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The BSL Graduate/Stalking Thread in Summer/Autumn 2011

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Welcome to the SUMMER/AUTUMN 2011 EDITION Thread Mamas!!
Looking forward to adding some of our BSLs to the list over here,
we need some new babies!

This is a spinoff of the Bitter Sushi Ladies Thread over on the TTC board. Some of us have very happily made it to the "other side" and we want to be able to keep track of each other.

Our fellow BSLs that are still on their TTC journey like to check up on us from time to time too - which we really appreciate - since they continue to be in the midst of a sometimes brutal and just "NOT FAIR" TTC journey...




~Our November 2011 Babies~

Congrats to miriam_bat_avraham, welcome Talulah and Susannah!

Born November 11th at 9:18 and 9:19

4lbs 12oz and 5lbs 5oz


~Our September 2011 Baby!~

Congrats to Jane, and Welcome Baby Boy!

Born September 30th, weighing 7lbs 5oz


~Our July 2011 Babies!~

Congrats to Tear78 and Welcome Anika!

Born on July 15, weighing 5 lbs 9oz

Congrats to Maurine and Welcome Phin!

Born on July 20


~Our June 2011 Baby!~

Congrats to slylives and Welcome Cameron!

Born on June 15th at 9:39pm weighing 9lbs 15oz


~Our April 2011 Baby!~

Congrats to Kalamos23, and Welcome Baby Boy!

Born April 28 at ??pm weighing ??lbs ??oz and, ?? inches long

~Our March 2011 Babies~

Congrats to Nanette, Welcome Tristan Alexander and Cael Elijah!

Born March 18th at 6 lbs 11 ounces and 7 lbs 4 ounces respectively

19 and a half inches and 20 and 3/4 inches long

~Our February 2011 Baby!~

Congrats to Finnegansmom, and Welcome Henry Beckett!

Born Feb 19 at 4:02am weighing 10lbs 5oz and, 22 inches long

~Our January 2011 Baby!~

Congrats to Jessica, and Welcome Asher Kingston!

Born January 20 at 9:18pm weighing 8lbs 5 oz, 21 inches long

~Our December 2010 Baby!~

Congrats to QBear'smama and Welcome Jack Everett

Born on December 17th, 9lbs 2.5 oz, 22 inches long


~Our November 2010 Babies!~

Congrats to KellyTTC#1 and Welcome Hilary and Charlotte

Born on November 11th, Hilary (6 lbs. 11 oz.) and Charlotte (5 lbs. 1 oz)


~Our October 2010 Babies!~

Congrats to Carlyle and Welcome Baby Maggie
Born on October 9th, 11 pounds 2 ounces!

Congrats to Lyndzies and Welcome Baby Cadence James
Born on October 15th, 8:43pm, 10 pounds 9 ounces, 22 inches

Congrats to YummyYumYumMama and Welcome Baby Kieran
Born on October 27th, 11:32am, 5 pounds 12 ounces 17 inches

~Our September 2010 Baby!~
Congrats to Maeryn Pearl and Welcome Baby Maeryn Jean
Born on September 27th, 7lbs6oz and 20 in long

~Our August 2010 Baby!~
Congrats to colorbywords and Welcome Baby Emery Oaklynn
Born on August 3rd at 8:46 PM, 8 lbs 11 oz 20.5 inches long

~Our July 2010 Baby!~
Congrats to LZP and Welcome Baby Anna Veronica
Born at 36 weeks on July 18th at 4:04 AM, 7 lbs 2 oz 17.5 inches long

~Our June 2010 Babies!~

Congrats to Pinoikoi and Welcome Baby Ursula Marisol
Born on June 23rd at  6:40 AM 8 lbs 10 oz, 21 inches long 

Congrats to Lisko15 and Welcome Baby Caleb Benjamin
Born on June 24th at 7:36PM 9 lbs 1 oz, 22 inches long

~Our May 2010 Babies!~

Congrats to Jelinifer and Welcome Baby Finnegan Hubert
Born on May 1st, 8 lbs 10 oz, 21 1/2 inches long 

Congrats to jillc512 and Welcome Baby Albert Boaz
Born at home on May 4th at 3:29 pm, 8 lbs 11 oz, 20 3/4 inches long

Congrats to Starkyld and Welcome Baby Elliott Marlowe
Born at home  May 25th at 9:24AM, 9lbs 8 oz 21 inches long 

~Our February 2010 Baby~
Congrats to Lauren31 Welcome Baby 
Born February 7th at 10:40PM, 7 lbs 12 oz, 20 1/2 inches long

And the rest of us... still waiting... 

