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Hi guys! I haven't been around mdc for awhile and I hate that I missed this thread! All the babies are too cute! Hope is doing well. She will be 6 months old next week! I can't believe that! We go for her 6 month check next week. She was about 14 lbs at 5 months which is small but she started out at 6lb 9oz so her growth curve is great! She is starting to stay awake for longer periods of time, is chewing on everything, rolling over and almost sitting up. She's getting so big!! September 2011 133.JPG

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Awww, look at her roley-poley legs! She's sooo cute!

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hello, all!

Stacey, CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! is she waiving?

Patti, PP AF?!

mamapigeon, i've been feeling exactly that for the last few months... my PP AF is nowhere in sight, however, we all know she can show her ugly red head at any moment... redface.gif Wyatt is sooo cute! i'm glad he likes his exersaucer!

Blanca, Little E is so adorable!! we just put Silas' bouncy seat away... on to bigger and better things! Silas sits in his highchair during dinner now.

Mandy, what a sweet baby you have... don't worry about her weight, she sounds healthy and happy! she'll be sure to impress strangers with all of her "milestones" with her petite self! wink1.gif

AFM, we decided to start BLW at 24 weeks (well 2 days shy) because he seemed SOOOO READY! he's sitting up, grabbing food, and seems to have lost some of his tongue thrust (he'll even keep a paci for a minute or two!). we tried avocado, twice now. he did better the first day because he was well rested and just had nursed about a half hour prior. last night didn't go so well but he had been up for two hours after only a half hour nap and he hadn't nursed in over an hour. he is also rolling EVERYWHERE!!! love.gif

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Oh, how I love seeing these photos! I will upload some more of Eliza and post one soon.


Stacey--HI! It's great to "see" you again! Hope is sooooooo cute.


Wehrli--So is Silas! I love the one of him with the drum.


PattiMomma--wow, AF already--I have no sign of her coming anytime soon, but who knows. We're still just using condoms, but then again, we've only DTD twice since she was born. Sigh. Someday we will get our love life back...


Since we are starting to talk about solids, I have a question for you all--what kind of high chair do you use, and do you like it? Experienced moms--any tried and true recommendations or must-have features? We need to get one still. Eliza's 6 mo visit is late October and I'm thinking we'll start solids after that. Lately she has really wanted to be at the table with us during dinner, so I've been holding her on my lap, and she was VERY interested in my pesto last night...


AFM, Eliza is still not rolling. She rolls onto her side, but not all the way over. Still hates being on her tummy. She has great head control/strength, and can practically support her own weight on her legs, so I'm not too worried--I figure she's just not that interested. She will be five months old on the 24th (going by calendar months. She's already 5 mo going by weeks. Not sure what we're supposed to follow?) Sleep continues to be majorly up and down. She naps great at daycare, so I know she *needs* the rest, but is much more reluctant at home. Couldn't get her to sleep more than a 1/2 hour at a time all weekend. But then today she's over an hour into a nap, so who knows. She's waking once or twice at night (sometimes more), and I am eternally grateful that she generally goes right back to sleep after nursing. She still has some awful nights here and there but I'm still just riding it out. She seems to like her daycare provider still, but is also still not eating much during the day, though better than she was.


I am also finally figuring out babywearing--so far my favorite carrier comfort wise is the mei tai, though E gets frustrated because if I have her in it tight enough to not hurt my back, her face is covered almost up to her eyes. Poor kid. The Moby is great for facing out, though. I love taking her to the park and swinging with her strapped to me--it brings me back to how much fun it was to swing as a kid. I feel like I'm getting back in touch, through her, with more elemental, playful parts of life. Anyone else enjoying that aspect of having a baby?


I start teaching tomorrow. Working on my syllabus yesterday, it felt SO good to get back to some sort of non-baby related area of focus.



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Stacey- Hope is adorable! Her face is so sweet!


Wehrli- Silas is amazingly cute! I love the pic of him eating the avocado! I've tried giving some to Wyatt too, but he doesn't seem to like it yet.


