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What's your favorite relaxation technique?

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My husband and I attended our first childbirth education class on Monday. We have a fun group of 7 couples who are pretty much on the same page with wanting natural childbirth, so each week we're going to be learning about different relaxation techniques to determine what will best help us achieve our optimal birthing experience. As a group, we practiced progressive muscle relaxation. I wasn't much of a fan, but then again, we were in a warm room and I was very uncomfortable at the time. So maybe practicing it in the comfort of my home would feel better. I'm not sure what else is out there quite yet, but I have used guided imagery in my everyday life to manage stress and really love it! I'm starting to gather ideas of how I could create the best birthing space in my home to bring me into a relaxed state. I want to create a very zen spa-like area since I'm planning a water birth. Maybe I'll light a bunch of candles, set up some green plants around the room (I love the feeling of nature), dim the lights, and play some soothing music. I have another silly idea that I'm toying with, though, since our baby is due before the holidays! I was born a week before Christmas, so Christmas has always been in my blood. If I think of anything Christmas-like, I get so giddy and happy inside, it's the best feeling in the world! So maybe we'll set up our Christmas tree early so I have that to look at! I'll visualize the end result of birthing our baby girl and spending our first holidays together as a family. love.gif


So these are some of my immediate thoughts on how to distract myself during labor and create a good energy around me. What are some of your favorite relaxation techniques and how do you plan to implement them during labor and childbirth if you're planning to do so? Let's share ideas! It might help others, especially new moms like me who have no idea what we're in for during childbirth! redface.gif

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I put myself into hypnosis, via hypnobirthing affirmations on my MP3 player. It's so nice to do while in the bath. I need to do it more right now, because I've been so tense and almost not nice. I know that being tense about things at this point can lead to difficulty trying to relax during labor, so thank you for reminding me what I should do during my DD's nap today. lol


Knowing my kids are with someone safe that we all trust will help relax me during labor, and I plan on keeping things dark. Other than that, I'll go with the flow.

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Progessive muscle relaxation is great when you're not actively contracting- it's a way to "turn on" or start the hypnosis process and learn how to relax yourself quicker and quicker, but it's not great during active labor.  Visualizing works for some, but I have to say in the intense moments all my imagery goes out the window.  I prefer breath work, moaning, mantras- short and physical things I can cling to when things get going.  Like remembering to keep my voice/intonations low, remembering to breath, blowing raspberries (really... it relaxes your face and when your face is relaxed your bottoms relaxes, too), changing positions, focusing in on words or phrases like "open" or "relax," etc.  The simplier the better b/c in the moment not a lot is going through my head so taking myself on a guided imagery session is not realistic.

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I am also hoping for a natural birth. I am also learning about different relaxation techniques and for me a big one will be massage. I am also planning on incorporating some of my yoga poses and breathing as well as a birthing ball.

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Oh yeah, I am really wanting to incorporate massage into my plan as well. One of the sheets in our childbirth ed packets had hand and foot massage noted on it, and my husband said to me, "I'll do the hands......"  LOL. He isn't a fan of rubbing feet so I was totally trying to guilt him into considering it during my labor! hahaha One can hope, right? He's great at back massages too, so I'm sure he'll be there for me if I need it.

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That's interesting about the foot and hand massage... I don't think I would like that at all.  I mean, maybe during early labor, but really in early labor I'm fine and just going about my business.  During active labor, there is no way I would be laying still enough to be massaged on my hands or feet.  I rock and move and often touch is not at all wanted.  Maybe more like pressure massage on the back, legs, etc.  There's a technique where someone rigorously "jiggles" your thighs and/or abdomen with something like a rebozo.  It's often called sifting and it has other names in other languages.  That might be something to look into.

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