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~~~~~~~~AUGUST 2011 INFERTILITY ONE THREAD! ~~~~~~~~~~~

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A monthly thread to talk about all of our various journeys through the difficult, trying, and often heartbreaking world of infertility. This thread is a place to chat, vent, get support, cheer each other on, and hopefully occasionally laugh!


Please let me know if there are any changes/updates to make.

Trying to Conceive #1

yoyonana (34) dh (31) TTC#1 since Oct 2009 after one year off OC pill. Going for 1st IUI next month

 RosieL (29) DH (30) TTC #1 for 8 cycles with abnormal sperm morphology (large heads). Day e, Day 21, and HSG tests were normal.


Monkeyscience  (27) and dh (25) TTC#1 w/ PCOS - going natural due to financial constraints... praying.gif praying for some ovulation!


LuluRoo (28) TTC#1 since March 2011 after taking a break from TTC for a little while!!! Doing what I can to prepare for our first medicated cycle March 29th, 2011


Renavoo  (34) TTC#1 for more than a year. Tests all "normal." Argh! Starting IVF this month.


Blueyezz4 TTC #1 (technically #4 - long story) since 2006; Moving on to our first FET after 5 failed IUI's and 1 IVF.  Hoping & praying for a miracle. Mother to our twins boys -lost at 22.5wks on 6-20-09 and another little IVF angel in heaven lost at 8wks!


deborahbgkelly (29) TTC #1 We are definitely moving on to a fertility clinic, Conceptions Reproductive Associates of Colorado where we will see Dr. Tiffany Von Wald. Our appointment is scheduled for July 28 so I think we will end up with one more full natural cycle beforehand. Continuing OPKs and charting. Fertility issues: Me- Endometriosis and Hypothyroid; Hubby- Very low count and low motility


On sixth month trying. Age 29. TTC #1.CD 10 today.


SimplyRochelle TTC #1 since May 2007; one loss at 12 weeks in September 2008; seeking holistic treatment and continuing naturally at this point; 2 failed clomid cycles; crappy insurance and limited financial resources while in nursing school keep us from going further but we'll get there one day

Silverbird TTC #1 with MFI and one ovary

fierrbug Tiara (33) DH (34) TTC #1 since 2001, 3 mc’s. Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (AGHD) which relates to other hormone/insulin/egg quality issues + some clotting properties. In limbo awaiting a miracle to get GH injections in conjunction with a future IUI

rhiandmoi TTC #1 since November 2008. Just starting to get tested to see what is going on



Trying To Conceive #2


Aprilmom  We are trying for #2 since July 2007 - first cycle of IVF


Wendlynnn TTC #2 since Sept. '09. Have a 3yr old DD and 3 losses in the last year (11weeks, 5wks, 6wks). Now I'm doing the dr run around - trying to find someone who will help me, test me, ANYTHING!


Gozal (32) trying for number 2+ since 2009. Finally diagnosed with 5mm prolactinoma after extended breastfeeding and started cabergoline 2/11. PRL levels normal 4/11, trying a cycle with hcg trigger and then clomid + trigger


Lydiah Lidia (29) DH (28)....TTC #2 since October 2009 while handling my symptoms of Crohn's Disease with Remicade since March 2010. Have had 4 early losses, though those were while healthy. Going to a specialist in July 2011!!


Hope4light unofficially TTC#2.  Severe MFI, only option is IVF w/ICSI.  Down to 2 options for a new RE (we moved), and getting ready to have consults with them and decide where to go

Jenger TTC#2 since August 2009, diagnosed with mild hypothyroidism in August 2010

tryingfortwo TTC#2 since Nov 2008. Unexplained secondary infertility, hoping that a naturopath can figure out what's going on and recommend something that will help us get PG!


Wallabi Sara, mama to a fabulous four year old who came home at age two and a half, fighting primary infertility on and off since 2002 with endo and gluten troubles - one year gluten free! - hoping 2011 will see me pregnant!


Gale (29) TTC#2 for 20 months. Have had the complete IF work-up and HSG and DH has had SA - everything checked out just fine. We have done 3 rounds of 50mg Clomid and had first iui on November 29th


CassnBeth TTC#2 for us since August 2010...TTC#1 for me for 2 years. Suffering from PCOS and remembering 4 early losses!

mindfulmomma TTC#2 since April 2009. Unexplained Secondary Infertility. Had HSG, bloodwork and Clomid challenge so far



Trying To Conceive #3

zanelee TTC#3 for almost 5 years now. Secondary IF due to cervical cancer surgery. Had extensive endo removed and cervix manually dialated (so dh's boys could get in!) in late fall of 2010, and now trying on our own for a few months. Can't decided whether or not to start clomid. Praying for a miracle!


