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ps, thanks ValH (you must have posted when I was composing mine)!  I also had an hsg 2 months ago, so we'll see!  

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Hey everyone.  I'm lurking.  Just popped in to say that I hope everything went well today, Jessimaca.  praying.gif

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Back home from the first 2 days of professional development.  It was awesome.  Any of the other teacher ladies in this thread use 4MAT?  Tomorrow I leave to go to another 2.5 days of PD.  I will have to wait and see how useful the next set will be.


My temp seriously spiked yesterday, then dipped today.   I will have to wait and see what happens.  Haven't felt the sore boobs like I usually do by now, so maybe I am pregnant?


I feel sorry for my sister who took Clomid this month and was planning on IUI tomorrow.  The doctor said her follicles were not big enough, so it wasn't worth the extra month to do the IUI.  The doctor plans to up the dose of clomid next month.  My sister was bummed.

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hi guys,

hoping Jess is okay and that the cramping stopped.


Caly, good to see you.


Birdie, good to see you today, and Val, and Lilac, can't imagine what it'd be like to go to an awesome PD. It's been years since I've been to a good one.


Andaluza, everyone, how does a doctor decide to do an HSG as opposed to a SIS?  I've got an SIS scheduled.


I survived 2 days of kindergarten!  We're on our way, but the expectation isn't developmentally appropriate in tons of ways and we weren't given any materials and just basic insanity like that. angry.gif


AF showed up very early on CD30, the first day of school.  I feel absolutely un-pregnant-able and it's really sucking right now.




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Catheleni, what grade did you teach last year?  I can't remember.  Sorry AF showed up and on the first day of school, it will likely happen for me next week like that.  Totally not looking forward to having AF and teaching at the same time since AF kicks my butt and all I wanted to do was sleep last month.


My temp was stable this morning.  All the other months on this CD, the temps were all the same, so maybe this is a good thing.


Hope Jessimaca is okay.

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I also hope that jessimaca is doing well.


Catheleni, sorry about af. Hope the teaching gets smoother. As for the hsg vs sis, I don't even now what the sis is, but I hope yours goes well. My gyn ordered the hsg (and hubby's sa) because she wanted to make sure that the basics were functioning properly. It was uncomfortable, but the dr. performing it was very explicit about everything and explained what I was seeing. Even more than the sonogram I had a few years ago, it was a fascinating glimpse into my own body. I even discovered what the weird pea-sized bump was I could feel though the back of my vaginal cavity (calcified vein, nothing to worry about!).


I'm frustrated because I have had to throw out several temps lately, since I'm finding that for some reason I lie half-asleep in bed for a while before recalling that I need to temp. I think I need to set an alarm. But, my sleep pattern is kind of sucky because the nights I sleep lightly (most of them), the cat wakes me easily (she's ready for b-fast anytime after 2 am) and I always need to pee when I wake up to feed her. I fall asleep again right away, but I don't think it's very healthy (although good prep for motherhood). The trouble is that when we sleep with the door closed, kitty stresses out and it's even worse. 


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I taught Pre-k for the last 9 years in my public school system at the same school. New principal put me in K.

I have 23 students as of today and no asst.  Hmm.  Priorities.


An SIS is a saline type of HSG.  Unfortunately, I have it scheduled for a school day because there was no other available.  Need to change it, really.



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So Catheleni, do you at least have some of the same kids you had last year since they were "promoted to" Kindergarten?  I sure hope so.  At least knowing the kids makes my life better for the 4 out of 5 classes that I teach in the high school.  The 8th graders are also the unknown quantity, but since I am familiar with the makeup of most of the other kids, it is okay.


My back is killing me from sitting.  Have to do some back exercises to get things in place.

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yes i do! thank goodness! if you're going to move, looping is the kindest way to do it!


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A little update-- I went to the ER last Friday for the terrible cramps!  They drew my HCG which was 351 and told me to see someone Monday for another draw and an ultrasound.  Monday my HCG was 1248-- still not high enough for the ultrasound.  Yesterday had the ultrasound-- there is a little sac in my uterus!!!!  Yay!!!!  banana.gif But, the doctor did see 2 cysts on my right ovary and he couldn't visualize my left ovary (which is the side with more pain).  So, not sure what will happen with those?  Just have to patiently wait and see now...  Still having lots of cramps!  Anyone have any input on the cysts?


Thanks everyone for thinking of me grouphug.gif  It has been a rough week with very little sleep!

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OK stupid thing keeps deleting my post!

Jess: Yay for good hcg numbers and eggy all snug in there!! Boo for cysts, I don't have experience w/ them but there are loads of women discussing them on the forum (including those who have them while pregnant). Are they going to do another ultrasound to try and see the other side?

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Jessimaca, I'm sorry you're still in pain and hope that everything else goes smoothly. I don't have experience with cysts, but like Rambuzo says, there are probably a lot of people here that can give you some advice or commiserate.


AFM, today we start DTD and I check my ovulation stats according to my doc's orders for me while on a clomid cycle. I think I'll stick to yoga these days, although Sat is my day for a long run in the park, so maybe I'l do that but take it easier.


Happy Friday!

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Jess - I have had ovarian cysts before, but not while pregnant.  Mine cleared up on their own, I was just monitored with an ultrasound to make sure they did.  Yay for the good numbers and the sac!!! Good signs!  

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Thanks everyone!  It did sound like they would monitor the cysts and I am hoping that they will look at my other ovary!  I'll keep you gals posted!  Thanks for all the kind words smile.gif

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Jessica, I am glad they figured out what was going on.  Hopefully the cysts will subside and the baby continues to grow!

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Hi all-

I would love to add to this group.  I am 35.  TTC #2 since 5/10.  I have not been charting on line, but I am thinking about trying this Fertility Friend (is that what it is called?).  

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Welcome CA Country Girl, I added you to the list at the beginning of the thread.  I use FertilityFriend.com and love it just to keep track of when I am fertile and such.  I am 10 DPO and DH and I decided we will wait until Wednesday when FF says to test since we tried testing 10 DPO last month and it was negative.  My temp was really up for this time of month today.  Maybe I am pregnant?  I keep having creamy CM which is weird this time of month for me too.

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Thanks Lilac for adding me to the group.

I started charting on FF.  I have done it on paper for a few months.  I entered last month and this month.  Since I am only doing the free trial so far, I am not sure if my link to this months chart will come up, but I am going to try to put in this month and last month which seemed more typical for me.  I am optimistic about the egcm; I really don't get that much, but there is some definite change.  From the charts I have done so far it does look like I ovulate, but my timing seems to have been pretty good for a number of months and my husband's SA was normal, so I am not sure what is going on.  I have hormone tests scheduled for 3rd day of my next cycle.  Besides it looking like maybe a later O this month, I had the tiniest bit of pick spotting the day before and after (this morning) my temperature dip.  I am hoping that is a good sign.  Thanks Ladies.


This month:  http://www.fertilityfriend.com/ttc/index.php?d=2011-8-23


Last month:  http://www.fertilityfriend.com/ttc/index.php?d=2011-7-23

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