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Here is the stuff I read about left/right ovary patterns: this study summary on PubMed and this blog post (by science writer Jenna Pincott) about right ovary dominance. (I found it because the three months I was monitored before my EP I always ovulated from the right ovary and wanted to find out what could be going on with that. I suspected my right ovary was dominant before that due to o pain I've had all my life.) What do you guys think? I know for a near-fact that DS came from my right ovary. smile.gif Sort of weird to think of it like that, but hey, biology.


Fingers crossed so insanely hard for you, Monkey!

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gozal - That is so interesting! I know my biggest follicle on our one medicated cycle was on my right side. And if that was any indication, I get ovarian pain more often on my right side than my left. Actually, I've got some twinging down there right now, which I'm really hoping is my corpus luteum pumping out lots of progesterone! But I've had this exact same type of pain in the same location when I'm definitely not ovulating, so I'm not sure. Could be the PCOS, though. And thanks for the fingers... don't let them go numb on you! About 13 more hours till I test again...

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Gozal, that is so neat!! I guess it's especially important for people who have blockages on one side...this way they can predict which cycle will be their best shot. I wonder what I am? I think I tend to have more on my left side although my right side tingles more but now I want to go back through my records to see :o) haha


MonkeyScience, how did it go? FINGERS CROSSED FOR A BFP. but even if you don't get it today, it's early yet!!!


AFM, getting some symptoms: fatigue (extreme), some nausea, bloatedness, cramps and pulling, especially on my right side, fuller bbs (not bigger- just heavier, if that makes sense) with on and off pain and sensitivity. ALL of which I get normally, except for maybe the fatigue so they don't mean anything.


I'm debating about whether to test tomorrow or Sunday. DH prefers I not test until Beta on the 23rd but I convinced him that it's better to be prepared in case I'm going to get bad news on Tuesday in the office! So he wants me to test on Sunday so I have a good Sat. But I am feeling a little anxious and I've been so patient so far! :) hehe Anyway, What do you ladies think? Sat or Sunday testing?



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BFN. And a temp drop. No free baby for us.

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Sorry MonkeyScience...but are you sure you're out? What about a temperature dip associated with implantation? Maybe you just implanted later? As everyone says...you're not out until AF comes!!


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This is exactly what happened the last time I didn't get pregnant. Significant temp drop, BFN, AF the next day. Plus I'm feeling crampy. I will die of shock if AF doesn't show tomorrow. I'm still rooting for you, though, renavoo! I want you to test tomorrow, but that's for me, not for you, so don't put much stock in that advice! I am desperately hoping that my body will decide that this ovulation business is fun and try it again soon. But past history is not positive in that direction. :(

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Monkeyscience: BIG HUGS!!!!  I'm so sorry that this wasn't your month!!! I was sooooo pulling for that "free baby"!!!  What is your plane for next cycle? 


Renavoo:  I'm with Monkeyscience on the testing!!! I know that i'm being selfish lol...but I was SUPER exhausted when I got pregnant with Emma.  That and being dizzy non-stop were the two reasons i even decided to test at 10dp trigger.  I PRAY that your little ones have implanted nicely and are growing with super baby strength!!!  Please keep us posted!! (and if you don't give in and test i'm really looking forward to hear your news from the blood test on the 23rd!!!) 


Gozal:  I'm super happy that you got good news!!! I hope that your cycle gets here soon...that way you can move on to another BFP and sending out early sticky vibes for next baby!!!


deborah: I am thinking about you and your DH!!! I hope that you are able to be carrying a little bean very soon!!!! 


AFM:   I'm trying to finish catching up from the past couple of days.  I hate getting behind but at least this thread moves slower than most.  I've started spotting as of this morning so AF should be here full force by the end of the weekend!  I usually do 3-4 days of spotting then the witch shows up.  I'm not really upset that she's on her way though because that means my body decided to keep moving on after our MC.  I'm still very lost in the fact that DH still isn't 100% on board of us having another baby...which really breaks my heart.  We talked the other night and DH was actually the one who brought up the conversation.  He is perfectly happy with just having 2 LOs and maybe i'm just being selfish...but I have this feeling deep down inside me that I'm not finished having babies.  Maybe i'm just a crazy woman....but I just feel like i am supposed to have at least one more baby.  I wish that I had a better track record for giving birth....seeing as i've had 2 sections...or i would just keep having babies if my body would let me.


