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Help on choosing prenatal vitamins.

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I have been searching for some natural prenatal vitamins on the internet. I have never tried any of these. I would like your thoughts on which might be the best choice. Any other suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks!


Mother to Be: http://www.nutritiongeeks.com/mother-to-be-180/mother-to-be.html


Garden of Life : http://gardenoflife.com/ProductsforLife/THEVITAMINCODEsupsup/MultivitaminFormulas/RAWPrenatal/tabid/1823/Default.aspx


Bebe-O: http://www.bebe-o.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/label_big.jpg  

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I took New Chapter Perfect Prenatal with both of my kids.  I really like that it is organic, whole food and certified non-gmo. I am not a fan of Garden of Life at all, they had a whole issue with labeling their product vegan for years when the whole time the source of the D3 was animal. They have since changed their labels, but it makes them totally un-trustworthy to me. 

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I had a hard time with anything but kids vitamins...I took kids gummy vitamins a few times a day...

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I've been taking the Rainbow Light prenatal for the past 3 years and have never had any trouble with it -- I'm the only person I know whose vitamins didn't exacerbate morning sickness, for example. 

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I took Rainbow Light prenatals. They worked well for me, I never had any negative issues with them. 

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I know I'm a bit late to the party, but the midwives I have worked with really like New Chapter Perfect Prenatal.  (I am an almost-midwife.)  I also really like that's it's made from whole foods, etc.  I consider Rainbow Light another solid choice for those who want something a bit cheaper.

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I have used both Rainbow Light (a more affordable option) and Garden of Life Prenatal in both of my pregnancies. I much prefer the Garden of Life. I feel like it's a little better quality and it didn't make me sick at all. But the Rainbow Light is what I am using now because of financial reasons and it does just fine.

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I have always used the Rainbow Lite prenatls when preggo and the regular ones when not:) If swallowing the pill makes you sick you can get a pill crusher and sprinkle the powder into a glass of lemon water (supposed to help with morning sickness) or in a cup of red raspberry leaf or nettle infusion.

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i love my garden of life raw prenatals!!  and their soy is fermented so it doesnt have the anti-nutrients that other products might have.  they never made me sick or constipated throughtout my whole pregnancy and i ended up with a 9lb 5oz baby (I ate very good too) and dh and i are both small.  im still taking it while breastfeeding.  i highly recommend it

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I use Dr. Schultze's SuperFood 100s. 


I am a huge fan of his.  This is the first pregnancy I have used his products (his vitamins, and his Formula #1 for a healthy bowel) and it is the BEST feeling pregnancy I have ever had.  Honestly, the only time I got really sick this time was the one time I forget to take the vitamins.


Dr. Schultze is a huge vegan BTW.  He cured his heart condition by becoming a vegan in his teens.

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