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Water broke/in labor!

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I'll update in a bit, I'm still reeling!

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Oh, yay!  Best wishes for a beautiful birth, mama!   blowkiss.gif

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Okay, midwife said to go to bed.  I was packing my bag (I had nothing ready) and sent Hubby out to the store for things.  Now I'm having pretty uncomfortable ctx fairly closeish!  I am pretty sure I'm having this baby tonight!!!

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That's crazy! Good luck! 

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Good luck!

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Wow!  Congrats and best wishes tonight!

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Yay!  Sending you good labor vibes!

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Congratulations, I hope everything goes perfectly!

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joy.gif  ELVs mama!!!  Can't wait to hear more!! 

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YAY mama! Can't wait to hear an update!!!
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Called and said I was having 30 sec ctx 3-5 mins apt.  She still advised lying down so I don't use all my energy, but the ctx are too painful to handle lying on my side already!

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Wow!  joy.gifBest, best wishes on a good and healthy labor!  I'll be thinking of you (as I know we all will).  hug.gif  Take good care of yourself.

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Great news! Sending good labor vibes!goodvibes.gifgoodvibes.gifgoodvibes.gifgoodvibes.gif

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YAY!! Sending lots of positive labor vibes your way! Can't wait for an update joy.gif

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Congrats, how exciting! Hope you have a quick and easy labor!
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Alright! So, posting pretty pictures with boobs on MDC=having a baby! :D


I hope things go well, lady!!!

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wishing you strength and ease through labor! it must be very exciting to know you will be meeting your little one soon!

best of luck and looking forward to squishy pics of the babe!

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So exciting...baby is almost here! 

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Much strength and love to you mama!!  Will be thinking of you this evening.  Here's hoping that you're just another in our long string of beautiful, positive births!!!

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