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Chicago get together?

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Hi all!

Since summer is in full swing, I was wondering if anyone might be interested in getting together and enjoying one of the lovely free concerts in the area?

There's one on Thursday, August 18th in Lincoln Square that looks like fun--rockabilly music and an evening farmer's market, combined!

Here's the info about the concert:

and about the Farmer's market:

We can buy delish fresh goodies and enjoy some music in the summer air! DP and I will plan to get there around 6:30, and meet out in front of Enjoy.

Does this sound like a good time to anyone?
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That sounds like an awesome time!  Unfortunately, I have to work until 8:30.

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We would love to come, but it is harder to get up to Chicago after work during the week. Have fun!


Maybe we could do a b-bq or some sort of get together at our house sometime in September once it has cooled off a bit more.



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Yeah, it looks like this might not work out so well for a meetup. We'll do another one later in the year!
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Hmm...possibly.  It sounds fun, just not sure we'll be up for that much of an outing quite yet.  Let's wait and see.  In the meantime, Gelly, a September meetup sounds like a possibility.  It would be great to get together again.

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I live fairly close to Lincoln Square, but the kids will be camping with grandparents that week. 


Don't know if anyone else would be interested, but I'm hosting a Geeky Parents gaming night at a wings place by our house on Sunday, 8/14, followed by caravanning to Full Moon Jam.  It's a public meetup with the Geek Parents Network meetup group, so all are welcome. 

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Amanda- Love the new profile pic!  Congratulations!


DTmama1- I just now agreed to work Sunday night until 12.  Oh no!  I love the full moon jam and this would have been my last time to go.


I'll be going to Market Days on Sunday.  My friends band is playing at noonish at the Roscoe stage.

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