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Water broke/in labor! - Page 2

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yay for you! happy, smooth birthing to you, mama! soon you will be holding your little one. joy.gif


now i can't live without your internet. ROTFLMAO.gif

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Oooh!! Good luck, can't wait to hear how it goes.

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Good luck!! I'm so excited for you!!

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Ooooh GC I hope you're holding your baby now!!!

Originally Posted by Beckily View Post

Alright! So, posting pretty pictures with boobs on MDC=having a baby! :D


I hope things go well, lady!!!

If that's what it takes lets start the boob picture thread!!  But not you, Becky!  Wait til Charlie flips!  


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Good luck!!! Can't wait to hear something!
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Woohoo!  I hope that by now you are holding that baby!

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So excited for you!  Can't wait to hear updates and see pictures!

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Yaaaaaaayy! Best wishes during your labor. Looking forward to seeing your brand new bebe!

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Wow!  I hope you are doing alright!!  Can't wait to hear!

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Yippy! Hope all is going well!

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Oooh! How exciting!

ELVs to you (unless you are holding your little one already!)!


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