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I feel crappy

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My second pregnancy is definitely not like my first. With DS I had food aversions that lasted only a few weeks. I had energy, no swollen feet. I didn't even gain weight until mid second trimester. I felt pretty good actually.


Now. I woke up this morning and did not want breakfast. I am super bloated and my gums hurt. And I'm tired. All. The. Time.


My husband said I'm whinier this pregnancy and he's right. We still haven't told family yet and we have two weekends of family members visiting to get through before the big reveal. It's hard hiding the crappiness I feel.


Anyone else?

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hang in there! I am trying to convince myself a lot of it is mental (even if it is not) I don't feel too crappy yet but I do feel like pregnant overnight!! I just found out two days ago and already I am peeing in the night  and eating constantly to avoid nausea among other things! so I hear. this is my 3rd and I remember with my 2nd that everything seemed to happen sooner. showing sooner, feeling baby sooner etc. so i think that is all normal! 

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hug2.gif I know it is tough. I try to remember that I have very good reason for feeling so crummy. At the end of this, I'm going to have a beautiful new baby to hold. With DD, I was so, so sick. I lost a lot of weight and had hyperemesis. I cried myself to sleep at night because I didn't think I could handle another day. In the end, I did do it. I just kept telling myself that it is only for so long, and that I'd have such a beautiful reward at the end. Hang in there, momma.
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I know I don't have it as bad as many moms. I think I was just surprised at how different this pregnancy is from my first. The fatigue reminds me of mono.


I'm grateful I have a good husband.

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Your feelings are legitimate, no matter how worse others might be. It can be really tough to feel sick for a few months, to have everything changing, to feel emotional, etc. Vent all you want - we'll all get through this together. grouphug.gif
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Bobbys, I betcha you're havin' a girl! babygirl.gif

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We seriously think we are. This pregnancy is so different from DS that we even call the baby "she." We'll be shocked, shocked I tell ya, if it's a boy. Happy either way, but shocked.

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Bobbys, I betcha you're havin' a girl! babygirl.gif


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I feel pretty yucky too. It is really kicking my butt!  I don't want to eat anything, and when I do I feel worse - with my boys as long as I ate every couple of hours I felt great. Last night I woke up retching because our neighbor's dog got sprayed by a skunk and it made me so ill.  My dh couldn't even smell it!  And yes, I am really irritable too.  I am lucky I don't have to be out and about too much.


My bf had two girls and she was practically bedridden for her first trimester so I hoping this means it's a girl (and not just that I'm old and out of shape).

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Man o man I feel like I was hit by a freight truck overnight. I'm sleeping lighter (dreaming like crazy!), so that's one issue. I did yard work and built new garden beds Saturday and Sunday, so that's another contributing factor. But I slept 10 hours and could seriously go back to bed and sleep another 4!

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I feel so exhausted today that my DS is sitting in front of the TV watching DVR'd episodes of Curious George. It's a nice day out too, which makes me feel even worse. I just don't have the energy or stamina to do anything.

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