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An "August" Display of Bajingo Juice - TTC #1 in our 30's

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Conceiving  #in  Our  30's August 2011 banana.gif

est. 2006

Last Month's Thread

  If You Would Like To Join, Welcome! 
Please give us your age, when you started TTC,
and a link to your chart if you have one.
And feel free to share a bit more - we are a really friendly group!
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Members are most welcome to take a turn at threadkeeping for a month. It is easy and fun. All help you need will be happily given.

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Thanks for the new thread! wave.gif


...and congratulations Jessimaca! Sticky baby wishes :-)



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Oops, I just realized that this thread is for TTC #1 - call me observant!  I am TTC #2, so I guess you can take me off the list!

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I don't think mind if it is #2 for you, Ava's Mama, and I don't figure the others will mind much.  We had someone on #6 awhile back, and we were welcoming to her as she was in her 30's.   We even have a few 29 year olds since they felt they fit in better with the 30's group.  The rest of us are just trying to get pregnant with #1 and last month I forgot to include #1 in the thread title, so you didn't miss it.  If you want to stay, you are welcome to.  If you want to go that is fine too.  If you stay, when did you start TTC for this second pregnancy (I know you had a loss so I wasn't sure what to put as your starting point).

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Tear78 had her baby.  Check out her birth story here.

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Well, We have been pretty casual about trying.  I guess we really started trying in December once I got my first PPAF, since I could track my cycle.  I got pregnant in April and miscarried in June, so I guess you can say since June?  I don't think it matters too much I guess!  I am 12 DPO today and I gave in and POAS this morning because I had another temp rise and it was negative.  I had felt so strong about waiting until FF's recommended day (next wednesday), but I was weak this morning!  I only have one test left so I am going to try to hold out until Wednesday!  Here is my chart:

 Thanks for welcoming me!

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Thanks for the August thread. I am a new member and would like to join this thread. Here is my info...


TTC: 03.2011

Age: 30

Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/34fbf2

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Hello to all! I think I'll join in. I'm 35, DH is 38 and we've been waiting to ttc #1 for quite a while, but this is our second month active. For some complicated reasons, I am doing clomid now, too (I wrote about it on the clomid thread). Tonight will be my second night.


I wonder if anyone has suggestions about good opk. I used my supply last month from an online source (earlypregnancytests), but didn't get a positive. According to fertility friend, I did ovulate (see link to chart below), and I did have other signs (ew cm, sore breasts), so I think my urine was too dilute for the tests. I hadn't held my urine for 4 hours and I had been drinking a lot of water.  Why didn't I read the directions before I left town and was without internet or the directions?! Grrr. At least I knew not to test in the am, that was the only rule that I read.

I did have one day that the test strip in general stayed very pink, but I never got a test line. Are the dollar tree tests good? I also have a coupon for first response. Other suggestions?


I suppose my experience last month either confirms what my gyn suspects (not ovulating) or what I suspect--the urine wasn't good for the test. Any thoughts? Here are my charts so far: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/35e363


But now that I'm using clomid, I should finally be able to see a positive opk sometime soon.smile.gif





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I don't have answers to most of your questions at all, Andaluza, but I assume you live in Andalucia?  It's lovely there, we visited two winters ago . . . when all the flooding was happening, unfortunately, so we got to see a lot of rainy weather and didn't get to do much cycling like we'd planned.  Just me being snoopy, I loved it there.  A little expensive for our budget, though.  Also, your chart from last month does look like an ovulatory chart to me, just kind of a "rocky mountains" one like I often had.  I'm sure the other ladies will chime in with more useful advice, but it might not be too busy until after the weekend.  Welcome and good luck!

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Welcome to all the newbies!  


Been missing some of the regulars, though... Caly, Boots, Taxi (I hope you're still out there reading), Bel, etc.  HI!  blowkiss.gif


Andaluza - To answer your question about the OPKs, I LOVED the First Response Digital OPKs (the ones with the smiley faces).  They are a little bit more expensive, but the not having to guess about the line darkness was so worth it for me.  And, another positive about them was that you can use them first thing in the morning.  When I was TTC, I was drinking around 100 ounces of water each day, so trying to get un-diluted urine was pretty impossible.  So I love, love, love that brand.  Also, after using them a month or two, I trusted them enough I wasn't using as many, so I think the price may have evened out.  With the Answer brand (comparing lines), I'd easily use 20-30 each month (using multiples each day); with the First Response digital, I think my last month I used maybe six or seven (just once a day).  Also, I was on Clomid too, so yay Clomid!  ;)

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I hope that everyone is having a great weekend! 


