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I finally got a small increase in temperature this morning and I've had a couple of days of drying up so I'm very much hoping that the next couple of days will confirm O.


Also, if you haven't posted in July or August but are still around and want to remain on the list, please speak up today!

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Jodi~ Hopefully your son will continue to STTN for you and his molars don't bother him too much. Those are really tough on the little ones when they come in.



I went ahead and ordered a new thermometer. I chose the BD brand, it seems to have some good reviews.  Hopefully it will get here in the next couple of days. I threw all the stuff away for the one I have now, so I don't think they will take it back. That's what I get for buying a Wal-Mart cheapie..lol.



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Buterflymomma - thanks, I hope Reid continues to sleep too.  He was until recently so I assume it has something to do with his teeth and being more sensitive diapering with them coming in.  FYI - I used a bd thermometer prior to getting a ladycomp.  I have compared them to each other and although they weren't quite the same they were always the same difference apart so the bd was a nice consistent thermometer that worked well.  I bet it will work well for you.


Physicsgirl - looks promising, I hope you get another nice increase tomorrow. 



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Hey, Ladies, 


I want to join, hope it is okay! 

I had to get off of the pill recently b/c microalbuminuria issues. Anyway, I started charting again, CTA this time and would love to join this community. Will have tons of questions if you do not mind! 


Will PM the thread starter ASAP! 


About me: I am 31 years old, have 3 kids  (2005, 2007, 2008) and not planning on having more in the near future. I am a SAHM. My almost 3 yo just stopped nursing a few months ago. 


Hope to meet you all!


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Welcome clavicula.  I also have 3 kids although mine are much further apart in age with my oldest turning 10 on Sunday and mymiddle one, an almost 6 year old and a 17 month old.  My oldest 2 nursed until 3-4 years old and my youngest is still going strong.  Hope you enjoy being back to charting. 


For my update, I got a peak on the monitor this morning.  I've noticed that I jump very quickly from low to peak.  The first couple of cycles postpartum I had 4 highs prior to peak, then last cycle I jumped straight from low to peak and this cycle I had one high and then a peak.  I suspect I may have caught just the beginning of the peak last cycle and that what I have this cycle will be my norm.  I usually get ovulation pain, the day of the peak reading.  We'll see if that happens today.  My temps have definitely dipped as they seem to have done the last few cycles prior to ovulating.  I guess we'll see if all this continues to be my normal as I continue postpartum.  

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Welcome Liv! I have 4 kids pretty close in age that keep me busy. We are wanting more, but are TTA for right now. My youngest is barely 4 months old.  This a great bunch of women who are very helpful. You will like it here!


Jodi~ Hope your cycles continue to even out and get normal. I am hoping for the same thing too! wink1.gif



My CM is continuing to increase, but I am still getting negatives on my OPKs. My temp went up againt his morning, but with my thermometer acting funny, I don't know if I can trust it. I am really hoping that I don't have another 4 day LP like last cycle. That was a bit unsettling for me. I know I am only 4 months PP and coming of hormonal BC,. but I still didn't like the looks of it. Kepping positive thoughts that this month will be longer.

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The September thread is up and running. All of the wiki links seem to be working in Firefox, but if anyone has trouble, please let me know. The culling of the list to get rid of inactive folks may have to wait until after I finish the problem set for my mathematical physics course that's due tomorrow evening. bigeyes.gif


Welcome, clavicula!

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Have fun doing your problem set physics girl.  I always enjoyed working through things like that at school.  I ended up going the accountant route though. 

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