Pattimomma- I'm sorry you got your AF back so soon. I thought mine started up a while ago, but it hasn't been back.


Blanca- No high chair here either. I love the idea of swinging with a baby, going to try it on a dry day!



We moved 2 days ago and Wyatt is going through the final stages of cutting his first tooth (at least, I hope they're the final stages! Bulging white bump under the gum) so there has been lots of crying here. greensad.gif Really hard to do AP when there are boxes to pack and un-pack, I seem to only do half a box before Wyatt wants me. We still have to clean our old place... The plan is to bring some blankets and lots of toys and let Wyatt roll around. He's getting really good at using his hands to explore toys. He loves feeling different textures, especially with his mouth.

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Eek! I can't believe you moved with a young baby--hats off. We need to move (we have way outgrown this apartment) but will wait a few months--hopefully we can move before she's walking but I can't even conceive of it now. Just getting the dishes done every other day or so is challenge enough.

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Lol, thanks! It wasn't easy, but it beat our move when I was 35 weeks! If you know you're going to move, even if it's a few months away, start packing now and get rid of stuff you don't need! It's really amazing how much space is taken up by baby stuff, isn't it? Our new living room is half full of brightly colored plastic. 


Wyatt is sleeping now and whew, I feel so much better. Just got done with my first day of classes. Hoping to get to the point where he can be awake and I can do assignments...

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Are any babies mobile yet? Wyatt has started crawling, I guess. I found out last night when he disappeared from the bed while I was brushing my teeth. Luckily we have the mattress down on the ground so it wasn't a big drop, but I felt soooo bad. bawling.gif Today I tested how far he can go and it seems to be a few feet. I'm having a hard time with where to put him now that the bed is unsafe for him to be in alone.

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Go Wyatt!!

Silas is only mobile by way of rolling. but it's definitely rolling with intention! I'm thinking he's working on the "army crawl" now. still hasn't gotten up on his knees but is just starting to reach forward with his hand/arm and looks like he wants to pull himself. he also just mastered sitting... he can sit on his own for up to 10 minutes!

he's also LOVING solids! he's had avocado, sweet potato, pear, and mango. he also LOVES to suck/gnaw on a celery stick but doesn't seem to be able to ingest it. it's great for teething, though! on the menu this week is butternut squash, zucchini, and chicken... (BTW, we are doing BLW).

naps are still hit or miss... he definitely doesn't go down to sleep consistently, or stay asleep consistently for that matter. so sometimes he has 4-5 naps a day! night sleeping is pretty good/consistent, though. right about 11 hours but with 2-5 wakings. he was nursing over night A LOT last week but for the last few nights I've been trying the teddybear hold to try and get him to fall asleep without nursing and it works most of the time.

ugh... I have my first cold since he's been born... not looking forward to him catching it. FX he won't!

anxious to hear how all of the other littles are! orngbiggrin.gif
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No crawling here. Abby can lift her chest up really high, but hasn't tried to get up on hands and knees yet. She does scootch herself toward something she wants when she's sitting up, but since she still needs support, she usually ends up toppling over. Her big thing is bouncing. She'll kick and bounce back and forth when she gets excited. It's adorable. We started solids a few weeks ago and she LOVES them. She will eat an entire jar in one sitting and still be disappointed when it's gone. It's so funny when she eats something like squash or mixed veggies and makes a terrible face like she hates it, then squalls for more!

Anybody else doing baby signs? We've been doing some basic stuff (Mommy, Daddy, milk, more, etc) for a couple of months now. Abby seems to know what we're saying a lot of times (she gets all bouncy when I do the milk sign) but she hasn't tried to do any of the signs.
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DD2 is 6 months old on Tuesday!  I cannot believe how fast it's gone this time.


DD2 isn't crawling yet but she's mobile.  If I lay her on her tummy on the floor she'll do a 360 over the course of a couple minutes as well as push up really high on to her chest.  Considering that my older two were much older when they started to crawl it's incredibly exciting to see her go at her own (fast) pace.  We're also working on sitting up too, she's able to keep herself up for a few seconds before she falls to the side.