Brichole1214 Brandy (27) DH (31) taking a break in between our little precious bundle who came to us December 6th, 2010.  Planning on starting out TTC venture again in Septmeber 2011 since it took us 31 months to get pregnant with her and technically took me 5 years of off and on TTC to finally get pregnant.  I don't wanna wait too long!!!!  http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/158654




Trying To Conceive #4

MoOnFiReGlOw TTC #4 since April '09. Had MFI due to medications. Now off meds for 1 month and hoping to get a bfp here soon



Those TTC who have not posted a Blurb










Taking a Break





Not Trying, Not Preventing


(May everyone who passes through this thread find her way to this section!)

Tantylynn, Kaydove, Brichole1214, Sweet.Bee, Lega, NishaG, Kewpie80, Tear78, ValH, Lesliesara63, no5no5, Minkajane, EastbayK, Grapesbunch, thtr4me, alexaskj, trumpcard, poetgirl, ann_of_loxley




Missing In Action

First Shot Photo







Victorian Patch




PLEASE let the thread keeper know if there is anything you would like to add/delete/change in your synopsis above. Bolding requests is appreciated! love.gif

Weekend Wrap-Up
TTC #:
DPO (if applicable):
Trying Since:
Plan for this Cycle:
Link to Chart (if applicable):


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here's our August thread!!! Sorry it's a few days late!



I feel bad that i've been MIA a lot lately but i've been trying to cope with the loss we just had.  I've stopped bleeding and now just waiting for the next cycle to come so that we can offically start trying again.  I'm so excited on the thought that we are going to TTC #3...though I have a feeling it's going to be a long road with keeping DH in the mind set of wanting another one.  He's so wishie washie about it and it's driving me crazy!  I've been a lot of soul searching and I think that though i'm excited that i've been approved to have my breast reduction done i think i want to wait until we have had our third child and i'm done with the baby making before I actually go thru with the surgery.  Plus DH is being selfish and really doesn't want me to get ride of them anytime soon!!!  We'll see who wins that battle lol.


I hope that everyone has been doing well.  I'm happy to see that Gozal is back and will get to start a new cycle soon!! I think we will both be starting our new cycle around the same time. YAY i like having cycle buddies lol. 


Renavoo:  I hope that your ER went well!! I am hoping that since my trainee will be going to her own shift soon I will actually be able to keep up with everything that is going on lol.  I also hope that you are able to concieve with the first round of IVF...that would be AWESOME!!! I know that i'm WAY down here in Alabama but i've been thinking about you all of the time.



Which BTW i've been thinking about everyone a lot lately.  It just makes me sad that all of us have to even come to this forum...but i'm sooooo happy that we have each other to lean on and to talk to during these difficult times.  I hope that everyone is able to graduate from this thread as soon as possible!!!


Maybe this month is clam down some so that all of us are able to get on here and check in a little more often than we've been able to lately.  This summer has just been crazy and slow for us and I would love for us to get back on track of talking more.  Even if it's a little off topic...we need distractions more than anything some times. 


G/L to anyone who has any appointments anytime soon and RENAVOO i hope that you are able to get the heck out of that hotel room soon and get to growing a baby!!!!  :) 

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Brichole, I'm thinking of you too!! I hope you're enjoying some much needed rest and time with the family. Big hugs!


I'll post more later. I am going to visit my cousin and his new baby now!




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Hii everyone! Brichole, how are you feeling? Thank you for starting this thread!

I still can't believe it is August already. Is it me or does time just fly? Maybe it is because we all look forward to the 2ww passing really quickly! I'm sad though because I feel like summer is all but over. I do love fall though. Lots of photography subjects redface.gif) treehugger.gif

So not too much going on with me. It seems like such a waiting game! I'm still recovering from the embryo retrievals and still feel bloated but generally,, I feel ok. I had 23 mature follicles retrieved (I think they were a little surprised that all the follicles were mature) and 11 fertilized. I was a little sad at the number because I was sad to lose so many embies but the nurse seemed to think that is was a good number to end up with. I just got the call earlier that all 11 continue to do well so I am going in for a 5day transfer (Wednesday). Hopefully, everything continues to go well! It is so nerve wracking! I though I would feel better after retrieval because I was worrying that my body doing something bad to the follicles and the eggs but now, I feel just as stressed as the embryos are trying to survive. This whole thing is a waiting game!! Oh well.

