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Loss of appetite?

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Has anyone else been experiencing this? It is so unusual for me - since my first trimester queasiness subsided I have been a big fan of food. :) but in the past week or so I have slowly lost my appetite to the point where I barely want to eat anything, except first thing in the morning. Nothing sounds appealing as I always feel like I have just eaten a big meal. I guess my stomach must be really smooshed by the little one. Also feeling some nausea which also contributes to the loss of appetite, or maybe it's because I'm hungry. Hard to tell. I know I need some good nutrients though so am forcing myself to eat a bit of this and that, it's a struggle though. I am 32 weeks.

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I get that, especially because I have high amniotic fluid levels. My stomach feels squished and the only things that sound good right now are watermelon and crackers. I really really love watermelon... it doesnt hurt my stomach because it breaks down fast with all the water content.

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I'm right there with you.  I've been struggling to eat the last couple of weeks.  I'm just not hungry.  Which is really odd for me because in ALL of my previous pregnancies...I LOVED food!  It tasted SO good that even though I felt like my belly was going to explode I could eat!  :)  Not so much this time.  My previous pg's I gained 50 pounds each time.  This time, only 34.  Most of that was through the 2nd tri.  In the last 6 weeks I've only gained 1 pound!  


It's been HOT and we only have window a/c, so I'm Hot!, which affects my appetite greatly.  Honestly though, I can tell I'm low on protein.  It makes me feel sluggish and heavy and I NEED to make a point to try to get more protein in me.  So, since I don't really feel like eating, I'm making sure that what I AM eating is protein heavy.  Like eggs, or peanut butter, a glass of milk even.

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I'm the same way. I barely have room in there I guess.

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I have room- just not as starving all of a sudden (37 weeks).  Kind of- actually- REALLY- miss the hearty appetite.  We live in a farm town and really great fresh food is plentiful right now. My fridge is stocked full and i wish I had the desire to chow down :).  I am still eating- 3 meals a day and snacks- just lacking that great 2nd-mid-third trimester appetite :(

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I'm 38 wks 1 day and have just gotten there. That and anything I DO eat manages to give me heartburn. Ugh! Cheerios & a banana= heartburn? really?!

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I'm 38 wks 1 day and have just gotten there. That and anything I DO eat manages to give me heartburn. Ugh! Cheerios & a banana= heartburn? really?!

I know- trying to eat spicy foods to induce labor is leaving me with reflux at night- FUN!

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I haven't had much appetite the whole pregnancy. Not really queasy - except now and then this last couple days. I'm plus size to start out with, but even so I have only gained 5 lbs ish . . . but I have been making a concerted effort to eat more lately since I know this is major weight gain time for baby, and I am starting to see the #s go up on the scale too. We'll see what I'm weighing in at the dr tomorrow.


I say eat more, and yesterday all I had was a bowl of (dry) cereal, some peanuts, and dinner, which was fried rice and baked chicken wings. oh, and part of a slice of apple cake. I'm doing slightly better today, dry ceral and fried potatoes and sausage. It's hard when you have no room and no real inclination to eat!

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I have no appetite. I have gestational diabetes so I have to eat every three hours and it's killing me. It's almost like the loss of appetite you get when you're sick with the flu. Ugh. Food is gross.
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