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New to Owensboro KY -- anyone nearby?

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We've just relocated to Owensboro KY from NKy (just outside of Cincinnati). I'm finally feeling "unpacked" and ready to settle in! In NKy, we had a great playgroup that met weekly, and my kids (DS 5 1/2 and DD 2 1/2) have been asking if we can go to playgroup here.help.gif If anyone is nearby, and would like to meet up at a park for a playdate, that would be AWESOME! Or if you know of any existing events or groups, please let me know.  (I did get the schedule for storytimes at the library, but we had a week full of appointments and missed them - hopefully next week will be "normal" and we'll make it over to DCPL at least once.)


TIA, mamas!


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I don't sign in here very often, but happened to be doing a search for Owensboro information and this popped up. I live in Owensboro and would be happy to help you. I homeschool our five boys (17, 12, 7, 4, 1.5) and I just started this blog, www.owensborohomeschool.com, which may help even if you don't homeschool. If you do, there is a support group, United Christian Home Schools. If you facebook, look up Natural Moms of Owensboro. Library story times are every Mon. and Thurs. from 10-10:30 a.m. There is a MOPS group that meets at Owensboro Christian Church. Here is another blog to check out: http://momsinthebigo.blogspot.com/.


Like I said, I don't sign in here often, so you can email me: raising5knights(at)gmail(dot)com.




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