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Theo is here!

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Hi Mamas - I didn't really start contributing to our DDC until the end but I wanted to share the arrival of our little babe.


Theo Elliot Francis was born on July 30th at 5:06am after 42 weeks and 2 days and 30+ hours of active labor and 5 hours of pushing. He weighed in at 8lbs and 10oz!


We ended up being a home birth transfer (which I'm still processing and very bummed about) for a combination of things including moderate meconium staining. Theo was also asynclitic and posterior which made for slow progress.


I labored and pushed for 4 hours at home before we decided it would be best to transfer to our local hospital. After we got to the hospital, I managed to push him out after an hour without any pain meds or pit. Theo needed a bit of help to get started - his first APGAR was only a 2. He spent his first few hours in the nursery due to getting some meconium in his lungs.


I'm sad I didn't get the peaceful home birth I had envisioned but I'm happy that I had a natural, unmedicated vaginal delivery and of course a healthy little babe.


We're all home and healthy now and in love with this sweet little man.


228869_10100190208023699_30809502_46179330_5437829_n.jpg  253372_10100190207759229_30809502_46179322_7619976_n.jpg







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Congrats- he's so chubby and beautiful!

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Veery cute. Nice work mama! Sounds like you were workin' hard! Congrats to you big time! heartbeat.gif

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Beautiful boy~sounds like you were amazing!

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Congratulations! He's handsome!

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Welcomes to another Theo ;)


Mine was born 7/14 at 8 lbs 11oz. Funny eh?

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He is really cute, congratulations and good work.

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Congrats! He is so beautiful and great job for holding out so many hours of pushing with no meds! it takes a strong woman!

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