So, how is everyone else? Hugs to everyone!
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Brichole,thanks for visiting me in the IVF thread! It was great to see you on there!! joy.gif
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Renavoo - Grow, little embies! How exciting! And stressful, no doubt. Keep us posted, I'm thinking of you!


Brichole - I can't wait for us to be cycle buddies and hopefully we can soon put our losses in the past and focus on a beautiful little future instead! Take good care of yourself, okay? I hope you feel better and find some peace soon.

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Hello - can you add me?  We are trying for #2 since July 2007 - first cycle of IVF


Weekend Wrap-Up
Name: Lynne
Age: 32
TTC #: 2
CD: we are doing IVF so not sure - I started stimms last night
DPO (if applicable):
Testing: Early Sept
Trying Since: July 2007
Plan for this Cycle:  We are having ER late next week
Link to Chart (if applicable):
Thoughts: Hello - I have not been on this thread in several years but we are back and trying IVF this time... I am scared and excited!!

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dust.gif still lurking Sheepish.gif

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Hi Brichole, 


Thanks for starting the thread. I have officially been diagnosed with Hashiimoto's disease (thyroid antibodies; cause for hypothyroid) which can be a concern for carrying a baby to term. At the point of conception they would give me a low dose of prednisone in an attempt to keep me from miscarrying. I am waiting for AF to start so I can get day 3 testing done. DH is having another SA done on Thursday.

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April, Welcome!!! Glad to see you on this thread! The ladies here are wonderful and amazing to talk with. :o) I know you'll seek the extra support you need!


Deborah, I'm so sorry about the diagnosis. I mean, it's good that you know so they can put you on preventative measures when you get pregnant but it's not like you need something else to stress about :o( I hope that the testing goes well and you and DH get started on making a beautiful baby!


Gozal and Brichole, HI! Just wanted to say hi :o)


Tantylynn, let us know how everything is going!!!! How are you feeling?

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Thanks Renavoo.

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Hi ladies!

Embryo transfer done and I am home! Transfer went well but I'm sad because I had only 5 embies this morning, down from 11. We transferred 2. One was graded 1BA and the other was graded 2AB. The worst thing is that clinics use different grading systems but the doctor said that the embryos were good quality and I have a 50-60% of getting pregnant. What an odd thing though. I expected to have a doctor and nurse there during the transfer. Instead, we had the doctor, 2 nurses AND the embryologist there. That was quite embarrassing. ;o) then DH drove us home- 4.5 hours! But now I'm so happy to be home! joy.gif

The clinic was hilarious! Not only was the doctor joking around a lot, he also gave us an ultrasound image of the catheter being entered into my "gorgeous" uterus (his words). He called the catheter the stork. Anyway, they also gave us a photo of our embies. One looked like it was hatching so DH and I decided to name it Hatcheroo. The other was a slow grower so we named it Phoenix. Haha. He said that we have a 25-30% chance of twinning so I'm not expecting that to happen.

Anyway, DH has been running around like crazy because I have been relegated to bed rest. So, he is unpacking and stuff and I'm feeling guilty. Oh well, I will get over it. ;o) blood test isn't until august 23rd because they wait 13 days post transfer. So much waiting! Friday, we will find out if the other three embryos could be frozen.

Hope everyone is doing well!
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That sounds harrowing, but wonderful all at the same time.

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Renavoo, you sound so CALM. You are amazing! I am certain that your positive outlook can only help Hatcheroo and Phoenix settle right in - and I simply cannot find the words to tell you how much I hope that happens. I'm going to be sending lots of extra hopeful thoughts over to you out there. So glad you got through the protocol okay and YES, no guilt over resting. Resting is important!


Deborahbgkelly, I'm so sorry to hear that you confirmed the diagnosis when you are working through so much already - but I hope it's at least a relief to have that knowledge. It sounds like you have a great team standing by to help you have a healthy pregnancy. What is the next step for you?


Tantylynn, you better still be lurking - let us know how you're doing!!


Aprilmom, welcome. I hope you find lots of support here - everyone is wonderful and I'm sure you will! ER next week - that's exciting!


