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Chin bibs: I only used these for a while when DS was drooling like mad - teething - and to let him go with out one meant he got a bad rash under his chin in his neck folds. Otherwise, I skipped them as they cover up the cuteness of what baby is wearing! also, I'd have to wash either the bib or the clothes anyway, so what is the savings there?


BF babies spit up plenty! maybe no my DS, but I know plenty that do, especially if they have food intolerances. still I just use those flannel blankets for burp cloths.


as far as sheets go, I think 4 is plenty, but we never had much issue with DS leaking or spitting up or whatever on his sheets. I change his sheets out maybe once a month, just to freshen them up. I will admit to wanting sheets of different materials, like flannel - I love the flannel crib sheets - and I have a plush fabric one. I'd love a cotton jersey for summer. But that is just personal preference. FWIW we never bothered with those sheet saver things. I do have a mattress pad but that is because when my dad built the crib, the measurements were off a bit and no standard mattress fits, so I had to duck tape some foam cushion to the mattress to make it wide enough and the mattress pad helps that all hold together. It's only a couple inches, but totally necessary. I want a custom mattress but those things are wicked expensive.


Work shower went well, got 'sposies (add them to the collection :) ) and wipes and a few other things, and gift cards! yay for gift cards! (which no one writes the amount on, so you have to look it up) ugh.


Carrie - yay on your walk and having a good day!


I haven't heard good things about Walmart 'sposies, but I like the Target ones. and Walgreens brand is also good.


back to work, DH graduates massage therapy school tonight and I need to get cracking!


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oooh exciting about the graduation. 


Yeah I think pampers deifnately has more scent to them, so if sensitivity is an issue, then we'd be staying away. 


Changing during the night-- I figure if the baby is up already, I will, but no, I wouldn't risk waking a sleeping baby to change a diaper unless we'd been having leak issues. 


OOoh I hear you on the sheets textures. The white one we have is plain cotton, the pink is a thin flannel, and we haven't picked out a fabric for MIL to make the new ones out of. But she did bring home some of that super soft dimply almost minkee type fabric to show us. It was orange though. I wonder if they have pink (she works at a fabric store). That would be so nice. I registered for a mattress pad, but if we don't get it, I probably won't buy one. Maybe if I were planning on a more expensive mattress, but we're not. 


The chin bibs... I dont know... I like the smallness of them over a full bib, and for those little spit ups on cute outfits. But again... lol... if we don't get any, I can't see myself going out and buying them. 


I went to the boutique store and it was almost empty. So disappointing. Even the diapers- they sell two different brands, FB and the AMP I love. They had FOUR total. That was it. What a bummer. I did find organic hemp wash cloths, 10 for $12, which seemed like a great deal-- but I couldn't find anything else to buy, and I need to spend $50 to use the card, so we'll have to go back another day. 


Re: checkups, I probably wouldn't do the 2 month one if I had no questions or concerns. The only real reason I see right now for checkups would be if the boys have any anxiety about the doctor, it could be good to acquaint them with him/her so that if they did need something, it wasn't a scary experience. But otherwise... meh. You can weigh and measure and check their ears and eyes at home. Maybe every few years for a spine/belly check, but they probably don't need it every year. 


I don't remember what else anyone said. My memory is horrible these days! 

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kat ~ congrats to your dh for graduating! joy.gif

my kids have never been afraid of any doctor even at the emergency room. i always assumed it's b/c they've never had shots. that's the only thing i can think that a good doc would do to a healthy baby/child that would scare him in the future. Ethan had been fussing at me for weeks that he needed to go to the dentist and he's had cavities filled. he's had blood drawn and even a skin allergy test where he was pricked by many needles at once.

the only reason i was considering doing the well checks was so i wouldn't have to worry about getting a sick appointment. they were so quick about getting D in that i don't think i need to worry about that.

guess i'm old school b/c i think those chin bibs are silly. shrug.gif i don't remember them being available when ryan was a baby. but then i don't use regular bibs, either. i just strip the kid down before he eats. redface.gif
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Oh yes! Big fan of naked time for once they start eating-eating. Skin doesn't stain like clothing does. lol. I just like the small chin bibs for the little spit ups. I'm lazy. It's easier to change a bib than a whole outfit. lol.

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Haha does that make me new school b/c I like bibs that are vinyl with pockets to catch all the food that falls?  LOL!!


Bummer about that store, JJ. I hate making a run somewhere and then being totally disappointed.  Happens all the time when I go to Whole Foods.



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Originally Posted by Baby_Cakes View Post

Haha does that make me new school b/c I like bibs that are vinyl with pockets to catch all the food that falls?  LOL

actually, i think that's really, really old school. lol.gif i remember those from a looooooong time ago.

i used to use the disposable ones with pockets (another huggies product, i believe) on ethan in the car for when he got carsick. gross but it caught most of the vomit and made for much easier clean up.

