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Posterior :(...and thinning the cervix question.

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Ok so I still have a few weeks until my due date, but the laste two appointments my baby has been posterior. And I know I should now worry for there is lots of time for it to turn and it could even turn as I am pushing, but I fear going through a long hard back labor again like I did with my first which ended in c-section. Ihave been looking at spinningbabies.com for some advice, but it is a little confusing. Any advice on getting it to turn? encouragement?


Also, is there anything to help your cervix thin? Like any foods or excersies I could be doing? I had trouble with that last time too after my water bag had broe at the start of labor. I am just trying so hard for a VBAC this time. thanks. :)

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My baby is somewhat posterior, but has been flip flopping from side to side for the past few weeks. The things I've been trying are exercises on the spinning babies website (like http://www.spinningbabies.com/techniques/activities-for-fetal-positioning/lunge), peppermint oil on my lower back which supposedly helps the baby turn, LOTS of hands+knees time and laying on my left side more in bed.


I'm curious about other techniques, as well, because I'd like to avoid back labor if at all possible!

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I'd do the robozo from spinning babies! It certainly shakes things up :) And stubbornly lay more on your left side. Hands and knees and doing the modified cat/cow thing. Anything to try to be belly down, really, and relaxed so that baby might sliiiide into place.

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A few ideas that I'm working on (as I too have a posterior bebe) -


I think the way that you sit is supposed to be really key.  Do you have an exercise/birth ball?  Sitting on that will help to keep your back and pelvis in a position that encourages good positioning.  I've also been told to avoid reclining as much as possible (easier said than done when you're 9 months pregnant and just want to put your feet up for a while!).  That's not to say NEVER recline, that's just to say, try sitting on the birth ball instead.


Simple things like walking can help your pelvis, and encourage baby.


One exercise that is from spinning babies, that is good for posterior babies, is a cat/cow yoga exercise.  If you google "cat cow," or look it up on youtube, you can get an explanation of how to do it.  Cat/cows are good for turning posterior babies.  And they feel wonderful on your lower back!


Remember, too, that posterior babies don't automatically mean long labors, or back labors.  My DS was posterior all through my labor, and emerged sunny side up.  My labor was intense, but I didn't have back labor, and my labor was much shorter than most "normal" labors.

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Originally Posted by Italiamom View Post

Remember, too, that posterior babies don't automatically mean long labors, or back labors.   


Exactly!  There are plenty of stories of 'surprise' posterior babies that never rotate during labor and labors that aren't any more painful or long than your average OA labor.  Fetal positioning is important, but it's not the be all and end all of labor and birth.  

Anyway, most babies do rotate to an OA position before labor begins, or during labor.  I have had success with this technique with a doula client, but it is best used when you are having regular, strong contractions:  


This current baby that I am carrying is still posterior despite my efforts to help position it differently.  I am trusting that it will either 1) rotate to an OA position before labor or 2) just need to be born sunny-side up for some reason.  

Best wishes mama!  Try not to worry.  

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This is my plan as well- also hoping EPO helps with my stubborn cervix.  Im holdong on to the fact that your posterior labor wasn't the horror show i went through- and that it can be ok.

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EPO for stubborn cervix?  Sorry, what does that stand for?...also on spinningbabies they talked about if the baby is posterior and over the pubic bone (like I am carrying this baby so far out in front that it kind of hangs there real low) that it makes it harder to turn. any thoughts? I don't know maybe I am thinking about it too much, but I just want to be educated this time and avoid another c-section from my baby being stuck.

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I was obsessing- am obsessing as well.  I was in a birth center my first birth, with no option of a c-section - but as we went into the 44th hour of back labor i would have given ANYTHING for an alternative.   I didnt even know she was posterior- until this pregnancy as im putting the pieces together.  


EPO is evening primrose oil- helps get the cervix 'ready" - I was told mine wouldn't budge - but it makes sense because if a baby is posterior it has trouble pushing through due to the position of its head.  


I am also REALLY low - and feeling shock waves in my pubic bone.  My doula says that she will make a woman 'stand on her head" - upside down hanging off a couch to get the baby out of the pelvis and then turn.  I feel like im in serious training theses days!!!!  She also said to sleep on your side- one leg straight, top leg on a pillow - but belly on the bed - the gravity can help turn the baby's back anterior...

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oh great thanks!

Sounds like we had a similar situation. I was planning a homebirth with my first and endured a 40 hour back labor and also did not know it was posterior and it ended in a transfer to the hospital and a c-section. 


Where do you get the EPO and how do you apply it?

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I get it at the local health food store- I take it internally- once tried vaginally- there's a lot of women WAY more informed on this subject on this DDC - check out the thread 'the inevitable EPO thread' - 

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