AFM, I am starting to get antsy. I really only have 2-3 weeks left to go before we can start ttc again but suddenly it's dragging so much. I think it will feel easier after I o, which should be any day now. It's the last egg I have to waste waiting for the mtx to get out of my system. I really should schedule an MRI before I start the next cycle to check on my tumor...and I think I'll be getting an HSG around CD10 next cycle too. For some reason I've been dragging my feet scheduling them. I think it will feel good to be doing these things to get ready, but it's also hard to do pro-baby things when I can't even try. I'm also a little afraid that somehow the doctor is going to take the next cycle away from me too, now that we know that my cycles resumed at 4 weeks after m/c and not 6. Honestly, we are not going to prevent next cycle regardless of the advice. If I get pregnant, which is unlikely anyway, it will be so close to the mtx deadline if not over it that we feel find about it, once the doctor okayed it in July. But it would be nice to get confirmation that it's fine to go ahead.

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Aprilmom: Welcome!  I added you to our list and I'm so sorry that you are having to even be here...but we are all here to talk whenever you need us.  I just might be a little slow at responding some days lol.


Gozal and Renavoo and Deborah:  HI LADIES!!! I'm sorry that i've been mia...this loss really got me down a lot more than i thought it would.  I'm just trying to stay busy and not look at the calander lately lol.  I know that my next cycle is just around the corner and then I'll be ACTUALLY trying.  I've really gotta get a hold on my temping but i decided since we weren't even trying this month that I would take a month off of temping. 


Gozal: I really can't wait for your next cycle to be here because we should be right around each other like i had said before and I agree that it would be WONDERFUL for us to be cycle buddies!!! I think it would be nice to be able to be in a DDC together.  I really hope that you get the OK to go ahead with the next cycle and won't have to sit out another one....


Renavoo:  YAY for your two embies. I hope that the other 3 were able to be frozen just in case but I have a good feeling about you being prenant this time.  Even if only one makes it...that will be a joyful occasion to see you post a BFP!!!  What do you think you are going to do to try to pass the time while you have to wait until the 23rd?  I would be going crazy!!!  Please take care of yourself and your little ones growing!!! (and so happy you had a "GORGEOUS" uterus lol.  That is too cute!!! At least your doctor was doing whatever he could to make the day less stressful for you and humor is a great way to do that!!


Deborah:  I pray that they will be able to give you medications to help you care a baby with your thyroid problem that you were diagnosed with.  I know that it's disheartening but if i could share something from my personal life that might enourage you...My SIL (my brother's wife) had thyroid issues while she was pregnant with all three of her kids....and she carried all of her babies to full term and had 2 of them naturally in the hospital (the doctor didn't even make it for my nephew to be born...he walked in as the nurse was handing my brother a glove to catch him).  She was a bit more sick with her last two children than she was with her first but she did carry to term.  There are so many things out there that can be used during pregnancy that couldn't even be thought of being used back when I had DD#1 (almost 8 years ago).  I am praying for you and your DH and I know that things will work out...i just know it.


Tantylynn:  So happy to see you lurking!!! I hope that your little one is treating you well!!! Please keep us updated!! I am SOOOOOO super excited for you!!!



AFM: Still sitting and waiting for my next cycle to show up. Which i have NO idea when that will be.  They have been getting longer though so maybe this one will actually last 28 days.  I was so sick of having them every 18 to 21 days...that is just for the birds!! ANYWAYS, DH is still sitting on the fence about us even having another baby...and I just can't help but think that our deadline of me being done having babies by the time i'm 30 is slowly creeping up.  I'll be 28 in Febrary this coming year which means I don't really have too much more time left.  I know that people would call me crazy but by the time that i'm 30 DH will be turning 35 and he told me that he doesn't want to have babies when he's too much older.  I think it's a guy thing sometimes.  He's still been threatening me with having a vasectomy done and i'm still not happy about that one either.  I just think that he needs to think about the fact that yes, we aren't promised a son the third time i have a baby(his second child) but i would at least like to be given the chance to TRY!!! I want a little boy so bad I can taste it and there is something inside of me that tells me that I'm supposed to have a little boy....I just don't get why DH isn't so happy about the thought of it.  I know that Emma has been working his nerves a lot lately...but she's trying to cut teeth and that just don't make her a very happy camper...nor does it make mommy and daddy happy.  She hasn't been sleeping good because of the pain, and most days lately she's just wanted me and it's been killing him because since day one she's been a daddy's girl.  Especially when I had to go back to work right at 6 weeks PP.  I also know that DH is worried about the money thing, but honestly Emma has been advancing so fast lately I have a feeling that she will be potty learned if not close to it. She is 8 months old and has been crawling and pulling up on things since she was 7 months old.  We have a friend who's son just turned 10 months old and he is JUST NOW learning how to pull up on things.  She's also been saying DADA.  I just don't want him to give up on my dream!!!