Hykue TTC #1 with 1 loss, due 10/30 stork-suprise.gif

millefleur TTC #1 again since 6/09 after 12/08 loss, due October 31st! stork-boy.gif

Rachel88 TTC #1 for a year with 1 loss, due November 20th stork-suprise.gif

MahnaMahna Dionna, TTC #2 with DH for 18+mos, due at the end of November stork-suprise.gif

lavatea due December 17th with a boy! stork-boy.gif

Sweet.Bee TTC #2 for a year, due January 15th stork-girl.gif

Kyamo TTC #1 for 1.5 years, due March 7th stork-boy.gif

sweetest77 TTC #3 for 2+ years with one loss, expecting our rainbow1284.gif baby in May 2012 stork-suprise.gif

CA Country Girl TTC #2 for 18 months, due in June 2012 stork-suprise.gif

LessTraveledBy due with #2 in June 2012 stork-suprise.gif


Our thoughts are with
Enigo ~  April 2010 ~
We hope to have you back with us very, very soon.

As always, we are sending a whole lot of  to you Ladies over on BSL Proper.
PLEASE GET OVER HERE to keep us company!!!!!

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Welcome to summer/autumn (for those in the northern hemisphere)!


Looks like we won't have a new baby born until October, and then we're in for tons over the following months. smile.gif

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Thanks for the new thread. smile.gif

If you want to update my info, my official due date is Dec. 17th, and I'm having a little boy.
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Thank you for taking over the thread, Sweet.Bee! blowkiss.gif It looks great! smile.gif It's really fun to see Anika on the front page, thank you!

It's funny, I remember when Maurine and I first joined the thread it was kind of slow because there weren't too many new grads, and then there was a big boom. joy.gif I'm looking forward to watching all your babies grow! goodvibes.gif
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lavatea, I've updated you!


Tear, hope your little girl is growing well. They change so fast at that age, so I tried to take at least one photo a day of our son for the first year. winky.gif


So, I felt a kick 2 days ago (before then, it was just flutters here and there). It was cute, though ever since then I've been peeing what seems like every few minutes. I wonder if baby got nice and comfy on my bladder. orngtongue.gif


Oh, and belly pic from last Sunday (16 weeks).




Hope everyone is well. Please check in to say how you're doing. smile.gif

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Thanks for the new thread, SweetBee.  

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I had my 17-week appointment this morning. Everything is going well. Baby is growing and was even getting comfy all stretched out. smile.gif


The doctor says it could be a girl but is not making it certain yet. Question pic here.

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Ok, so I just added boy/girl stork icons to list of pregnant ladies. I had to do some stalking. If I got anything wrong for those with a blue/pink icons or if you have a ? icon and want to update, let me know. smile.gif


So far, team blue is ahead, even with miriam's twin girls up there. orngtongue.gif

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This whole post makes me just SO HAPPY!!!  Yay for both of you.  orngbiggrin.gif  (I still don't look clean and neat and put together in any circumstances, and my baby is 10 months old!)  Miriam, I'm so happy to see you being more than cautiously optimistic too...I remember that shift for my sister and it makes me so happy to see it for you too!  Can't wait to see pictures of your babies orngbiggrin.gif.



Originally Posted by miriam_bat_avraham View Post

Thanks for the new thread, Bee! Also-- can you remove "cautiously" from my bio now? I'm going to make an attempt to be less superstitious and more optimistic smile.gif

A quote from the last thread:

I would like to add that Phin is even cuter in person and that all the ladies at the LLL meeting complimented Maurine on looking so clean and neat and put together for being the mom of a 3-week-old and that it sounds like she's doing absolutely the right thing with how she's managing their breastfeeding issues smile.gif

It was really neat to bump into her there, and I definitely had that surreal moment of "I can't believe we're both HERE, now!" I really hope for everyone who hasn't yet made it to the grads thread to have that moment, and soon.

Afm-- 25 weeks tomorrow! Yesterday was my baby shower. It was wonderful just to be with all my family and friend's and to celebrate our little girls together. Today I have the fun task of sorting through all the gifts with my mom and cousins so we can start piling things into the car when we leave Tuesday (we're at my parents' beach house for the weekend). It gets so real when you finally have "baby stuff" around!