Thanks for the new thread lilac!

Just dropped by to say Congratulations Jess!  joy.gif 


Welcome new ladies!  May your stay be short!  (no matter where you are in TTC  winky.gif)


Hi Val!  I am here!  Great to still see you pop in. blowkiss.gifright back atcha!  Hope you are feeling wonderful.   orngbiggrin.gif


Andaluza - MDC's Dr. Val has the greatest advice!  I too LOVED the First Response Digital OPKs or as we affectionately call them the GSBs (Ok so I forgot - golden smiley boys, golden shower boys?)  Anyhow, they are expensive at the store, but I got mine off amazon for the price I would pay for First Response ones.  Instead of trying to interpret a line from day to day (I had gallon baggies with like 20 in there) I like getting my smile.  goodvibes.gifClomid! 


fingersx.gif & dust.gifeveryone!


AFM AF has arrived after the big goof up at the RE's. Long story. This month I was going to take a break (going on vacation and don't want any scheduling mishaps...yep, that is what I am reduced to), but have decided to try to get a fluid sono.  TMI alert - AF's have always been extremely heavy (ew...clots) and crampy so the fluid sono will see if I have fibroids?  I really think I don't have good EWBJ in addition to whatever else is going on.  Been pretty depressed about everything, but I still stalk away.  grouphug.gif to everyone.  Whether you know it or not, you really are helping me through this.

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Hi again! Thanks so much everyone for the comments and suggestions.thumb.gif


Hykue, I live in Andalucia in my heart, but am in the US now :) I was just there for a few weeks and do agree that it has gotten much more expensive. When I lived there during and after college, before the euro, I could live on the equivalent of 20 usd a week and eat out, go to bars, have daily coffee, etc. That would be a laugh today, especially with the poor conversion rate. At least the mountains, sea, time with family, and scenery are free, that's the way I look at it.


Since I was temping on paper and I was away from home, I think the major variations in July's chart are because one day I would wake at 6 or 7, another at 9:30, and I was not sleeping very soundly. So, that surely also makes last month's cycle less reliable.


ValH, thank you for the suggestion! How long were you on clomid? Was that what helped you get pregnant?


So, yes, I'm going to try first response digital this month! My gyn has very specific instructions for bd and recording ovulation on clomid. Apparently I am only to bd on even days 10-18 and also test those days for ovulation. Dh's sa was great, so I am hesitant to lose out on some days, but my gyn has said that she's had great results from this method.


Bel718, thanks for the confirmation about first response. Best wishes for your sonogram!


I was sure that I had fibroids or something in the midst of my heavy af with major clotting and midcycle bleeding that I had for several years, but my sonogram did not show anything. July was my first full cycle off of bc to regulate my cycles and I only had 1.5 days of that and no midcycle bleeding. At least the af.gif of those pills was worth something...


Best wishes for a great weekend to everyone!



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Welcome to the new ladies.  I have added you to the list at the beginning of the thread.


Right now I am on the temp spike ride, my temp was up above the "highs" from the first part of my cycle.  I guess I need to wait a couple more days for FF to give me cross hairs.  This week is going to be weird because I am going to be at teacher conventions and sharing a room with a woman I am familiar with but "that" close.  I probably won't be up at the same time of day as usually.

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Hi all.

Welcome, new ladies.

I feel very guilty having not been around.  It was the last couple weeks of my summer break.  Didn't find a new job, but will be in Kindergarten, not 3rd grade, as was threatened.


Congrats to you, Jess! 


Rosie, I was having conversations with you in my head! Your story about telling DH made me tear up.  Sending sticky vibes to you and Jess! And thanks for the SA info. 


Boots, Caly, Pitch, Lilac, everyone, I think of you often.


I start a new era of teaching tomorrow, and I'm pretty hyped up.  Not really anxious...okay, yes anxious.  Just can't wait to get started and also so nervous about my lack of materials and support....


Still have a bunch of kittens.


Here's the deal.  I know about 5 babies who were born last week.  One to one of my bff's.  DP is visiting with his favorite cousin and her new baby as we speak.

And AF is being sadistic.  BFN this morning and last couple afternoons but it's CD29 and no sign of her.  I'm pretty sure the stress of the new school year is holding her up.  But we gave it such a solid try with the +opk this cycle.  It's not funny.  It is sucky.  greensad.gif


That said, I hope all you ladies have a good week. 

