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Anyone else having outrageous dreams?
I keep having nightmares about not being able to handle the two kids I have. I took a nap this afternoon and dreamt that I was walking with the girls across this really bouncy wooden bridge (and trying to juggle a bicycle too - I haven't had a bicycle since I was 13) and the girls kept slipping off the bridge. We finally made it across and I called my husband sobbing that I needed help and he needed to come and rescue me. (also: being behind the wheel and totally unable to control my driving?!). Lol.
Subconscious anxiety much? Totally ruined my nap. :/

Aside from the nightmarish one where baby comes and we're not prepared (no diapers, won't latch), my dreams have just been dreams. But ya, REALLY vivid!



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My sleep has been awful and filled with crazy dreams. I have been nauseous pretty much from day one and today it has turned into a throw up after every time I eat kind of day:( My mom joked with me and asked if I thought it might be twins since I've been feeling so sick so soon. I said not funny.

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Anyone upset they don't really have morning sickness? I had really bad m/s with my daughter that was more like mild hyperemesis gravidarum. I'm 6+3 today and have had minimal nausea the past few days and only two episodes of dry heaving. I expected to be sicker by now, and afraid that means it's not going well.


On the other hand, I'm feeling a pretty strong connection to the embryo, my belly is swelling, my belly button is more shallow, I'm majorly emotional and peeing all the time, and losing my milk. Everything seems to be going fine other than the lack of barfing.

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Heck no! smile.gif. I'm happy that so far this pg is completely different from dd's--hopefully the rest of it will be too.
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This pregnancy is completely different so far. With DS I had no symptoms until week 5 (a whole week after my positive pregnancy test). Then I slowly started to get more and more nauseous throughout the day and had strong aversions to different foods. I was dizzy occasionally and had a couple headaches. With this pregnancy, I have been nauseous since before getting a positive test and have had really, really sore bbs, bad heartburn and dizziness. I have no appitite and every time I eat it is a struggle to keep the food down. I'm only 4wks5days today. What's up with the seriously intense symptoms?! 

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At this same point with DD I was puking 6+ times a day, had incredible sensitivity to smells, noise, movement, and tight clothing, reflux (for the 1st time ever), zero appetite.  Things didn't improve much at all with the meds Zofran and Phenergan.  So far with this pregnancy, I've pretty much lost my appetite had some nausea but no puking yet (dry heaves twice but was able to not puke--NEVER happened last time).  But in the 7 yrs between DD's pregnancy and now I've discovered a bunch of food intolerances and have eliminated those things I know I react to (wheat proteins including gluten/gliadin, all dairy proteins, almonds, cane sugar, and many other things) and added in digestive enzymes and probiotics.  I've tried to force myself to eat small bits of protein throughout the day, which is tough because I have no desire to eat it, but I think it really helps.  I also started 100 mg of vitamin B6 a day yesterday (and today) and I definitely notice a difference.  This makes sense to me because with a lot of the food/environmental sensitivities I've uncovered, I've felt I have a screwed up Phase II liver detox pathway, and extra B6 can help with that.  It makes me feel better that it's been researched to be completely safe during pregnancy and so far I can avoid the other meds (though I will definitely try pregnancy/nausea specific acupuncture before the meds this time).  I have a feeling that NVP can be for so many different reasons but the B6 may target my specific reason really well.  I'm hoping it holds out throughout the next few months.  With DD I was puking for the first 23 weeks.

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Thus far it's just a standard pregnancy thus far.  Fifth pregnancy, fifth baby... same thing... maybe another girl then?!  I feel slightly nauseated (like waves of yuck in my stomach) off and on but nothing to make me puke.  I feel like I need to keep my mouth closed, but don't really feel the need to throw up ;)  Food doesn't sound that great.   Sometimes things sound okay, so I try to eat those things, but usually haflway through it begins to turn my stomach.


It's interesting nursing a baby (17 months), starting up a new homeschooling year for a 4th, 2nd and Kindergartener and knowing I'm pregnant.  Whoa.  Life is crazy.  Our house suddenly seems small (currently we all sleep on the main level with the older three girls in one room -- one bunkbed, one twin -- and dh, dd4 and I sleep in our room!), our Suburban which seemed huge when we got it will soon be filled to capacity.. and.. wow... Life. Is. Crazy.


(and fun ;) )

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I haven't puked yet,AND I am super glad of it,  although I have been nauseated a lot.  I am trying to eat often so I don't throw up, I told Hubs I'd like to get through this pregnancy without puking. Like you Judy sometimes halfway through eating something I can no longer stand it, all of my meals have gotten much smaller. so I eat small meals every 2 hours. I feel like a scavenger animal since I am so often in the kitchen trying to find something that I think will agree with me. We had just gotten back from vacation (roadtrips in early pregnancy are not great) and there wasn't much food in the house, but today I stocked p on groceries and will be making some different stuff that I can just grab when the need hits, like whole wheat sweet potato biscuits and hard boiled eggs(although I need to borrow some eggs from the neighbor since we only have new eggs from our chickens...and I ate them yesterday), plus I'll make some bigger meals that will be in the fridge ready for me to grab some left overs...and I have my pregnancy stand by, cheerios. pretty much always tolerable to my nauseated self.


