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mamapigeon, well... Silas just started to try out the pincer grasp and is suddenly very good at it! he gets the food into his mouth almost every try! he's eating LOTS of things... butternut squash, sweet potato, applesauce, avocado, peaches, sweet peas, chicken, beef, hummus, lentils, white potatos, asparagus, broccoli, cherries, zucchini, banana, pear, and I'm prob forgetting some! he's doing more BLW again but we do some pureès for sake of ease. he really loves his food! still no crawling but he did pull up on me yesterday... from my lap though. no talking yet either but it sounded like he said "boy" the other day... prob just a coincidence though. I need to be better about talking to him throughout the day, I think. I tend to be pretty quiet with him redface.gif

it's so neat to learn how differently our babes are developing! I love it!! love.gif thanks for sharing!
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Yay Silas! So neat that he's got the pincer grasp now! Oooh, how are you giving him cherries? I'm really enjoying solids, it's fun to think of interesting flavor combos! Wyatt seems like fish with fruit (sort of a chutney, I guess) the best. I don't really talk much during the day either, it's kind of hard to have a monologue going. I do sing a lot though, maybe that helps with language? One thing I'm bad about is reading to Wyatt. I love buying him books but for some reason we never look at them. I'm really glad Blanca started this thread, it's nice to still be able to compare what's going on with our babies. joy.gif

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I blended the cherries with apple sauce. oh, I'm the exact same way with books... I should read to him, as it's probably easier than keeping a monologue going. redface.gif

agreed, thanks for starting the thread, Blanca! love.gif
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Well, I've been lying low (school got busy and we've been sick around here) so thanks to YOU ladies for keeping the thread going!


I have to admit I'm a bit jealous of Silas' eating prowess. Eliza is still not really into anything except for sucking on a chunk of apple. I did put a pile of black beans in front of her yesterday and she was really into playing with them, but when I mushed one up and put it in her mouth she didn't seem to know what to do with it. However, it does seem her pincer grasp is developing--I was surprised at how well she could pick up those little beans. At any rate, she still seems to be thriving on a diet that consists almost entirely of my milk, so I guess I shouldn't worry.


Out of nowhere she started giving us miracle sleep the last few days--even slept through till 7:30 for the first time ever. She's been consistently doing 8-10 hour stretches--HEAVEN! Now, if only I could make myself fall asleep before midnight, I'd be rested, too.


I am LOVING this age. I know Eliza's tail end of DDC--she won't be seven months till Thanksgiving. But she is just so much fun. She is almost sitting unsupported--she does well with a boppy pillow to prop her up. She's really into her toys--she loves her stacking cups, a little Haba rattle thing my mom gave her, and a ball that we got her the other day. She grabs everything in sight--her daycare provider commented that she is way grabbier than other babies her age--my little explorer, I guess! My glasses permanently have little fingerprints all over them.


QUestion: what music have y'all been playing your babies? I have been playing just whatever I'm in the mood for--a lot of folk and jazz. I got a great Pete Seeger kids' record on vinyl for $2 at a fleamarket--looked it up online and it's going for like $30-70! So we love that. Another kids' artist whom I really love is Elizabeth Mitchell--she's got a reputation as a kids' singer parents like, too, and it's certainly true of me. But I'm looking for other suggestions, too.


Oh--one last thing re music--Eliza loves her doorway jumper, and the cutest thing is how she really does "dance" when we turn the music on. She starts bouncing more when the music picks up. Adorable.

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p.s. Here she is playing with the stacking cups:

cups I.JPG

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Blanca- I love Eliza's hair!!!! She is so cute! I think it's awesome how babies look closely at everything at this age. Hurray for more sleep! Wyatt sleeps really well until about 3 in the morning... caffix.gif Music lately has been the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, thinking of playing some of my favorites from The Nutcracker.


Wehrli- I am going to have to try the cherries in applesauce, though I may have a hard time finding any in November!

