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Walking development...late?

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My almost 16 mo DS isn't really walking. He has been crawling since he was 5 months old, and he is really good at it, so I think it's his preferred mode of transportation. What I find strange is that he's been cruising the furniture for about 6 months, he climbs onto the couch and chairs, walks on his knees, and just recently he started walking while we hold his hands. DH even got him to do it while only holding one hand, and now he really loves to do that! However, if you let him go, he sits right on the ground. If he's standing holding on to furniture, and I stand maybe a foot away with my hands out, he sits down and crawls to me. He does stand independently, but only if there is something he can grab if he gets unsteady. I have "caught" him taking maybe 2-3 steps unsupported between two chairs or something like that, but it seems like he still isn't ready to let go. I don't know what else to do to encourage it, and being that he is my first I'm not sure if this is normal progression of walking. Ped doesn't seem concerned, so I'm not either...but I don't want to be blase about it if I should be doing something more to help him learn. Does this all seem normal to those of you that have BTDT, especially if you had a late walker?

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My DD was very similar.  Crawled forever, stood up from sitting at 14 months, walked along furniture and sometimes even took a step of two.  Then one day at 15 1/2 months saw a cat outside and walked to it and then never stopped- she just 100% walked- no more crawling.  I think she just waited until she knew she could be fully successful.

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Sounds totally normal, especially for a "late" walker.  I think the range of normal goes up to 18 mo., but even beyond that can still be normal as long as there are no developmental problems.  Your son sounds like he's progressing and getting steadier, just not quite ready to do it alone.  My first DD walked at 15 mo., after almost 8 mo. of cruising furniture and my second DD is still not walking and not showing that she will anytime soon and she's almost 15 mo.

I know it's hard when everone around you with kids younger than yours seems to be walking and yours isn't, but try not to worry about it, especially if your ped. isn't concerned.  Besides, crawling is really good for brain development so the longer they do it the more benefit they recieve.

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My daughter started walking at the end of her 12th month but I had the same feelings as you, especially because all the babies around us (5 other babies) started walking from between 9-11months! lol  I tried everything!! I now believe that when they are ready, they will walk and there is nothing you can do to help them...or is there?? ;) 

I read somewhere that some babies need something like 1000 hours of practice from the first time they pull up. So the very next day I took my daughter outside and grabbed one of her favorite push toys and we went for a walk (she would use her push toys in the house but I just knew it wasn't enough "practice"). We have lots of straight pathways in our neighborhood and she pushed that toy like crazy.  She had a blast.  She would speed up and slow down and look around.  We did that for 2 days in a row and the 2nd day as we were heading home she walked through our yard unassisted for the first time!! She would fall and get back up with no problem...I was shocked! lol.  Usually after a fall she would cry and crawl to her destination.


I say give it a try! let me know if it works for you! :)



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My DS was the same. He was a very proficient, fast crawler, and was great at pulling up and cruising, but no interest at all in letting go. I too got the distinct impression that he simply was interested in GETTING places, not in the journey, and saw no reason to slow himself down by trying something that was less efficient.


Halfway through 15 months, he suddenly decided it was time. Within a couple of days, he'd given up crawling completely, and was walking around the house very confidently. It sounds like your DS will be the same (and enjoy it while you have have a chance of catching up with him - your days are numbered :P ).

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Thank you all. This thread makes me feel better. I guess he's just taking his time. I will take everyone's advice and try to enjoy it! As far as the push toy suggestion, he doesn't ever use the push toy we have. I never tried it outside though, maybe I will!

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My ds is slowly working on walkingbut isn't there yet- and he is older than yours!! He is 16 and a half months or so. He is super active and a really strong climber- lately he loves to push chairs or his stroller around to walk- and he furniture walks. He also walks if I hold both of his hands, or is someone else holds one and I hold the other- but he stops pretty quickly with that. I figure he is taking the right stpes in his progression to walking.  I sometimes feel weird about it when I see babies younger than he is who have been walking for a while! But I don't try to force it because I think he will only be not walking for a short time and then he will be walking- so if he still prefers to crawl on the ground that is okay! He was later than other babies in all the varous physical things though he is an early talker. Anyway- I read that it can be up to 18 months before they walk (and as early as 10 months for some!). But he can climb a ladder, go up and down staircases, and climb on to things that I think would be too high for him but he gets himself up there!

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My DS is 14 months and has been cruising for about 4-5 months, but similar to the OP he will just sit down if we try to encourage him to let go. DS won't even walk holding hands yet, and the push toy we bought him has been played with in every which way imaginable except to push as he walks. I did hope he would be walking by the time our new baby arrives at the end of this month, but right now it doesn't look like it. He sees crawling as being very efficient and shows no interest right now in walking instead. He is ahead with verbal development though, and already starting to make two word sentences. He is our first born and I think sometimes first born boys are just a little slower to get going with the mobility side of things. I'm also trying really hard not to compare him to friends children that were born at the same time, especially since most of them have older siblings they are playing catch up to.

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hmm, though in my last response I was not too concerned I have to admit I someitmes do feel a twinge of it! Today I met someone with a toddler the exact same age as ds (3 days younger)  (16 and a 1/2 months) and she has been walking since 9 months!!! wow~ anyway- I guess ds will get it eventually- I am not so inclined to train him on it- we try to practice but if he is not into it I don't push it.

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double post

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Yep. My friend's little guy, 3 weeks older than mine, was walking at just shy of 8 months. It's hard not to compare. Guess what though - now that DS is walking, you wouldn't know that his friend walked earlier :)

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So, at what point would late walking become a concern? I mean- up until when is it still a reasonable time frame to be not walking yet?

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Frequently, the age range cited for starting to walk is 8-18 months. So I wouldn't start worrying until you hit that 18 month mark.

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my son didnt walk till 15.5 months where as my daughters walked at 9.5 - 10 months.

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DS started taking some steps.

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