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I haven't posted in a long time -busy, busy! But I am glad to see a thread still going!


Minkajane- I am glad Abby is gaining weight :) We are doing formula during the day while I work and breast at night as well. My Abbey is 15lbs 3oz now so she's on the small side also.


Blanca78- Good Luck on your grad thesis! I am submitting mine for round two of reviews next week.


I can't believe the one year old birthdays are right around the corner!


Here is a pic of Abbey about a month ago, 9 months old.



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Have to show off my cutie. This is Neri at about 10 months, in early Feb.


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PattiMomma and Alicia, your babies are super cute! So expressive!


Question: anyone else have a baby who is slow to become mobile? We kind of gave up on tummy time when Eliza was little because she hated it so much, and now I'm wondering if that was a mistake. She's still not crawling at 10 months. She can sit great if we put her in a sitting position, but she doesn't get herself into one. She scoots on her butt to get toys. I'm a little worried about it.



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I wouldn't worry. It's interesting how some babies move ahead with one skill, and others get teeth instead or move ahead verbally.  My son didn't crawl till 11.5 mo and is now almost 3 and has never seemed to be behind in anything, he's quite intelligent and mature. Girls do things earlier often, but not always!

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Thanks, that's reassuring about your son! She is, I'm told, socially advanced, and her fine motor skills are good. Her daycare provider told me she is the earliest waver and the earliest pointer they've had (she started pointing around nine months, and I guess most babies don't do that till closer to a year). She also seems to be moving closer and closer to first words--it's so cute how she makes all these sounds that sound conversational. And she points at EVERYTHING and says "Da!" and "Ooh!"

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I wouldn't worry. It's interesting how some babies move ahead with one skill, and others get teeth instead or move ahead verbally.  My son didn't crawl till 11.5 mo and is now almost 3 and has never seemed to be behind in anything, he's quite intelligent and mature. Girls do things earlier often, but not always!


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Abby's getting mobile a lot sooner than Taylor did. He was around 18 months when he walked for the first time. She is now pulling herself up to stand and even standing on her own with very minimal support. No standing without support or walking yet, but it will be soon. She's still not doing traditional hands and knees crawling. She just kind of wiggles and shoves and yanks and makes her own way but somehow she still manages to be FAST. I took a pic on my cell phone of her latest escapade.



Note the toilet paper in the mouth. duh.gif


Side note - just got my first postpartum period. Anybody else? I've been expecting it since she's been on formula during the day for a couple of months now, but you never know since I have PCOS. Could be months before I have another after this.

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Love the toilet paper--classic! Here's one of Eliza busying herself with the Tupperware--another classic scene!


No AF here yet. I'm a bit bummed because I think I am going to need to supplement w/formula when she's at daycare--after months of a crazy abundant supply (only had to pump once or twice a day to get more than enough) it's taking a nose dive, and I just hate how time consuming pumping is. Tupperware late Feb 2012.JPG

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Wow April mamas.  I haven't checked in here in a while.  Can you believe our babies are nearly a year old?  Addi was born a bit early so she's a March baby and there's only 3 weeks until she'll be one.  O.N.E.  Oh my goodness.  How a year flies!!!


Pattimoma - She's so cute and I can't believe you live somewhere where you can be outside without a jacket and shoes at this time of year!


CookAMH - Neri is so adorable.  I love her blue eyes.  They just seem to sparkle and have so much depth to them.


Blanca -  Tupperware drawer!  Love it.  She's such cute mischievous wonder.  On crawling, it's not a developmental milestone and some babies just skip it apparently.  Addi was slow on it.  She started to commando crawl at around 7-7.5 months and she was just into that.  She eventually figured out how to get herself into a sitting position by pulling up on furniture onto her knees, and then she'd sit on her bum.  That was around the 9-10 month mark.  But one week into 10 months, she started to hands and knees crawl.  Just like that.  We were standing in the hallway and she came out of the room on all fours like she'd crawling for ages.  All my friends' babies had been crawling for months, and some were even walking.  I was a bit concerned like you, but really thought she might skip crawling.  I also thought our cloth diapers slowed her up as they made it hard for her to get her knees underneath her.  Once she started to crawl, she figured out how to sit, and how to easily pull herself up from sitting.  It was the piece that linked all of that development together for her.


