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2 year old takes diaper off at nap

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I searched the forums and didn't find an answer to this question although I am sure that it has come up for other people.  My 2yo is getting more serious about potty training.  3 days this week he was crying at nap and had taken his diaper off and was saying "pee."  I think he is taking it off after he pees and has started to be uncomfortable with the diaper on.  It didn't used to bother him.  I do let him go potty and put on a fresh diaper before nap.  So do I try to find a way to keep a diaper on him that he cannot get off?  Or is there another solution?  Today he had taken the wet diaper off and then peed in the crib.  

     He does pee a lot in general.  When he is awake I have him in training pants because he will ask to go potty 10 times in an hour. But, he has not stayed dry for more than an hour at a time so we are definitely not ready for underwear.  What do other people do?  

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I've got two suggestions. The first would be to stop fluids before naptime so he isn't so full when he goes down
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Sorry didn't mean to hit send. Stop fluids an hour before naptime. The other possibility would be to put his toilet seat in his room. If he is in a crib and you are serious about letting him train, because it is only going to work if he on board would be to switch him to a mattress on the floor or a toddler bed. A third option would be to put a cloth diaper cover with snaps on to prevent him from removing the diaper. It really depends on what you feel he is ready for. I tried potty learning with my son when he was removing his diaper at 17 months but he wasn't ready because he was scared on the toilet so we switched to snap closures. But if he is ready then encourage and support him! Good luck mama.
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I don't think he is really ready to be done with diapers.  I think he is just exploring.  And did I mention we have 3 boys ages 2,3,4yo?  The 4yo is in a twin bed with rails.  But, the other 2 are in cribs with crib tents.  I am not willing to let that go yet.  It is hard enough to get them all to sleep as it is if we let more of them run around freely we won't get sleep.  

     Another issue is that they were foster children for 2 years.  So they never learned good sleep patterns.  So as pre-adoptive parents we are needing to reparent them in a lot of ways.  They do not have good boundaries.  And they really test limits to an extreme.  

     Sorry getting off topic.  Obviously the diaper/training pants issue is in a long string of challenges that we have.  Was hoping this one might be easier to handle.   

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That does sound hard. It sounds like you are doing an excellent job of listening to their needs and working with them to create better habits.
Here is the cover I was talking about. You can put it over disposables (I gave one to my cousin for that purpose and she loved it) or if you cloth diaper already it is a good idea to consider the snaps. http://www.everythingbirth.com/flip-one-size-cloth-diaper-covers-BGF5200-p-Cloth-Diaper-Covers.html
I'm a consultant with this company so if you have other questions let me know. Keep up the good work - the toddler years are so challenging and so much fun.
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Hope you don't mind me dropping in.  I couldn't resist as I was suprised to read someone elses LO is doing this, too. My sleepy little guy took his diaper off twice last week.  He has been staying dry while he sleeps and pees upon waking. He takes wet diapers off by himself.  He also has been fussing around 1 am, he wants to pee. Then he goes right back to sleep.I have a waterproof pad and a few flats under him at night just in case he takes his diaper off again. Anyway, that is what we are doing.

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If you're trying to resolve the issue of him taking his diaper off (aside from allowing him to sit on the potty), I would get snap covers and try to put them on backwards (specifically if you think he'll get the snaps off).


I love Flip covers.  Cottonbabies.com has some seconds listed under "Clearance" if you wanted to go that route.

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I'm going through this with my youngest, who will be 2 at the end of this month.  Not only is he taking his diapers off (the snap closures!), but he also has his hand in his diaper ALL. THE. TIME.  He doesn't even care if he's poopy.  He's taken his diaper off and peed in his bed at least 5 times in the last 2 weeks.  I'm so sick of changing sheets!

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Mine's just about to start potty training and boy, this is something I'm worried about. We have carpets. And she loves it if she can get away from me buck nacked and run around the house.....  ^_^



...and as for peeing in the bed.....uhm.....we're co-sleeping and she takes her nap in OUR bed. Wet spots there are NOT something I'm looking forward to.

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We have been using Happy Heiny's snap training pants over the g-diaper at night.  So far so good he hasn't been able to get it all off.  Yet.  We had tried zipping pj's on backward but, that was too much of a pain since he asks to go potty so often.  This works better so far.  I keep thinking he'll give up the diapers any day now.  But, he won't be 3 until 11/30 and usually when I ask he says "nope."  So I'm not pushing him. 

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my 18 month old can rip off a flip cover in about 2 seconds.. Having her dressed helps but she'll pull a diaper out under her clothes as well.. jammies that zip up work best but again not something I really want or really can be doing for naptime.. Ive diapered backwards before that ussually works as well.

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MY 2 year old is doing the same, but he is still really resistant to the potty, and I'm trying not to push that issue at all!  For now, we have him in zip-up sleepers at naps and nighttime, which seems to have solved the problem for now.  I offer to let him potty throughout the day, but he almost always declines to sit there (even with bribery), and I'm so hesitant to push at all lest he fight it like he does with everything else.  We're pretty fond of the Hannah Anderson footless sleepers.  No "footies" means he doesn't slip in the kitchen, and his diaper still stays on!

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