We started BLS a couple of weeks ago after I noticed DD2 eating Cheerios her sister dropped onto the floor!  We've done squash, carrots, rice puffs and banana.  She LOVES her solids.  I didn't do BLS with my older two but wished I had, it's so much easier than pureéing everything.


Minkajane - I think we'll be doing babysign this time.  Both DD1 and DS have had issues with their speech development and I figure it won't hurt.  


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Wow Wehrli, it's incredible Silas can sit up for so long! I bet he's having a lot of fun with that. What does he like to do when sitting up?  We're doing solids here too. Wyatt loves everything and recognizes when I am having something too because then it's time to share! He really likes the Indian food we've had (palak paneer and channa masala) since starting solids.

No baby signs here. 


Oops, have to go. Mr. Wyatt is calling for attention.

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I didn't crave much during my pregnancy, but when I did it was Indian food--this makes me look forward to taking Eliza out for some channa masala (my favorite). Mmmmm. Okay, I'm starving now. I think we'll get dosas for dinner...


We haven't started E on solids yet but will in a couple weeks. I'm excited! Though dreading the mess. I hear dogs are great--they just lap it all up. Sadly, we don't have one.


WindyMama--what exactly is BLS? How does it help you avoid pureeing?


MinkaJane--we want to start signs but haven't gotten around to it yet. That's so cool that Abby seems to understand you!


Wehrli--isn't sitting fun? It opens up a whole new world of play.


As for us, Eliza JUST started rolling tummy to back a couple days ago (at daycare, so I missed her first one). Still no back to tummy, maybe because she hates being on her tummy? She can sit for a few seconds at a time, or if I prop her between my legs she's good for a while. Lately she loves sitting in the bath and grabbing for her duck (and kicking like crazy--so cute).


After about a month and a half of sleep regression or SOMETHING, her sleep has been pretty great the last week or so. She's been waking up less after we put her down, which gives us more relaxing evenings (she was waking every 45 min to an hour before settling for the night), and only waking once or twice to eat. Naps seem to be regulating, too--not to jinx anything, but I just realized I haven't seen a 25 min nap in weeks. Now she usually goes 45 min-1.5 hours. I put tinfoil on the bedroom window--I wonder if that helps.


We are going to move her into her own room in the next couple weeks. She's been waking up and talking to herself lately. Thank god she puts herself bak to sleep, but I think we'll get more rest if we can't hear her every move.

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Wow Wehrli, it's incredible Silas can sit up for so long! I bet he's having a lot of fun with that. What does he like to do when sitting up?  We're doing solids here too. Wyatt loves everything and recognizes when I am having something too because then it's time to share! He really likes the Indian food we've had (palak paneer and channa masala) since starting solids.

No baby signs here. 


Oops, have to go. Mr. Wyatt is calling for attention.


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I craved Indian food too, so flavorful! I hope E likes it when you give some to her, but how could she not? Wyatt loves the chickpeas mashed a little with the sauce.


Are any other babies crying non-stop? Wyatt has cried for about a week and a half now and won't nap.... confused.gif He's been teething for almost 3 months and the first tooth is poking out a little. I'm hoping the crying is from that and he'll feel better soon.


ETA: Got to get in all my thoughts before they float away.


Blanca, I'm so glad E is sleeping for you! That must be wonderful! I think BLS is baby led solids, which I guess is what we're doing too. I like to give Wyatt what we're eating, I just try to keep dairy, sugar, eggs, etc. out of his portions.


Windymama- I'm impressed your DD can pick up cheerios!




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How is everyone doing? Did you have a good Halloween? Any fun plans for Thanksgiving?