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Gozal - I know it's just a personal anecdote, but my mom's youngest sister was conceived while my grandma was taking methotrexate for her arthritis. I'm not sure how long she continued on it before she found out she was pregnant, but she came out just fine!


Good luck to all of you who are trying various procedures! dust.gif to all of us! (We're still working on getting a free baby for now!)

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Monkeyscience:  It's good to see you.  I think about you all of the time.  I hope that you get your "free" baby soon!  I know that the financial burden that those of us who suffer IF can be.  I know that if we have to go the medication route again I'm probably going to freak out! 


I go back for my yearly "check up" in January which is what, 5 months away.  When I go see the doctor i'm going to let him know that we are TTC again and see if he thinks we will be able to do it on our own this time or if we will need help again.  I hope that we can just see him and maybe clomid would work for me this time.  I took it for 6 months last time we started TTC and it NEVER helped! I have a new job this time so I don't know what if anything would be covered under my insurance this time.  My medications were covered last time. I just wish ALABAMA would get on the ball and understand that IF is a BIG issue out there and that insurance should cover the majority of the problems that we women face.  When weight loss and diet didn't help me I knew something was going to have to be done the first time. I'm doing what I can to get in the best shape i've been in a while to maybe up our chances of not having to wait so long next time because we had to try on our own for a full year before they would put me on Clomid. Then I had to try clomid from February 2009 until November 2009 when we finally got to get in to see the RE.  It only took us from November 2009 to March 2010 to get pregnant but that's 4 months.  SOOOOOOOOOOOOO i'm just worried that's all.... sorry lol i have a lot of random thoughts running thru my head today!

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Hello, I'd like to join in.  I've been trying to read as many of the more recent posts as I can, to get caught up and see where everyone is at, but there is a lot to read and I am having a hard time keeping everything straight right now. I'll jump right in and pose a couple of questions, because maybe I can't focus on too much right now because I don't have any clarity about what our next steps should be-- and I'll acquaint myself with each of you a little later for sure.


First thing is, I had an HSG this morning as part of my fertility work-up this time around (I've had a diagnosis of Unexplained Infertility hanging over me for the last several years, from my first marriage-- so I've been through a bunch of diagnostics and had treatments before now).  With the other 2 HSGs I had, the most recent one being just 2 years ago, it wasn't showing any blockages or anything, and the only thing that came up was that my tube on the right side was going into spasm, so the dye had some resistance but still came out.  This morning, however, no dye at all made it through that side-- the doc said it was 'likely' going into spasm.  Has this happened to others?  I mean, I don't know of anything in the last two years that would cause me to have a blocked tube now. 


The other thing, and more pressing all-around and more anxiety-producing, is that my fertility doc is concerned about my previous diagnosis but even more so, my age.  I will be 42 in just 4 months.  Yikes.  My DH and I know that we are very blessed to have conceived my DS, who just turned 1 last week, from Clomid/IUI.  But... he is still nursing quite a bit.  And my doc says that our best chance of having another baby is to get going on this very soon-- I've had 7 PPAF so far, but no bfp (which I'm quite a bit okay with, since it has given me that much more time for my body to recover from pregnancy and childbirth, and to give my son unlimited milk supply, etc. but now...).  To give us the best chance, she is suggesting IUI with all the 'big' drugs, or go straight to IVF where though it is very costly, the chances for a bfp are so much greater.  I'm pretty ready to go for it, probably IVF... except... *tears* it means child-led/natural weaning is not possible.  I would have to get started on gentley-encouraged weaning.  I'm so torn.  In some  ways it feels like I'm being selfish to want another baby and do the weaning, and what would be hard would be having him weaned and not getting a bfp after all that.  (I even feel selfish for having one baby and wanting another, because I remember so clearly how it was when I first started this ttc journey and had to face the idea of not being able to conceive one child).  But then, I think to myself that I'm wanting him to have a sibling down the road, and that we need to do this for that to even have the possibity of occuring.  To add to the difficulty of making any decision, my mom has said to me that I should be thankful that I have one child, and that I should focus on loving him and caring for him.  I AM so very, very thankful for having him... and I do love him and care for him with all that I can be and do...I know she is trying to make me feel better, but...   Can anybody share their experiences with this--needing to wean in order to commence fertility treatments? 

