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Welcome to the world Asher James *updated* with story and pictures!

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I went in for my induction at 12:05a.m. august 2, i'll post the birth story later, but as a sum up, most of my birth plan went out the window but I was/am still very pleased with my experience. He was born at 1754 at 8lbs15oz 20 1/2 inches long! He's the biggest baby in the nursery right now, they call him the toddler, he's got a full head of (surprisingly) blonde hair and a natural faux hawk! We got to start nursing this morning and he's a total boob man smile.gif pics to come, my laptop is cantancerous with the hospitals wifi

birth story; Well I went in at midnight, and got all checked in and everything and they started the pitocin drip around 1, things were pretty good and tolerable until about 4 when I started having back labor contractions every 5 minutes. So I asked for the painkiller that goes in the IV, well that really only made me sleepy and didn't take the edge off any of the pain, I was just able to take 10 minute cat naps between mind-racking contractions! I think I could have dealt better if I had been able to get up and move around, but by 7:30 I was begging for the epidural. The epi waiting list was 2 patients long, behind an emergency C-section and a lady screaming in the next room dilated to a 7. Anywho, I finally got teh epidural at like 9:30, and then things were all good in the hood! i just layed and slept all day as people came and went and visited etc. around 3-4ish I finally started making some progress with dilation and by 5 o'clock we were ready to push! DH was online from about 3 on, but we didn't start to skype until about 4:45. pushing took a good hour, and as soon as the nurse caught a glimpe of his hair she was like "well...he's got a LOT of hair" lol. The doc had to use a vaccuum on his poor little head. DH said dr's little "pep talks" were getting more urgent there at the end, but I was kind of past noticing. He was stretching on my perineum through most of the labor once they saw that big ol' head, and I guess where your hip bones narrow, that was the real problem area because he was "sunny side up" and just not quite hitting it at the right angle. (from birth-on, he has been referred to as "stubborn" by the doc and a few nurses lol) so Dr. was trying to turn him and stretch the perineum all at the same time while another doc and a nurse were holding my legs up. It sounds dramatic, and in my head it kind of was, but it really wasn't too bad. they turned the epidural off at the end so I could feel the urges to push, but he said he was pretty anxious to get him out of there before I started feeling *everything*. Anywho, at 5:54 p.m. Asher James litterally shot into the world, they caught him and then all of a sudden this hot wet thing was laying on me! He wasn't crying yet, and (not that I could tell) he was a little pale, so he was only laying on me for about 30 seconds before they scooped him off, but by then I could hear him crying so I wasn't *too* worried. His oxygen was low and both of us were running fevers, so they were trying to get his levels where they wanted them at, but they got all his measurements and I was able to hold him and show him to DH for a few minutes before he had to be taken off to the nursery greensad.gif. I had/have a 2nd degree tear, but I was up and walking around within an hour or 2 of delivery, which apparently shocked a lot of the nurses smile.gif. Anywho, after the doc sewed me up, and most of the family headed out I was able to visit him in the nursery and hold him for a little bit. Then yeasterday we were able to start nursing and we spent most of the day in the nursery and he was finally able to come to the room in the afternoon and he's been here ever since! except for every 12 hours when they have to take him to get his antibiotics for like an hour. His last treatment should be tonight and we should be able to go home tomorrow. He's a very chill baby, standard for a newborn he mostly just sleeps and eats and poops smile.gif

just after birth; I can see now that he's a little pale

a couple hours after, hooked up to everything in the nursery greensad.gif poor little guy

A little happier yesterday after he got to come room in

just the two of us

the most popular comment made thus far is "I don't blame him for wanting to stay put, all they've done is prick and poke him since he came out!

second most popular is "wow! look at all that hair!"
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Yeah mama! Congrats! Can't wait to get the story! :)

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Yay! Congrats!

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congrats! I love the name. Asher is what I named my 1st and we (and everyone else) just loves it!

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congratulations! i'm so late in reading about all the late babies.
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Congrats! He is super cute!

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Welcome to the world, little Asher!

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Congratulations! I can't believe they made you come in at midnight to be induced ... that sounds rough!

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Yeah, i guess it's pretty standard here, the reasoning explained to me was that it's because if you checknin before midnight, the insurance charges for the whole previous day, so by checking in just after midnight they're getting you as much time as possible.
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He is adorable!  That hair is too cute!  Good job! joy.gif

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Congratulations! And his hair is totally rad!  

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What a cutie! Congrats!

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he's beautiful!

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