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Paranoid and Clumsy!

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So last night our house was SO hot and I went into our spare room to open a window. Of course I didn't turn on the light (apparently I have lost my common sense as well) and bumped my side into a tall pile of rubbermaid containers. Well of course I also bumped just the tiniest side of my belly and I lost it!! I woke up my husband convinced that I did something to hurt the baby. After much rationalizing that it would likely take a lot of force to do any harm, I went back to sleep, but still woke up a little suspicious of the dull throb on my thigh and side....anyone else have stories of bumps and clumsiness?! I am not having any signs of any danger so why am I freaking out so much?!

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I was at a wedding over the weekend, and my husband was pointing to my stomach right as somebody bumped into his back- and his finger jammed right into my stomach, right at the babys head, hard enough that I had a welt.  I worried for a bit, but...realistically, I know that if during my first pregnancy my 75 pound dog could jump on my belly and my son is fine, this baby is going to be fine too. 

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my ten pound dog jumped right on my belly when I was laying down.  Freaked me out, but I'm sure baby is fine.  They are in a very watery, squishy environment so there is plenty of room for them to move around- if you push on one side of your belly, you just push the baby to the other side.  You know?  My MW said it would take a fall down the stairs, a car accident, or someone literally punching me in the stomach to harm the baby.

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You're probably so freaked out because it's your first and you've had a loss before. When I was pregnant with my first, I didn't worry so much, I just went with the flow. But my 2nd was different because I'd had a loss 8 weeks before conceiving my daughter. I worried about every bump and bruise, even tripped on the stairs while carrying a basket of laundry and had a bruise on my lower abdomen from it at 36 weeks. Everything turned out to be fine. No bleeding inside, no signs of distress from my daughter, just lots more Braxton Hicks contractions. Don't sweat the small stuff. There's still lots of cushion from the amniotic fluid and your tissue in your stomach that your baby is well protected. Even your uterus is a good protector to harm, because it's a muscle itself. Take it easy, mama!

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Picture a water balloon inside of a bigger water balloon. Now imagine trying to do harm to the inner water balloon without popping the outer one! Its pretty hard to hurt the baby :)

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I get kicked in the stomach pretty much on a daily basis by my toddler.  So did my second.  No worries for the baby, but hugs for the mama!   

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I'm in the same boat as Jaimee, getting kicked by a toddler in the belly on a daily basis.  I have kind of worried about it at times, and the water balloon image helps me.  Baby really is protected in there!  I don't know if it helps, but I also try to let go of worries as much as possible because I know that stress and worry aren't that great for baby or mama.  Still trying to get the toddler to be gentle with the baby belly...   Hugs to all you mamas, let us all be gentle with ourselves (physically and emotionally).

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Thank you all for the support and stories! You have all put my mind at ease....I am really working on letting go of the small stuff and it seems to be a work in progress!blush.gif

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Your a completely normal first-time mom thumb.gif   

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