Minkajane - I don't know what it is with babies and toilet paper.  A new food group, perhaps?  On post-partum periods, I'm back in that ring now.  Boo!  I'm still breastfeeding the baby all the friggen' time, too!  She eats solids and breastmilk.  That's it.  AF is not nearly as long or as intense as she used to be, but I think I'm ramping up.  My first AF was like 2 days and light.  The second was 4+days and heavy to light.  I'm sure AF this month will be tonnes of fun.


So our little baby is almost a toddler.  I think she's going to walk soon.  She's a cruising machine and mostly on her feet tearing things apart.  What actually constitutes first steps?  She's let go of things a few time and taken independent steps, but she's totally using momentum and toddles forward to collapse in your arms.  She intentionally let's go, but the steps aren't controlled.  She can't stand up on her own yet without holding on to something, but she can let go of something and stand.


I'm mostly curious about this as I want to get those first steps on film!


Here's a pic of her.  Oh my, I guess we'll soon be doing now (1 year) and then (1 year ago) pics?  Here she is climbing the stairs which is her new favourite past time.DSC_0049.JPG



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Blanca78- I would not worry about the crawling. I have one kid that was running around at 9 months and another that couldn't sit up until almost 10 months. By 18 months most babies can walk and if you hit 20 months with no walking then I would start physical therapy. Abbey does a butt scoot we call the sidewinder, check it out on youtube for a laugh. You can find all kinds of funny crawling styles on there. She has never done an all fours crawl and now she cruises the furniture.


Gumshoe- AF came back for me when Abbey was only 6 months old. It's been really crazy with cycles ranging from 26 to 40 days. I am use to a very consistent cycle so the longer ones freak me out. I can't tell if I am ovulating because I can't temp with the night time feedings. Oh and I live in the deep south, we didn't really even have a winter this year.

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OK April mamas, we've got birthdays coming up! Who's started planning? We're doing a BBQ at a park with an Abby Cadabby theme (of course!). It's going to be a small family gathering. We've got a really cute little dress for her and I'm hoping for warm sunny weather that day.


We've started talking about transitioning from a baby diet to a big girl diet. Fewer purees (though she's still getting them so we can go through the thousands that WIC gives us) and more chunky finger foods. I'm having a hard time figuring out what to feed her. A lot of what we eat she couldn't - I do soups for myself or stir fry and I take frozen meals to work. DH and DS eat meat which DD can't have. So far we've given her scrambled or boiled and chopped eggs, whole-wheat bread, string cheese, chopped steamed veggies, and fruit and grain bars. She also occasionally has prepared toddler meals - mac and cheese or ravioli. What is everybody else feeding their little ones?

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1st birthdays... crazy, isn't it?! We aren't having a party, per se. We will have dinner with each set of grandparents (and my grandparents will also come to dinner at my parents house). We just aren't that big into birthdays in a party sort of way... we don't want to clean, prepare and pay for food, and clean again. Especially since he won't remember it and will likely not be very interested in all of the chaos. Plus, even if we asked for no one to bring gifts, we know our families and they would... and we don't need anything for him! wink1.gif

As far as diet, we are doing BLW and S is pretty much eating what we eat (so long as it's suitable for him, no fast food or junk, even if we eat it redface.gif). His favorite meal, recently, has been quinoa, broccoli, cheese and chicken casserole. He eats a banana pretty much every morning (he takes bites as i hold it for him), he eats a lot of steel cut oatmeal with unsweetened applesauce and plain yoghurt, pears, we've done some organic fruit (and veg!) grain bars. he does tortilla wraps really well - he takes bites while i hold, i spread avocado, sprinkle shredded cheese, maybe some shredded meat, or whatever else really. He loves it. Oh, he loves falafel, too! But i digress... he usually just eats what we are eating. So easy!
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I think we're one of the first ones to celebrate the baby's first birthday. Our girl turns 1 next Saturday, gulp!  We're sorta having a party.  It's just family coming in for some food and cake. I wanted to have more people, DW didn't, and so we'll see what happens.  I just wanted something small and informal, and mostly to have a cake smash and to take lots of pics!  We have this awesome ONE t-shirt that we bought her to mark the occasion.


