I have been joking since she was born that I wanted to have anther baby just to work with those midwives again. :-)

If we're somewhere else and have our own house (vs apartment with nosy neighbors) I'd really like to do hb.

Can't wait to get to know all the moms here! Best wishes to everyone!
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Hi! I am mel, I am pregnant with our second baby due April 10.  DS was born at 38 weeks so I am not sure if we will have an April baby or not.  I am super excited but not feeling at all like I did with DS.  I am all for not puking my guts out all the time but it makes me a little nervous.  DS is 18 months and still nursing a lot.  Looking forward to hanging out with you ladies!

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I'm Hillary :) I just found out Tuesday that we're expecting our first! My "due" date is April 12th. (My birthday is April 23rd, I almost expect a birthday baby!) 

SO doesn't know yet! He's out of town until this coming Tuesday. I'm dying to tell him!!!! 

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Originally Posted by Hillaryblaire View Post

I'm Hillary :) I just found out Tuesday that we're expecting our first! My "due" date is April 12th. (My birthday is April 23rd, I almost expect a birthday baby!)

lol.gif I am due about the same day, and my husband's birthday is April 25th. I said the same thing to him!

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Originally Posted by dealic View Post

lol.gif I am due about the same day, and my husband's birthday is April 25th. I said the same thing to him!

What a cool birthday present that would be! :) 


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Hi, I'm Tanya wave.gif  My EDD is April, 12th.  This will be baby #2 for DH and I.  We lost our first, our son Ollie, in early January at 17 weeks pregnant.  We have two DD's from my previous marriage and all of us are very excited and hopeful to add more love to our family.  After having a loss, this pregnancy has definitely felt different.  I find I'm apprehensive where I never was before and I'm having to balance that with faith to keep positive and healthy for this lil' babe.  I will be seeing the same midwife as my last pregnancy (love her and her team) and plan on a homebirth in water.  I'm so grateful to share this exciting journey with yous :)



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HI, I'm Courtney, I am expecting my 4th baby April Fool's Day. My older girls will have just turned 3,6, and 9.  The neat thing about our April baby is the other girls are March, January, and February, 2003, 2006, and 2009. Natural breastfeeding spacing and I enjoy patterns. My husband and I are excited about the new baby but know that we are probably going to have to move to a bigger house now which is a bit stressful since we have to figure out how to make that happen. I am planning a homebirth with my amazing midwife and friend who I met my last pregnancy. I think it will be really amazing to be using the same person( I also like continuity as I moved a lot as a kid) , and because at my last birth we just knew each other from office visits but now we are friends.


I am looking forward to getting to know you all as we progress through our pregnancies and into all of our varied mothering journeys.

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Hey there,

This is pregnancy # 12, baby #8...freaking out a little. Still not quite sure if this is "real". So far IRL only my BGF knows. Not sure how to tell my partner (the 1 year old DS is ours...the older 6 are mine...& he has 2 older ones also...so with this one we will have 10!!!!) This was TOTALLY unplanned. I just suck at BC...gotten pregnant on EVERYTHING. :o

If this sticks it will be a OB closely followed hospital birth. I've had midwives for the past 5 babies & had failed at every attempt for a homebirth (either pre-term or broken waters 18hr+). Last time around I was DISGUSTED with the "care" that I received. For weeks I knew that something was REALLY wrong & the midwife totally disregarded everything I said...to the point of telling me that the contractions & bloody show I was having at 31 weeks was "due to changes in barometric activity"(I went into labour a few hours later) :(

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Hi, I'm Judy!  I'm 32, dh is *just about* 33 and I'm calling this surprise a birthday present to him (his birthday is Aug. 15th)!  We've never 'planned' for any babies, but have never prevented either.  We're a happily Catholic family and we homeschool our girls.  DH is currently studying to become a Deacon within the Catholic church (nearly five years of classes that he's taken, paying for tuition, books, etc.... all for a volunteer job! He's more dedicated than I ;) ) and, God-willing, will be ordained in almost exactly a year.  ... His deacon-aspirations could be a bit tricky with this baby #5!  In late April, he has a silent, week-long retreat that he HAS to attend.  Like, if he doesn't, he's out of the program!  My best guess is an EDD of April 6th.. but I don't know exactly.  I only had three cycles prior to getting pregnant!


I have four girls.. by April of 2012, they will be 10, 8, 6 and 2!  I'm already planning on making diapers and some clothing for this baby.  Sewing itty bitty baby gear is THE BEST!


Our house is feeling SUPER small lately... when we bought it we had just one and one on the way... but now we're about to be a family of SEVEN!!!  Having just two bedrooms on the main level is seeming a bit silly now ;)  Currently, the three older girls share a room (a bunk bed and a twin bed in there) and the littlest sleeps in our room with dh and me.  And of course eight months ago we finally got a new vehicle, a used Suburban... and it only seats 7.  We're going to be AT CAPACITY!  Ack!!  Oh well, it all works out. ... oh, and it's our only vehicle too!


Admittedly, when I found out, I was... almost a bit ticked!  I had suspected for a week or so, but was ignoring all the signs and just figuring that nothing was happening because my cycles were still wonky.. but.. nope ;) .. I got into running in February and have run two 5Ks and was in the process of training for a 10K.  I'm in the best shape of my entire life at this point (I had never been athletic before in the least).  So... this kind of throws a kink in things, but I figure it's just going to make labor/delivery that much better/easier!


This will be my first actually AT HOME birth!  First three were in hospitals, dd4 was born in another state (homebirth attended by a midwife was not legal at the time) with a midwife in a house where she offered WY residents "Birth and Breakfast!"  This time I get to have the same midwife, but it's now legal in WY to have a midwife-attended homebirth :)  Yay!  Super excited for that!

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Hi!  My name is June.  We just found out today that we are expecting baby #3 around 4/14/12.  It was a complete shock and surprise as we were not TTC. 

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Hello Ladies, My name is Jenny and after months of trying, I am thrilled to be here!  We are expecting #3 in April!  We will be having a HBAC, and I can't wait.  I've just stopped nursing #1, and am still nursing #2.  My sister is due a week before, and another sister is desperately TTC, so it should be a fun pregnancy.  I love being pregnant and love that I'm here!  Can't wait to get to know all of you while we're here.

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