I'm so thinking that September needs to be my month and anyone else's month who isn't already pregnant this month!!! (i'm soooooooooooo praying for you RENAVOO!!!)  And i'm really thinking that we need some more graduates thru our gates!!!

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Monkey, hug2.gifI'm so sorry. I'm not giving up hope but I'm sorry you're down. If it turns out that AF comes tomorrow, then I'm going to put all my energy into hoping that you have another natural cycle and another chance at a "free baby" :o)


Brichole, I'm sorry you feel like you need to justify having another child to your DH. It's really not fair. We're supposed to live our lives with no regrets so if you feel like you'll regret not having another child, that means that it has to be! And with that beautiful new house, you all deserve another addition to your family!


Here's hoping for a lot of BFPs in September!! :o)


AFM, I just can't wait to find out what is going on! I was reading another thread where women were getting BFNs everywhere and that has me so depressed though. I've got to stop reading them! :o)

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Oh great. Having spotting now. Only saw when I wiped (pink) and was pushing because constipated (sorry, tmi) but just went to put in my progesterone suppository and saw some blood. It was brownish so I guess it should be ok but now I'm worried. I haven't even tested yet!!
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Bfn on Internet cheapie. 10 days post 5 day transfer so I'm pretty sure this is it. Oh well, on to a FET. Bummed out!
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Renavoo:  HUGS!!! Please don't get too down...you're not completely out yet.  I'm still pulling for you!!! Give it a little bit longer...I'm not 100% convenced that you're thru yet...I guess because I had the same kind of bleeding when I got pregnant with Emma and it was just where there was a "clot" that was between my uterus and the placenta.  It went away by the time I had my 4th u/s at 20 weeks.  I really really really hope it's just your little ones burrowing in deeper!!!!

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renavoo - Nooooooo! I wanted one of us to be pregnant, at least! hug2.gif I will hold out hope for you like you did for me - it's not over till AF. Which I got this morning, as predicted, so I'm definitely out. But you could still have a bean in there! And if not... well, you do have a plan for moving forward.

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hey Brichole and Monkey, thank you so much. You guys are amazing and I really feel so much better having you guys to vent to. You know, I guess i think of it like this...most people need multiple cycles of IVF and this is why we invested in this plan so hopefully, everything will turn out ok. Once the BFN is confirmed, I'm moving on to a FET...I'm so grateful that I have 3 embies that froze. hopefully, these embies will be able to be used to give me my BFP! If that doesn't work out, then I'm once again going to do another fresh cycle...hey, I have 5 more tries to get our little baby. You know what gets me the most worried? It's that I've NEVER gotten pregnant before. Not even a chemical pregnancy. In the 1.5 years of trying. Is that normal? Does it mean that I can't ever get pregnant? Maybe something is wrong with my lining!! It's just that I feel like I have so many questions and i'll never get any answers!



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renavoo - I totally understand that worry about never having gotten pregnant. I know I haven't been trying quite as long, and that most of the time we've been trying pregnancy would have been biologically impossible, but I still worry. Why haven't I gotten pregnant these two times? I'm starting to worry maybe my luteal phase is too short. Hopefully both of us are having unfounded worries, and will soon have pregnancies to prove it!

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Yeah, Monkey!! Let's keep our fingers crossed for that!!



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Good morning ladies!! Just wanna say that I hope that everyone is having a good weekend.  I know that the thought of AF showing her ugly face is not fun but looks like if she shows up within the next couple of days we will all be cycle buddies.  I know that it would be MUCH better if BFPs were actually in the mix instead of AF but I like knowing that I have someone to go thru my HORRIBLE 4 to 5 weeks of trying alone!!! I'm still just spotting which i hope turns into AF VERY soon because i'm tired of waiting around. Though my cycles are starting to actually get longer which is nice.  I hope that I'm finally able to start temping on a normal basis since my 3am coming in to work should be cut down to maybe NOT AT ALL any more YAY!!! My trainiee ended up not getting fired but quiting this past week.  The only reason i'm upset is because she didn't even have the guts to call, text, or email me before she decided to do it.  I was caught completely off guard and it really makes me mad...like the past 2 months of my life was worthless to her.  I hate feeling like i have wasted my time on someone who doesn't appreciate my efforts.  Especially since she is a single mom of 2....i thought for real she would need the job.  I do wish her well though, but if she EVER tries to talk to me again I'm more than likely not going to even give her the time of day.  I know that sounds childish but i have nothing to say to her at all!!!!