With my other 3 pregnancies I was constipated, this time it's the opposite. Smells are driving me batty I went in our post road trip car that hasn't yet been cleaned and almost lost it, came home from the grocery store and the kids popcorn was atrocious. My 2 1/2 year old decided to poop in her little potty instead of the big potty.


as for nipples, yup sore, and my 2 1/2 year old will hear nothing of limiting, when I try it just makes it worse.


and DREAMS- last week I slept HORRIBLY tossing, turning, nightmaring. Luckily that has subsided.



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greensad.gif Morning sickness has just started kicking in for me.16 I'm having trouble eating and getting sick at least once a day.16 I'm also exhausted but having trouble sleeping.16 Other than that I feel fine...well constipation, but that's a given with a retroflexed uterus...


I'm just hoping morning sickness goes at 12 weeks this time instead of ramping up into getting sick 8-10 times a day for the next 18 weeks like it did last time (fingers crossed).

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ITA with everyone who recommended Ina May's Guide to Childbirth! The visualization techniques in the birth stories were invaluable to me during DD's labor.


I'm 6+1 today and definitely feeling the nausea more strongly than my other pregnancies. It's more pervasive but less intense, KWIM? Eating lots and lots of protein and drinking an Odwalla Protein Monster when the nausea/aversions make me skip a meal. Tender nipples and my boobs have deflated from a DDD to a B; my 11mo nursling is unimpressed with the decrease in milk. Also getting the heebie-jeebies every night. Sleep walking/talking run in my family and I'm usually pretty tame but pregnancy puts it into overdrive. Even DD (cosleeping) is waking up after nursing and crawling into her side-carred crib to get away from me.


The only bizarre pregnancy symptom I've noticed is that DD's baby acne is coming back. Her skin doesn't seem to be liking the new hormones in my milk. She's turning 1 on the 22nd of this month and we're throwing her party the weekend before. DP's mom will be in town so we're planning to tell everyone the day after the party. No idea what kind of reactions we'll get since this will be #3 and if baby comes a few days early, we'll have 3 under 3 (DS turns 3 March 29 and I'm due April 4). I'm half expecting a dumb comment about messing up our "perfect" 1 boy and 1 girl ratio!


I've already decided this baby is going to be born Sunday, April 1st at 2:26am. My other 2 have already set a pattern of being born on the Sundays before their EDD's, DS at 2:24am and DD at 2:25am. There is a pattern to be upheld here!


Otherwise, we're just waiting so very impatiently for my divorce from XH (DS's father) to be finalized. It's been in the works for over 2 years now (ridiculous, there was literally nothing to fight over!) and sitting on the judge's desk waiting for a signature. Just wish all the paperwork ahead of mine would just hurry up and move out of the way or something! XH did sign the Consent to Adopt forms though and I have my unofficial copy so as long as he doesn't revoke it in the next few days (he gets 30 days to change his mind, we're on like day 16 right now), DP gets to go through with adopting DS once we're married. It's exciting to be both growing our family and sewing up the seams! 

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secondimpression, I was sure my 3rd daughter would be born 2.6 days after the new moon like both of my other daughters, my husband, and myself.  she was born at almost a full moon. patterns change. LOL.

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I just hope I DON'T have a pattern. With DD prodromal labor started at 36 weeks and I didn't have her until 42+3. I have, in fact, been pregnant forever. Which means I'm that really mean person who teases all my full term pregnant friends who are like "Only 5 days left" and I'm all "or it could be more than 2 weeks!" Usually I add a bwahaha too, because really, it's needed.


Watch, this one surprises me by coming out at 38 weeks.

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All my babies have been on the later side of the spectrum (41-42 weeks).  Three induced (yeah, before my hippie life took over full-force... at least with dd3 I had no pain meds... just some meds to get labor going.. ugh)... all inductions at or *just* before 42 weeks.  DD4 came at 41 weeks.  I don't even *begin* to think of birthing/babies/etc until 40 weeks..  Even at 40 weeks would be 'early' for me!!!  (but gosh... now that I've said all that... AND because I'm hoping for NO March baby, this baby will be my only early one... aaaaaaand of course have to be born in March... since three of my four girls already have March birthdays!)

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LOL at the PP's! I'll stick with my pattern though, it seems just as reasonable and likely to be accurate as an EDD!


DS was born at 38+6 and DD at 39+6, labor started naturally both times. I'm the only woman in my family to have even one baby before my EDD. Even among my X-IL's and current/future IL's, they *all* went sailing past their EDDs. I'm obviously a freak of nature worthy of a predictable pattern upsidedown.gif


It's Mommy Law!

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It's my first pregnancy and so far I have really no symptoms to speak of (at 6-8 weeks).  My nipples aren't sore and my boobs are the same size, I haven't gained or lost weight, I have had minimal cramping, no spotting, no nausea.  Vague food sensitivities and vague sensitivity to scents.  Emotional, but really, no more than usual and craving cheese, but let's face it, i'm always craving cheese.  


I'm not complaining in the least, but I have to admit, I do find it a little unsettling.  is something wrong?

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tarabelle, one of my dear friends birthed a perfect baby boy earlier this year after a pregnancy with ZERO symptoms except just ONE morning of exhaustion. So rest assured, healthy pregnancies CAN come symptom-free, it's just the lucky few who experience it. 

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