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I can just see me now- baby at the boob, in the glow of the computer at 2 am, chatting away with all of you ;)

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hah! Definitely! I told dh to NOT forget my laptop when we leave for the hospital because I MUST update my ddc! (he's like, what the hell's a ddc?) lol!
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Hahahaha yeah, I'm psyched I got an iPhone for my birthday this year!  I can read/update DDC and not look like a crazy person in my OBGYN's eyes thumb.gif


I am also super glad I joined this group, esp since I don't know too many people in my area (VA and I'm from NY) and even if I was "home" no one I know is having or has had a baby.  Other than family and 2 of my husband's friends...  Who I don't know too well.  So, it's been great to be a part of this!

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I am also super glad I joined this group. I have friends who are having kids but I am the only one going the natural midwife route. I get the "you're crazy" remarks a lot. I have found support here from you ladies and just reading your advice, whether directed personally towards me or in response to someone else has been awesome. It has just been nice to have a place to come where I feel like people get me.
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Midwives seem reasonable to most people around here, but somehow it's the nursing for more than a year and using cloth diapers that get the eyerolls or shock. Very strange to me. I grew up in small town Oklahoma and nursed until I was 3. It's always seemed normal to me. I tell Charlie all the time that he's going to get to breast feed and that it's apparently the best thing ever. People are strange monkeys.

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I'm also glad I join in!  I have learned so much from all of you ladies!  And thank you for all the support, encouragement, and kindness!  It is really nice to have other ladies to talk to about all the woes and joys of pregnancy and motherhood.  It has really be a privilege to know all of you!

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Originally Posted by Beckily View Post

 People are strange monkeys.

Yes, this! :D


Funny, here cloth diapers are seen as pretty normal because people understand that they're way cheaper. Midwives (in the hospital) are normal too. Breastfeeding is too, but not past a year or so shrug.gif So random!

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I second every thought on this thread (esp people being strange monkeys :-))


My family is overseas, my friends are in different parts of the world, in different phases of life etc. I know they all mean well, but that did not prevent the significant loneliness I felt through out this pregnancy. The way I see it, I did two things right: switching to my MW from OB - realizing how much handholding and compassion I need AND joining this DDC (and getting my handheld and more compassion than I could imagine). Every time I feel like I am the only pregger going through something new, there is a post here to remind me that I am in good company and not alone. This is the first place online I started being comfortable posting and I am so happy I did so.  I got wonderful information, words of advice, fun and lovin stories and the wonderful permission to vent whenever needed. Not sure how I can thank each and everyone of you for every mushy feeling I have right now!


thank you for being here!

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Agreed on all counts. I've so appreciated all the warmth and love here...and I've been so needy of that lately.

With all the anxiety I'm going through (I literally just peeled away my big toe nail top...and I just painted it, so that sucks...I never paint my toes. It happens like once ever two years, but I just did, and then, I sit here unconsciously just ripping it to shreds...sigh...beauty is a luxury I don't have the sanity for.) I couldn't have made it without all of you.

Thanks ladies.... I'm hoping to string up that birthing necklace this weekend....if all goes well....
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Originally Posted by nald1 View Post

I can just see me now- baby at the boob, in the glow of the computer at 2 am, chatting away with all of you ;)

Yep! That is exactly what I do. thumb.gif

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