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So happy to hear from you, MBA. I've been missing your posts.

My daughter took a picture of me yesterday at 22 weeks. I'll try to post it Tues or Wed. Have to get ready for work now. eyesroll.gif
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Ok, updated! I actually did it yesterday, but then we got distracted with building our new grill, so I didn't have the chance to post.


Maurine, your birth sounds a lot like mine last time. My son was 2 weeks early, and the labor lasted just over 2 hours, strong from the beginning.


miriam, are you busy setting up the nursery now? The baby room is still the "box room" (lots of old boxes and things we need to move into the basement) for us. orngtongue.gif I want to start decorating, but my husband says we need to be sure it's really a girl first.


lavatea, can't wait to see your belly pic!


Not much going on with me. As said, I'm eager to start setting up the nursery. We'll try to confirm girl at the next appointment (3 weeks from today / 21 weeks). Well, baby looks like a girl to me, but my husband isn't buying it until the doctor makes a definitive declaration. And there are so many cute girly things tempting me right now!

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Sorry it's taken me a week to post the picture I promised. I feel like I had a "skinny" week, so I don't think I look any different this week at 23 weeks than I did in this picture at 22.

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Hi everybody! I only have a minute, and I'm woefully behind with posting. Hands-free computer time is hard to come by lately. winky.gif But I wanted to share two stories.

The first one is a melt-my-heart amazing Mommy moment. Last night my parents were over and Anika was fussing and crying in their arms (sorry Nana and Grandpa!) so I took her and walked around with her. After a minute she paused in her crying and looked right up in my face with big, wide eyes and studied me for a long time. Then she let her head drop forward on my chest, pulled her body close, and was totally quiet and content. awwwwwwwww, what a sweetie!!!!! love.gif My heart just about burst with love!

Secondly, I noticed that my bleeding was slowly tapering off but in the last day or two it started to get red again, albeit still pretty light. My OB says it's possible that it's the start of my period, though unlikely since I'm breastfeeding. Well now for the past couple hours I've had some slight period cramps. bigeyes.gif Seriously...at five and a half WEEKS?! yikes...we'll see.

Love you ladies, gotta go! blowkiss.gif
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Originally Posted by Tear78 View Post
 Then she let her head drop forward on my chest, pulled her body close, and was totally quiet and content. awwwwwwwww, what a sweetie!!!!! love.gif My hurt just about burst with love!

Love you ladies, gotta go! blowkiss.gif

Okay, that is the sweetest thing I've read all day!  AAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW MWUH!  Isn't it the best?


Period at 5 weeks?  Not the best.  Are you still resting up and taking it easy?  That does seem waaaaay too early.  My body waited until a stately 3 months until my first period the first time around.  And I felt totally annoyed at the time!


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Originally Posted by miriam_bat_avraham View Post

Amanda-- love the scrubs wink1.gif My friend (who is also named Julie and having a girl and is due four days before me and works at my OB office, lol) says scrubs are the best thing ever in pregnancy because they're so comfy. I'm going with skirts and sundresses myself on the same principle!


Tear-- my parents are also going to be Nana and Grandpa :) and what a sweet story! Ahhhhh, I can't wait for our little snuggly beebs to be here...

Ha! The scrubs are comfortable, but I was only wearing them for work. Lol. Actually, that particular top is starting to get snug. I'm wearing it tonight in fact, and I think it's about time to retire it in favor of a new top. Maybe a navy undershirt with an open light blue button scrub top. IDK, we'll see. In my regular life I'm wearing low-rise jeans or shorts with old maternity t-shirts from my previous pregnancies. I also have quite a few dresses and skirts I've been sporting this summer. Probably the most I've worn skirts/dresses in years.

Loved your story, Tear.
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miriam, glad your nursery is going well. I'm still on redecorating our son's room (moved out changing table and one closet, and bought him lots of storage cubbies for toys in their places), so the baby room is just a mess of random furniture and some boxes we need to move into the basement. So much to do!


Tear, yay for cuddles! Those are the sweetest moments.


lavatea, you look nice and pregnant. I still have to lift my shirt for the belly pics to really see a bump. Speaking of which. . .




20 weeks (yesterday). I've noticed that the rest of me is getting fat faster than the bump. I really should lock up the ice cream. orngtongue.gif

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