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Hi all!  Thanks for setting up the August thread, lilac!

Welcome to the new folks, and a big hello and virtual hug to all the regulars. I hope you're having a great summer, despite the ttc frustrations!

Here in Tasmania it's still winter-ish and I'm still working on finishing off my PhD thesis - the end of this month is the big final deadline.


I'm having a sort of strange cycle this time. I did everything I could to improve my CM (Bajingo Juice?) and it seems to have worked, I noticed EWCM on two days before O. The weird part is that while I was expecting to ovulate on CD 15 or 16, according to FF it happened on day 13, which is really annoying because DH and I were just too tired to BD that day. Since it was only CD13 we thought it would be ok to skip a day - ovulation wasn't 'supposed' to happen for a few more days. At least we had already started the day before, so we got one 'try' in before ovulation and also the day after.   Needless to say I'm not very hopeful this month....

It's kind of just as well because very soon I will have to look for a job and I suppose it would be better to not be pregnant yet before making a commitment to an employer.


Have a great week, everyone!


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Thanks Isis and Bel and Catheleni!


I just want to send out a big hug2.gifto everyone!  I'm sending positive thoughts and dust.gifto all of you!


I am going for a blood test and maybe ultrasound tomorrow to figure out why I'm having these horrible, super intense, stop-you-in-your-tracks cramps!  It seriously freaks me out.  It has woken me up in the middle of the night and it's so bad, I pace and do just about anything I can to try to relieve it-- makes me sweat and makes me nauseous!  I just hope there is nothing wrong...


I'll keep everyone posted.

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Hi there, I am 14 DPO here.  I took a test last Friday and Saturday AM and both were negative, I know it was too early, but when you go on FF and see all these positive results at 7-11 DPO, it makes you crazy!  I have not POAS since Saturday.  I am trying to hold off until Wednesday/Thursday.  I only have one test left so I am going to try not to waste it!  I have had little, minor cramps here and there, so I keep getting paranoid that AF is coming.  My temps are still up, although I had a slight drop this morning, but still above the coverline.  Tomorrow if temps are still up I will still feel hopeful.  So hard waiting.  My DH is so laid back that I don't talk to him about my craziness because he will just say to wait, so much easier for men!  [url=http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/32d812/]My Ovulation Chart[/url] 

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I wish you luck today jessimaca.  om.gif

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Bel - So good to "see" you around!!!  hug2.gif  Hugs for all that you have been going through.  Just know I think of you often and am praying hard for a BFP in your near future.  


Andaluza - I was on Clomid for two months, and I'm 98% sure that it is the reason I got a BFP.  I did have an HSG two months before my BFP, so there's a chance that it helped too, but I still think the Clomid was the main reason.  Glad you are going to try the First Response digital OPKs - they really do take the guess work out of OPKs.  Good luck with them!


Cath - Good luck with the new school year!  And I'm really hoping AF isn't being sadistic, and that she's gone away for at least nine months!  Keep us posted.  


Ava's Mama - I'm hoping AF stays away for you, too!


Chap - All it takes is one time, so you may have done all you needed the day before O, or the day after.  Fingers crossed that it works out for you!  


Jess - Hope your U/S goes well!  



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Thanks for adding me, lilacvioletiris and I hope that the charting goes well despite sharing the room.


Catheleni, I recently heard an inspiring interview with educator Ron Clark (The end of molasses classes) the other day and felt energized listening to his ideas, even though it looks like your students would be quite different from his. I hope that you get a BFP or your cycle starts up!


Chapluqa, sorry that you ovulated sooner than you expected. It must feel great, though, to be so close to done with your thesis! 


Jessimaca, I'm thinking of you and hope the tests show that all is ok.


Ava's mama, I know how you feel. I did the same thing last month and felt so frustrated with bfns! My husband is also laid back about this, but he's not the one charting, researching, taking weird pills... He appreciates what I'm going through but his personality is happy-go-lucky.


Afm, this is the first morning that I forgot to temp before getting up, since I had to pee so badly, and when I ended up temping it seemed really high (I'm only cd6). Last night I may have caught a glimpse of a possible clomid side effect--one facial hair off to the side of my mouth. At first I thought it was an eyelash or eyebrow hair that had fallen, but gee, it was growing out of my face. jaw2.gifI have a tiny bit of very fine peach fuzz on my upper lip, but nothing like this. My skin has also gone totally crazy since I eliminated non-pregnancy friendly items, too, so none of this is helping my self esteem. 

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