I had a major success today at the grocery store. I put D in my wrap and he slept the entire time, an hour and a half of shopping not including driving time. I was even able to bring all the groceries into the house and get the cold stuff put away. And a bonus. A young male bagger who is no older than Ryan commented that he didn't hear a peep out of D the entire time we were in the store. He was very impressed that he didn't cry at all. The poor guy must hear a lot of crying babies. I told him it was because D was in the wrap and the guy thought that was very cool. Who knows. Maybe someday he'll have a baby and remember today and put his baby in a carrier of some sort. thumb.gif
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since we've been talking about co-sleeping, I wanted to share Ethan's new plan. Now that Ryan's old room is cleaned up and all the guests are gone Ethan says he's going to sleep in there. He says all I need to do is put the fitted sheet on. He can make the rest of the bed. Then he'll just stay in there watching TV until he crashes. He'll keep the remote right under his hand so that he'll hit the power button when he falls asleep to turn of the TV. lol.gif So cute and sweet. I don't really expect it to happen but I'll let him try it.

Now I just need to find the time to help him make the bed. My house is such a wreck. I have bags of canned food that we got for the hurricane sitting on the floor in the kitchen. I want to store it all in the garage so I won't have to worry about rushing out and stocking up with the next threat (which could be coming soon, Katia). But since we moved everything we could into the garage for the hurricane there's no room in there right now. I don't have the time or strength to organize it all so I don't know what to do.

The upstairs is a complete wreck because the boys play up there and I spend most of my time downstairs. I have it on my list to clean but I don't know when I'll get to it.

Anyway, I went way off on a tangent but I was just wanting to share about Ethan saying he wants to sleep in his own room. He wants to do that completely on his own. I don't push him to do it. I don't even talk to him about it. They really do mature in their own time to the point that they want their own space.
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MW: that is sweet - and I hear you on the cleaning! one of the benefits to living with the IL's is that she is a relentlessly tidy person. I don't have to do much since she's already got it before I get to it.


I hope my day gets better - was woken up by DS kicking me in the head (not sure if it was on purpose or not) and then got a truly wicked leg cramp. Things can only go up, right? and I was sleeping so well! for once.

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Kat ~ I know what you mean about having a mother around to clean. My mom even cleaned off my washing machine and dryer. She said she couldn't stand how dirty they were. For the first time ever, I only appreciated it and didn't get insulted. lol.gif

K kicks me a lot at night. Sometimes he gets turned upside down. He also kicks the covers off all night. That drives me crazy because I get chilled. I cannot sleep without at least a sheet over me even if it's hot.
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so quiet. did someone start a september thread and not tell me?
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lol.gif I just went and looked for one!  


Does anyone else have a babe fighting sleep already?  Piper just does it during the day, but I'm afraid I have a repeat of DD1 on my hands.  She was not an easy baby (or toddler or preschooler)!

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Originally Posted by MarineWife View Post

so quiet. did someone start a september thread and not tell me?

I thought the same thing this morning!!


I'm just wiped and my hands are literally full lately.  I cannot seem to put Finn down for naps these past few days.  Even in the swing he screams after just a few min, and needs to be in my arms.  I don't mind so much but man, it makes it hard to do much else.  Shannon, I feel for you.  I think we're headed in the same direction...

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Originally Posted by MovingMomma View Post

lol.gif I just went and looked for one!  


Does anyone else have a babe fighting sleep already?  Piper just does it during the day, but I'm afraid I have a repeat of DD1 on my hands.  She was not an easy baby (or toddler or preschooler)!

i can start a new thread sometime, but if anyone wants to get to it before me, that would be great. i'm really sick right now. think it's mastitis. yesterday afternoon i noticed that my left breast was very tender everywhere. suddenly, i was hit with fatigue, aches, pain, horrible chills, nausea and later a burning fever. i had to go to bed around 7 pm. thank goodness ethan is so helpful. he got dinner for him and kellen, brought me water and even changed dylan's diapers. i'm feeling a bit better today. at least i'm able to sit up on the couch and get food and drinks for the boys periodically. it's hard to just sit here b/c there's such a mess upstairs that i was hoping to get to today.

D doesn't really fight sleep, i don't think. sometimes he dozes and wakes frequently. he tends to stay asleep more consistently if i hold him. he does seem to fight sleep for a bit at night. at least, he likes to wake around 9 pm and stay up until 11 pm or so. that's hard for me b/c i like to go to bed at about 10 pm.
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I'll put up a new thread!  No worries!  I'll just copy/paste the info from the first post and update it when the rest of us have babies.  That's it, right?  LOL.


I'm getting so frustrated with my ring sling.  I loved it with Nora but it's making me batty with Finn!!  The fabric keeps getting twisted in the rings, and I can't seem to ever get the top rail tight enough.  By the time it's tight enough, it's seriously digging into my neck.  I've watched a few videos on youtube trying to get it right but man, I'm getting frazzled!!  Any tips?


I tried posting in BF'ing challenges about my overactive letdown and got the snarkiest response.  That's what I get for dipping my toe out of my ddc!  Jeez.  


Other than that, I'm tired of being fat, wish I could exercise.  Was doing great with the walking, but yesterday I woke up with bright red bleeding and clots so I took today and yesterday obviously off.  No more bleeding since, though.  Sigh.  Once I get the new thread up I'll post a link.


New September Thread Here!!

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