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Hi Ladies!

Gozal, considering the grace and calmness with which you handle everything, i take your comment about me being calm as a huge compliment!! I actually do feel really calm about everything so far. I mean, it is only 2dpt so give me time :o) But at this time, I'm just thinking that I basically have no control over anything besides just taking the best care of myself i can. haha although I still like eating my junk food eyesroll.gif


I can't wait for you to be able to be free to TTC again! You know what they say about the last 5 pounds? I feel like the final few weeks is also the hardest when TTC! But it will come and we will be here for you!


Brichole, don't apologize! it must be so difficult for you. Don't forget to vent here anytime!!! Wow, I didn't realize that your DH wasn't gungho about having another baby. I am so with you though. I would ideally love to have a boy and a girl and will probably end up trying until I get one of each at least! Emma is growing so quickly!! I can't believe that she can already pull herself up and that she can say Dada!!! That is amazing! I bet you're going to be really happy when she's potty trained too :) My friend's baby is a year old and I don't think he's potty trained yet!! For some reason, I have a feeling that you're going to get pregnant naturally...I think it's because you were able to do so relatively easily this time. Maybe, next time you get pregnant, you ask the doctor for progesterone, since you seem to suffer from a shorter luteal phase?


MonkeyScience, Yah to free baby! thumb.gif


Welcome TenzinsMama! Sorry about the hsg results. I wish I could help but my hsg results were good. In terms of age, I know that my RE mentioned that after 40, they tend to refer patients to IVF just because time is such an issue. However, since you got a BFP not too long ago, perhaps you would be a good candidate for less invasive treatments. What did your day 3 bloodwork look like? How is your FSH level? Did you do an antral follicle count? If those look good, then perhaps it would be a good idea to do a couple of cycles of medicated IUIs or whatever. No idea about the weaning but I think that it's a hard choice for you to make but one that needs to be made relatively soon. Sorry :o(


AFM, I found out that my three embies froze! According to the nurse, 2 were graded as "excellent As" and 1 was an "excellent B". i have no idea what that grading means (but i'm going to google it, of course!) but that's really exciting so I don't have to start a fresh cycle if this one doesn't work out. :oD Yah! So anyway, I'm in a booooring part of the cycle now. Still waiting until my test on 8/23. Although, i know most clinics have people test around 14 days after egg retrieval instead of 13 days post transfer. So maybe I will POAS sometime the weekend before the blood test. I don't know...haven't decided yet. Just trying to keep my mind off it. haha fat chance of that happening! but I've been on vacation so it's been wonderful!






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Renavoo, yah, I guess I will just have to wait and see what our doc says about the HSG.  At the beginning of ttcing with my DH back in 2009, my FSH level was 11.  Apparently, at my age, this should be 10 or under for ideal 'conditions'.  It's not that much over, but it sure was a concern when our doc talked about me going into menopause earlier than other women my age, etc.  The good news is that my antral follicle count at that time was great, as it is now with the pelvic u/s I recently had.  I just had Day 3 bloodwork done to measure FSH, LH, etc. so I don't know what the numbers are yet, but when I brought up having a higher than ideal FSH level, our doc said not to worry about it because of the antral follicle count. It will be interesting to see what she says when we go back in 2 weeks time, when all the results are in.  Maybe at that time, the only thing she might be advising us to do is IVF, which would help us in making our decision that much easier.  Well, as 'easy' as decisions around all this can be.  Thanks for the kind words about weaning; it makes me feel better even just knowing that someone else out there understands the anxiety I feel over the urgency of deciding about it, that someone else understands that yes indeed it needs to be decided upon soon.  I don't know how long it will take/easy it will be, so I have no idea when we should put ourselves on the waiting list, whether it is IUI or IVF. (No waitlist for Clomid/IUI, but I believe there might be for Superovulation IUI, and I do know that IVF is about 3 months, give or take a month on either side of that.  I know that at one point it was 6 months, but I think that was before they got more doctors on staff.)  I just find it hard sitting here in what feels like a state of suspension...


Sounds like good news for you with where you are at in the process.  And you seem really calm about it-- sounds like being on vacation is a good thing.  I'll be crossing everything for you so that you get your bfp!  Overall, how has the process been?  Did you have a hard time with any of the meds you had to take?

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