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oh, Patti... I'm so very sorry. I am glad you feel like you made the right decision, I wish you lots of love and light while you process and grieve. hug.gif
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Silas is ONE today! and he just started toddling yesterday, by which I mean taking his first uncoaxed steps. he's still taking it slow but has toddled across the room a few times now!

we're going to have to move to the toddlers forum soon! smile.gif
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Happy birthday, Silas!

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Happy Happy Birthday Silas! He is toddling that is so exciting! jumpers.gif

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one year pics:



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Gah! He is so cute!!!!!!!!!

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Will you look at that tie! joy.gif

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Hi Mommas!

It's so great to see this thread still going! It's hard to believe a whole year has gone by already! I love reading what everyone's babes are doing.

My Claire Bear is on the move! She started walking three days before she turned 10 months and in a couple of weeks she was going room to room. She's fast too and is into everything. She isn't talking much yet...mama, daddy, kitty, mo (more). I am trying to teach her signs and she does "more" now all the time. I had her in the Ergo the other day at the grocery store and as soon as we walked into the produce section she started signing more! So cute.

I'll try to get a picture up, on my iPad now and it doesn't upload photos.

We're just having a small family party for her as well. Maybe a friend or two who have babies.
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We're getting things together for Abby's party. DH's grandma's bday is four days after DD's so we're doing a joint party. So we have a first birthday and an 85th birthday. orngbiggrin.gif I tried everywhere to find Abby Cadabby party stuff but it's only available online and it's too late for that now. So we're just going to get pink and purple stuff, maybe flowers or something. I did get some candles that spell out her name and one of those giant 1 candles (those are required by law, right? lol).


Still no walking yet but it will be soon. She can stand on her own with no support, but just for a few seconds before she plops down. She's getting SO vocal and just a bundle of energy, talking and climbing and into everything. I'm scared for when she walks!

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Yes, enjoy the non walking period while you have it!  My little lady has already had several bruises from falling (on our wood floors, keep the socks off if you have them!) :( 

The early walking is so adorable though...like little drunken sailors lol :)


Here's a photo of my ladybug..


first noodles @ 11 monthsclaire bear♥.jpg


my neighbor is a photographer and took this one.  Claire 9 months

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Abby's birthday party was great. We had it at MIL's house. I have never seen DD smile so much as when we all sang Happy Birthday for her.


Here she is enjoying her cake and ice cream.




This is my favorite picture of her EVER.  We got her cleaned up and changed after the cake and she was totally hamming it up for the camera. I guess all that sugar put her in a good mood!


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Hi everyone! I just thought I'd check in and see how people are doing. Pattimomma, I'm sorry to hear of your loss. hug2.gif


Wyatt had a good first birthday, we moved out of state a month earlier so we drove back to Oregon to see family and so Wyatt could have a little party. I haven't moved the pictures to my computer yet but I'll post some when I do. Wyatt started walking in March and has become FAST. He runs everywhere and is getting really good at climbing up stairs, though we haven't let him try going down yet.

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mamapigeon, congrats on your BFP! Silas is also walking/running, climbing stairs, and just learned to climb down. he'll also climb anything that's less than a foot tall! I'd love to see pics of his first bday... we had prof one year photos taken, I should post a few...

I know this group isn't very active but how do y'all feel about a new thread in Toddlers? I'm hanging out there more than here... seems much more relevant to us.
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Thanks, Wehrli. :)  I'd love to see more pictures of Silas. It sounds like he is a busy bee!



I went ahead and started us a toddler thread. http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1353443/april-2011-ddc 

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