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Yeah, her hair is the star of the show wherever we go--people are always commenting on it! This picture doesn't even do it justice. It keeps getting longer but still isn't laying flat--hilarious. Here's another photo from a few weeks ago that shows it off better:






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I took Abby to the doctor today. She's only gained a couple of ounces since her 4-month visit. :( The doctor wants to start trying to increase her caloric intake. She nurses 5-6x/day plus one bottle of expressed milk 5 days a week when I'm at work. The bottle is usually around 3 ounces. She seems satisfied with that, nurses plenty at home, pees and poops plenty, meeting all her milestones, just not gaining weight. He was very focused on the fact that the one bottle she gets is only 3oz and wants it to be 6oz. I'm not convinced that's the problem - breastfed babies don't need as much volume-wise as FF babies. I'm going to start nursing her more often and increase the size of the bottles slowly and see what happens. 6oz just seems like a LOT for a BF baby and I don't think even if the bottle was on the small side that it would affect her that much.


If she's peeing and pooping plenty, nurses regularly, and seems satisfied, could this be a supply issue? Wouldn't there be other signs that she's not getting enough? We're going back in 3 weeks and hopefully she's gained some weight by then.

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hug2.gif  It sounds so hard to go through this! I know I would be at a loss, especially if I already had children and this was something unique to one child.  3 oz seems a bit small to me, but it may be right for Abby. Will she nurse more often if given the opportunity? Wyatt can go 3-4 hours between feedings, but will happily nurse again an hour after eating. I also nurse him after he eats solids, especially if it's something low in fat.


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Abby would nurse all day given the opportunity. But I can tell when she's full because she starts popping on and off and looking around. She only has one bottle while I'm gone because she reverse cycles (which we encourage). She does most of her sleeping during the day and eats solids while I'm gone. So even though I'm at work for 8 hours, she usually only has one bottle. Since she nurses 2-3 times during the night, I figure it all evens out.

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FWIW, Silas nurses 2-3x per night most nights and nurses 7-8x throughout the day plus 1-3 "meals" of solids. those can be up to a half a cup of food. he also pops on and off the breast a short while after beginning to nurse (unless he's tired) but it doesn't seem to be because he's finished more just that he's distracted that much. I almost always try to go into our dark bedroom now and nurse him side lying... it helps keep him from being distracted. he is in the 50%ile for weight at 7.5 months.

best of luck to you, Mandy! smile.gif
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The kids are SO CUTE!!!

DD2 has her 1st tooth! joy.gif  I noticed it poking through this morning.  I know I'll miss the toothless grin but am glad that they're coming in with fairly little fuss.


Mandy - Where is Abby for her height/head circumfrence?  Is she making gains there?  Weght can be off for lots of reasons and sometimes it's better to view all 3 measurements.  FWIW my DD1 never really took more than 4 oz from a bottle at a feed either of BM or formula.

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wow. S just pulled up to stand! just had to share...
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Windymama- That's awesome! I thought DS was never going to be as cute as he was without teeth, but I'm so crazy about his two tiny teeth!


Wehrli- Yay Silas!!! That's amazing! I love your new profile picture



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Hi Ladies!


I haven't been on here maybe since the babies were born?  It's really great to catch up and read about how you all and your little ones are doing.  I love reading how each baby is developing and what they're doing now.  It's nice to have a bunch of same age babies to compare Lucas to (in a good way). 


Lucas is a really amazing baby.  He turned 7 months on the 23rd and is doing great.  He is mobile, but not crawling on all fours yet.  He does an army crawl and can get around pretty fast.  I set up a play zone for him on the living room floor with a big blanket and pillows.  I put his activitiy mat in there and some of his toys and he loves it.  He will play in his zone quite happily for 20 or 30 minutes sometimes.  He likes to stand and can pull himself up from sitting when he's holding someone's hands.  He is almost able to sit up unassisted.  He doesn't fall sideways anymore, but ends up folding forward.  He is a good sleeper at night.  He usually goes to sleep around 8 or 9 and wakes up 3ish times to nurse before waking between 7 and 9.  His naps are a little weird.  Sometimes he will take 2 naps a day, sometimes one, sometimes none.  The none days are tough.  He usually takes a morning nap around 11 then an afternoon nap around 4, but jf we're out in the car a lot he will sleep off and on while we're out and that messes up his nap schedule for the day. 