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Brichole, you are WAY nicer than I would be... I would really not even be able to be civil to the woman! I mean, where is the respect! It is just ridiculous! I I can't wait for you to have a more normal work schedule, by the way. I know that it took so much out of you and I hope you get a more stable schedule soon!!

As much as I would love a BFP this month, if I had to go on, I hope that your schedule and mine sync up a bit! It would be nice to be cycle buddies. I test on tuesday and I hope that I can get my period fairly soon after I stop the endometrin! Then I just want to get started on preparing for the FET. DH and I are still fairly depressed but we are happy that we signed p for this program so that our FET and future cycles are free, if needed. Although the drugs really are expensive too! DH and I will have a great tax return, I think. Haha. Anyway, I hope everyone's weekend went well...I can't believe that it is already Sunday night! Threatening clouds in NYC today so it is going to be a stormy evening!

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AF decided to be rather awful. Pretty serious cramps Friday night, most of Saturday, and some of Sunday. And dh ended up having to work all day Saturday. greensad.gif I have done a lot of crying, and I will probably cry a little more, but I'm working through things. And, despite the mess, dh did decide Sunday that just snuggling me wasn't enough. whistling.gif


Now just trying to figure out how to fight the speeding ticket I got last week. According to the state statutes, the fine should only be $20, but I've got to believe they've been revised to make that higher, because that sounds ridiculous. And the fine isn't the point so much as I don't want it on my record, and I think the ticket is ridiculous anyway. I was TRYING to follow the speed limit, which isn't easy when it's 20 MPH and you're going down a hill! Plus I'm fairly convinced I was primarily pulled over for out-of-state plates, as dh was pulled over under similar circumstances less than a week earlier. Yay, small town Oklahoma!

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Monkey, haha I hope the snuggling plus helped you feel better!


As for your ticket, there are still places with a speed limit of 20mph?!! that's just insane!! DH actually got a speeding ticket too when we were in DC. It was on a 30mph road and it was funny because whereas other people were speeding, the locals knew when to slow down. DH commented right before the camera got a photo of him (it was a photo enforced speed limit) that he didn't understand why people suddenly slowed down! i guess now he knew! DC is also a horrible town to traverse through...it's not a driving city. Speed limits were way too slow!! but I totally get what you mean about the points...that's the worst part of it. $20 is $20 but getting points on top of it...that just sucks. Wait, do you even get points if you are from out of state?


Ok, so here's my drama. My office does not have openings for FET until early October, which is really disappointing. The worst part is that I will be traveling late September for work so I can't get out of it, which means that i would need to be taking the medications to prepare my uterus around that time. And the meds my RE prefers are IM injections. No go...If I wait for after the travel to start, I hit into the fact that i'm also traveling in October for work and that makes it ultra difficult. My nurse isn't being very understanding about it so DH wants to go directly to the doctor. We're hoping that he will allow me to use orals during the time i'm traveling (I'd prefer to use orals and suppositories for the whole cycle, to be honest so I'll be asking about that!) but at the very least, just while i'm traveling. Hopefully, he is ok with that!


We are under the shared risk program with this place so procedures are all covered. But with even that said, DH and I are thinking that we may cancel out of the program if this FET isn't successful. It's just way too much stress to try to schedule going to Maryland every time, for a procedure. I'm running out of vacation days so that will be even worse. So I hope the FET is during the weekend!!! Fingers crossed. I'm under so much stress about it that i'm about to snap...why is this so hard?!!?


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I am new to this forum. I am from Dallas, Tx. This is My first IVF. Today, I had ER and retrieved 9 Eggs. DH gave frozen sperm. They are going to do ICSI. I am little worried about ICSI with frozen sperm. If you guys have any idea please tell me . What is the success rate for Fertilized with ICSI?

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