Wyatt is having more and more fun sitting up and playing with toys. He really likes to smack them on the ground. It's so amazing to watch Wyatt get more advanced. He's able to pick up cheerios between his thumb and forefinger now and "talks" more. I love it! Sleep is not going well here at all, but there is more teething going on. I think Wyatt is getting more bottom teeth (he has 2) before the top ones... I'm really bad and haven't even scheduled his 6 month visit yet (or found a new pediatrician...).

We didn't end up doing much for Halloween, I made Wyatt a bat costume (sewed wings onto a shirt and made a hat with ears) and passed out candy at my parents' house. DH and I want to have Thanksgiving with just Wyatt, but I imagine we'll try to do desert with family. I'm really looking forward to giving Wyatt little tastes of things!

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Abby's doing great. She is eating solid foods like crazy, sitting up on her own, and says mama and dada. We can't go anywhere without being stopped ten times to be told how absolutely adorable she is. And of course it's true!


abby sitting.jpg

Here's her sitting up all by herself. She LOVED the toy behind her. It was totally fascinating to her to watch the beads fall down when she pushed them.


trick or treat.jpg

Trick or treating with big brother. Don't they look cute? She doesn't look too happy here, but she just didn't want DS to hold her, she wanted Daddy. She was amazed at all the costumes and got lots of attention for her adorableness.


I do have one concern - she's still so tiny. She was 7lb5oz when she was born and now at 6 months is still under 12lb. Both outfits she's wearing in these pictures are 0-3 months. She can wear a few 3-6 but most are too big for her. At her 4 month checkup the ped wasn't too concerned because she had gained weight between 2 and 4 months, but she's only put on a few ounces since then. I know she gets plenty of milk and a decent amount of solids, but a 6-month-old just should not be able to wear 0-3 clothes!

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Mandy, your children look so cute, and Abby looks so smart! I love the costumes! I'm sorry Abby still isn't gaining much weight. Is she growing taller? 

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Originally Posted by mamapigeon View Post

Mandy, your children look so cute, and Abby looks so smart! I love the costumes! I'm sorry Abby still isn't gaining much weight. Is she growing taller? 

She's gotten taller at about the same rate as she's gained weight. She's teeny-tiny all around. Poor kid, you can feel her ribs when you pick her up. I have an appt with the ped on the 17th and I will definitely mention it again.

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Mandy, beautiful kids! seems like there's nothing to worry about... you just have a petite li'l one! and she's saying mama & dada? how awesome is that?! I don't think Silas is even close to saying mama!

mamapigeon, pincer grasp, hey? wow! Silas doesnt even seem to wanna work on it... he's loving being spoon fed. it's like he can't be bothered to take the time for such things... he's like, "mama, just get that food into my mouth!" lol.gif

afu, Silas loves to sit and stand with (minimal) support. I think crawling is going to be delayed or skipped because of his disinterest in laying on the floor. although for a couple of days he was trying to get on all fours while I nursed him side lying... all the while he stayed latched! too funny and cute but bordering on annoying. hahaha... like I said, S loves to be spoon fed. we started with BLW but I think he's really just into pureès. he'll eat a banana pretty well by himself but he gets so frustrated! and he is obsessed with food! if he sees anyone eating, he let's them know that he wishes for them to share! it's cute! and he's still nursing like a champ. orngbiggrin.gif he's now 7 months old, 97%ile for height, 60th%ile for weight, and wearing 12 month clothes!
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Mandy- I hope it goes well at your appointment!


Wehrli- Wyatt can't really get anything into his mouth, just pick stuff up (including fluff out of the carpet). Silas being able to eat a banana sounds cool to me! What else is he eating? We had salmon a few days ago and W ate a normal portion of it (about a 5 oz piece).


Oh, I am just so in love with this stage!  luxlove.gif  Wyatt is getting so friendly to people out and about (says "hi...hey...hi" over and over until they say "hi" back) and is taking an interest in babies too.  I think he might pull up soon, he's starting to get in a downward dog position instead of crawling on his knees. Also, Wyatt is helping himself teethe now so it's going faster and with less crying. I think he'll be getting 3 and 4 soon!

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