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Cat poos in our bathtub...HELP!

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About a week ago we noticed our first present from our cat in our bathtub.  She's 3 years old, a stray that came from the pound, and up until now has been completely litter-box trained.  My husband's literally ready to wring her neck.  The only thing I can figure is that maybe she's doing it because her litter box is too full.  So, I'll make a conscious effort to clean it every day instead of every other day.  Does anyone think the cat may be feeling lonely and is doing it for attention?  I wish I knew.  Any thoughts or commiseration is appreciated.

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This might be too obvious, but can you just close the bathroom door?  Just an idea.  It would sure bother me, too!

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Yes, obvious, but obviously not obvious enough for me to have done it!  Thanks for the reminder.  Sometimes I swear I'm losing my mind with all that's on it these days!  I'd still like to know *why* she's doing it though.  Any thoughts?

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Is she your only cat? Is she sometimes pooping in the box and sometimes not? If it's occasional then yes my first thought would be that the box is not clean enough to her on those occasions. I've heard that some cats are quirky and will not poop in dirty box so once they have used it, it needs to be cleaned. I clean our cats boxes at least once and often 2x a day. But my cats like to pee in one box and poop in the other which is also a possibility here. How many litter boxes do you have? You are supposed to have one per cat plus once for the house. I have 3 boxes for my two cats and my daughter has an additional box in her room for when they hang out in there since she keeps the door closed all the time. 



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I do only have the one cat.  I have one litter box and that's all I've ever had for her.  We never had a problem up until now.  Like you suggested, I think I'd better go back to making sure I scoop out the box every day and not every other to see if that cures it.  Plus, I'm wondering...could it be her way of trying to get more attention?

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I've had cats that would go in the bathtub when they were locked in the house or out of the room with the litter box.  I actually think it's good because it's easy to clean and not hidden.  I've had cats go in piles of laundry :(


I agree with the suggestion to keep the box cleaner and shut he bathroom door.


Has anything changed in the house lately? New baby or pet or change of schedule?

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Yes, there had been a change in schedule...we were gone both this weekend and last weekend.  So, she was home alone and didn't have the litter box changed during that time.  I thought the bathroom door was shut before we left for the weekend, but, no, it wasn't and we came home to a present.  You're right, at least it's easy to clean.  However, now I have to deal with a DH who's at his wit's end with the cat and ready to send her to the SPCA.  So, I guess I'll be hyper-vigilant to try and keep the litter box clean, make sure she gets plenty of love, and keep the bathroom door closed...

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I'd have left out at least one extra box if I knew I was going out of town for the weekend and not having a cat sitter or anyone to clean the box. You are already limited on boxes with only one, and then to leave for the weekend with no one to clean it, I'd be grateful the cat left the present in the shower and not on the carpet or my bed. I think you guys have unrealistic expectations. I really do not understand your aversion to having a second box, especially when your H is threatening to get rid of the cat. It's a simple fix to the problem. 

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I agree with PP about getting another box, even if it's a small one. And your idea to clean it out more often is a good one. Another idea is to change up the litter (possibly use new litter in the new box, and keep the old litter in the old box) and see which she prefers.


If that doesn't work, it makes me wonder if she is also happy with her food or is having some stomach problems. In general, cats don't pee/poo to get attention.Since this takes a bit more time and patience to figure out, I'd try the litter trick first before exploring this issue.


Lastly, are you SURE that's it's really cat poo? My cats' hairballs look like cat poo to the "untrained eye," but unfortunately I have been trained all too well! If that were the case, I'd be happy it's in the tub because my cats always seem to find a nice sweater or open laptop when they have hairballs!


Give us an update if anything works!



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Hey Ladies,

Thanks for all of your input.  I finally realized that one big change was that since I was home every day during the summer (unlike teaching every morning during the school year), I wasn't keeping to my regular school year schedule.  During the school year, cleaning out the litter box each morning was part of my routine.  As soon as I was home during the summer and not on the same schedule, that fell by the wayside.  So, that's my first step - keep it scooped out each day.  And, yes, it is poo, not a hairball.  I've had my fair share of those during summers (usually on the carpet) since she's a medium-hair cat.  As for the 2nd litter box idea, I'm not opposed to it.  I just don't want any extra expense right now since we don't have a steady, full-time income.  I know, it's only a few bucks, but when you have more $ going out than coming in, it all adds up.

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