We started solids a little over a month ago.  His first food was an avocado chunk.  Now he has had avocado, applesauce (made him constipated), carrots, sweet potatoes, a variety of squashes, graham crackers (at church, I was not happy), and little bits of brown rice.  I have been slow with introducing new foods, but after reading about your babies and the BLW thread I think i will step it up a bit.  I am going to find out more about BLW, it sounds like it would work well for us.

Lucas is a very social little guy.  He loves Mommy, but he is quite happy with other people too.  He gets passed around at home a lot between his 3 older siblings, dh, and I, so I think that makes him more comfortable with new people.  He is always catching someone's eye and smiling at them when we go out.  I can't go anywhere without at least one person stopping me to say hi to Lucas.  He laughs and flirts with them.  The old ladies at church go crazy for him and he is very entertained by them, it's really funny.  Yesterday I hosted Thanksgiving and he was only with me to nurse and in the ergo for an hour or so for 10 hours, and he was great the whole time.  We are truly lucky to have such an easy going baby.  I hope he stays this way. 


Here's a recent picture of Lucas Alakai:

Luke Squah 1 big.JPG

This was taken a couple days ago.  He loves butternut squash!

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Lucas is soooo cute! I can not get over those amazing eyes!

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Got some great news! As of about an hour ago, Abby officially has her very first tooth. joy.gif  Definitely explains the grumpiness and gnawing recently.


ETA: OK, so it's actually BOTH front teeth!

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Mandy, wow! that's exciting! your li'l Abby is no longer a little gummy bear! I bet her smile is even cuter yet! no teeth here, still. I swore he started teething (and, I suppose, he still did) at around 3 months but at almost 8 months old... nada!

Deirdre, OMGosh! Lucas is beautiful! those eyes... smile.gif cute photo of him! he sounds a lot like our DS... re: sleep, play, development and demeanor! love.gif

windy, and a tooth for your DD, too?! glad that she's just as cute or cuter with her pearly white(s)! I'm feeling like DS couldn't possiblily have a cuter smile than he does now but I'm sure, like you, I'll feel differently once they cut through! orngbiggrin.gif

AFU, S has now started the army crawl! it's so cute! he is so reluctant to get up on his hands, though... he doesn't seem to want to loose the ability to grab/hold stuff. smile.gif he has been saying "bababa" and we've been saying back "mama" and then he tries really hard to repeat it but he mostly just smacks his lips with this adorable determined face and then after about 4-5 lip smacks he says "bababa"... too cute! he ate really well for Thxgiving; turkey, sweet potato, red potato, broccoli, and cauliflower. probably almost a full cup full of food! he's so good at feeding himself, except he sometimes gets a little overzealous and stuffs too much food into his mouth, lol.

hey, has anyone started their DC on cups yet? DS never has taken a bottle, so we've been trying to introduce all kinds of cups during meal time. he doesn't get it. he won't suck on any "sippy" type cup, straw or even a sippy without the valve (so sucking isn't so intensive). he also doent get that he needs to tip it back. anyone have any tips? should I not be concerned on working on it yet? it won't bother me if he never uses a sippy type cup but I'm a little concerned that he won't transition from breast to open cup without months of messes.
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Deirdre- Lucas is really cute!


Wehrli- Wyatt uses cups pretty well. I found the best way for him to learn how to drink from one was to play with an empty cup and watch other people use them. I still have to help him hold it so water doesn't go everywhere, but I don't think it'll be much longer before he can drink by himself.


Mandy- How is Abby doing? I hope she's gained some weight!



Things here are going great! Wyatt is crawling really well and has started to pull up on furniture. I think he's going to start cruising around soon! He just got his 4th tooth so I'm hoping he'll be able to enjoy food even more. I think language development is on hold until he gets good at moving around, so interesting how that happens! Meals are getting to be more of a family event, with Wyatt demanding to taste everything.



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mamapigeon, thanks for the update! S is now getting the hang of sippys (sans valve) and open cups (with just a sip of water in it)! so cool that Wyatt is crawling! and pulling up?! awesome! orngbiggrin.gif

afu, S is army crawling and starting to pull up (mostly on me). he is also signing 'more' and saying 'mo'. he signs 'milk', too. he makes the "k" sound followed by the "t" sound for cat while trying to reach the kitty! this is such a cool and fun phase! smile.gif
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