With respect to food, the baby pretty much eats what we eat in addition to breast milk.  She loves steel cut oats, eggs, spinach, apples, bananas, chicken, fish, beef, sweet potatoes, yams, broccoli, mango, rice, toast, curries.  When we make turkey burgers for dinner, we make a little baby patty for her.  Or if we have pasta, we make her up a portion with peas and no sauce.  Her little special treats are some of those rice cookies and fruit leathers.  Since we're still working on sensitivities, she doesn't eat any obvious dairy (even though she loves yogurt and cheese) and no nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, pepper, eggplant, etc).

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Abbey's birthday is April 12th. I can't believe she's about to be one! We will just have a small family get together with cake and ice cream maybe cook out too. I don't do much for my kids birthdays until they are in elementary school and will remember the party.


As far as what she's eating- she eats everything we eat. She ate ribs last night. She just pigs out on food even though she only has 4 teeth!


With the babies approaching their first birthdays is anyone thinking about when they will TTC next? I just lost a very early (5 weeks) surprise pregnancy (It sounds awful but I am not very upset about the loss because I was more freaked out about being pregnant again already) and it got my husband and I talking about when we will TTC next. I was thinking August so they would be a little over two years apart.

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I think TTC for us won't be until Jan '13...

sorry for your loss, Patti, but it sounds like it maybe was part of the larger plan. smile.gif
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No TTCing for us for a while. Things were really tough with Abby, two years of really difficult fertility treatments, pubic symphysis dysfunction during most of the pregnancy (VERY painful), then the peaceful UBAC I had planned became an emergency C-section under general anesthesia when I was pushing and instead of a head coming out, it was a foot. So I'm pretty leery of trying again. I'm about to get on the mini-pill. Maybe we'll think about not preventing anymore when she's 3 or so.

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oh, Mandy... yikes! I don't know that I read your birth story (I don't even know that you posted it). that sounds like quite something to recover from, both physically and mentally.
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Here is a link to my birth story if you're interested.

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thanks for sharing.... and it's kind of fitting to be re-reading our birth stories as we approach our LO's 1st birthdays!! what a strong, warrior mama you are!!
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Hi everyone!

Mandy--yes, thanks for sharing. I also didn't realize you'd had such a tough time, both with the pregnancy and the birth.


Pattimomma--I'm also sorry for your loss, though glad you seem to be at peace with it. I'm not sure when we'll TTC--I'm thinking early next year. I'll be 35 in January so we don't want to put it off too much longer. At the same time, it's still hard for me to imagine doing this again soon--I'm still mostly treading water with sleep (due to a combination of my insomnia and her wakeups--though really, she's become quite a good sleeper lately).


So we had Eliza evaluated by the early intervention people, and she is just delayed enough in gross motor that she qualifies for some visits from a PT. Otherwise, across the board, she was ahead of the curve. The movement stuff is frustrating to me, but I'm trying not to stress about it. She finds her own ways of getting around, and is finally getting herself into sitting from all fours, and the other day her daycare provider said she almost managed to pull herself up to standing. On the other hand, do I have the only 11-month-old (her month birthday was yesterday!) in the world who JUST started doing the wake-up-crying-because-she's-flipped-onto-her-stomach-and-can't-get-back thing? Don't other babies do that at like 5 months? I seriously think she's forgotten how to roll.


As for birthday--I think we're going to just reserve a park shelter, as our apartment won't hold all the people we'd like to invite. I want to make her a special cupcake. We're also going to my parents' (in another state) for a week just before her birthday, and my mom is throwing a couple little parties.

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Annoying! I just typed a long reply and it disappeared before I could hit submit!


Mandy - I read your birth story when it happened I had just forgotten it. I can see why you would not want to conceive for a while!


Blanca- It's great that you got help for Eliza so early!


On the day I wrote about my loss I was feeling pretty good about it but really it's been a roller coaster. I posted "Don't let this happen to you" in the pregnancy and loss forum if you are interested in the horrific details. Now baby fever is hitting me hard but I am starting the pill because I don't want any accidents. My body needs time to heal!


Our babies are going to be toddlers soon. When will you consider your little one a toddler? 13months? 15months? 18months?

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