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Welcome, Sri!


For more IVF info, you might want to pop over to the IVF Thread and ask the awesome ladies over there, though of course you can also stay here! Good luck with this cycle!

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Eek, things have been busy around here - lots of family visiting which is awesome - but I miss you guys and have been thinking of you.


Renavoo, I am so very sorry to hear your news. I was rooting so hard for your first cycle. It is so hard. Plus I think it's crazy that we have to use vacation days for medical procedures. I know, that's life, but I'm not very good at accepting the status quo! Yes, speak to the doctor, be firm, explain all that's involved for you. I really hope they will be sensitive to your situation. Keep us updated and please give yourself an extra dose of kindness.


Monkey, I am so sorry that your free baby got away this month. I honestly don't know why we can't just get pregnant any time we ovulate. That would be a much better system. Well, in the modern era anyway. But no one has made me boss of the world yet, so in the meantime, I've just got good thoughts for you.


Brichole, it's not you, it's them! Trust me. You are the sweetest person ever!


ItsMeSri, welcome! Wishing you tons and tons of luck on your cycle. I'm not doing IVF (yet) so I don't know that answers to your questions, but I hope someone will be able to help.

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renavoo - Sorry about the BFN, even if it was expected. :( Also, I think it's odd your clinic says you can't give yourself IM injections. The place I went said it wasn't ideal, but that you totally could. My trigger was an IM shot, and there were instructions for doing it myself, but luckily dh did it for me.


gozal - Good to see you back! I know I would love to be pregnant every time I ovulated, but I know some ladies who would be seriously unhappy with that, too!


Everyone else - I'm sure I've missed something! I've been reading, but also spacing out a bit.

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Hi everyone!

Gozal, it's great to hear from you! How is everything going with you? I'm glad you had a wonderful time with family. My mom is on an Alaskan cruise right now and I was SO happy to hear from her today! It's so funny because I don't think I realize how much I miss her until I can't call her and talk to her whenever I want :o)


Monkey, oh they didn't say I couldn't do it myself...I'm just being a baby. haha I couldn't bear to give myself the SC injections either! My hand was shaking so hard. However, if I had to, I would have done it. I just think the IM injection may have been a little more difficult. Perhaps if I injected it into my thigh? But regardless, my RE approved a suppository regimen for the FET.  So I will be doing that regimen in preparation for the FET, which is now scheduled for 10/14. It feels like a long time away but it'll be a busy month and a half so I'm sure it will fly by. I'm not happy to be doing NOTHING during this time but at least, I will only be taking BCPs for 2 weeks so I feel like I'm not really wasting TOO much time! The BCP time is always the worst time because I don't WANT to be on BCPs!


Until I start the meds, I guess I can drink a little wine and eat some soft cheeses. And I'm looking forward to actually going back to the gym. I don't think I would have EVER thought those words would come out of my mouth :o)


Hope all is well!!

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Yay for having a plan, renavoo! And I'm glad your RE was onboard with the suppository thing. Occasionally, I wished I were the kind of person to drink. Then at least there would be a bright side to not being pregnant!

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Renavoo, totally the same way for me with my mom! And yay for not having to inject yourself. I was so scared giving myself the hcg trigger (which is a sub-q and a tiny gauge needle - but I didn't realize at the time what that meant). Usually I hang on to every last bit of summer, but let's hear it for fall, huh? I would love to fast-forward to October and be POAS while you get your FET!


Monkeyscience, yeah, me too. Booze does not excite. Dark chocolate and a good cup of coffee, on the other hand...


So I actually got some not so great news today. Last week I had a prolactin level taken and when I didn't get a call back, assumed it was normal. (That's the protocol at my office.) Well, I decided I'd better call and hear officially that it was normal - and it was slightly elevated. Why they didn't call me, I don't know, they are usually so responsible and sensitive in returning calls. It wasn't a fasting level so that could be all, but I cannot believe that there's a potential problem now, when I should be less than a week from CD1. Ugh! Apparently the doctor is evaluating the situation, but she was out today, so I couldn't speak to her. I am going to call first thing tomorrow. I am hoping she just ups my meds a little and doesn't send me for an MRI and the whole deal.

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Gozal, NO! That's just awful. I feel like medical professionals these days just don't have consideration for our needs! This is such an emotional and vulnerable time where I think a lot of us feel helpless and i can't believe she didn't give you ALL the information immediately. I also don't really get the whole "if you don't hear from me, everything is ok" bit. This is probably why people are so afraid of going to doctors...whenever we hear from them, it's a bad thing. :o) Talk about negative reinforcement! Hopefully, she didn't call you because she truly doesn't think that it's a big issue. Let us know what happens!


Monkeyscience, in my hey day, I used to drink much more. I shudder to think about it. Now, a glass of wine while eating decadent cheese is wonderful. hmmm maybe it's the cheese...i loooooove cheese. And, as Gozal says, chocolate (mmmm)





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Mmm... dark chocolate. Love that! Maybe I will go out for sushi when I go back to Houston next week as a consolation prize.


Hoping your test result was a fluke, gozal!

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Aw, too bad we can't all get together and have a cheese and chocolate party! Yum. And fine company. :)


Well, better news today! My RE is not worried. She emphasized that it was super minorly elevated and she suspects it's because it was a non-fasting level. So, no MRI or meds changes. I emphasized how important it was to me to have a good chance next cycle and she thinks it's all systems go. (!!!)


PHEW. DH was right, he was telling me not to worry. Love that man. He has a sense about these things.

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Good evening ladies!! Sorry been gone for the past several days.  I had to leave work early monday because I had a sinus headache that rendered me unable to keep my eyes open as I was pulling into my driveway!!! It was HORRIBLE!!! I've been coughing,sneezing, and had a stopped up nose since then too.  I HATE BEING SICK!!! I am feeling a little bit better today though!!


I am onto my next cycle.  AF showed up FULL FORCE Tuesday!!!  I'm so sorry that there were no BFPs to add to our list this month but hey...we can all move on together RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!  I'm just so ready for some good news around here soon!!!  There was a double murder in my town this week and that is scary.  All over probably less than $500!!! How in the world could someone kill 2 of their co-workers over that!!!  ANYWAYS, it feels like nothing but bad news when I turn on the TV these days so it is about time to have some good news!!! Speaking of bad news those on the EAST cost PLEASE be safe while IRENE heads your way!!! I live in alabama so we won't be affected by this one but i'm sure there are more to come!! The season isn't over yet! 


Umm...okay, I decided to stop taking my BCPs back in what APRIL!?!?!  Well, me and my x-sil were talking this past weekend about it and DH over heard our conversation and FLIPPED OUT ON ME!!! I KNOW i told him that I was stopping it because we've had several converstations about "If it happens it happens" but now he's accusing me of NOT telling him.  That made me SOOOOOOOOOO mad!!! I would NEVER with hold information like that from him...he's my husband whom I love and respect...even if i don't always agree with him...i would NEVER NEVER do something like that to him.  ANYWAYS, we had a BIG blowup about it all weekend long and he's been getting on my nerves about it ever since.  We followed my x-sil to her parents house to help her and my x-bil (LONG STORY BTW) finish packing before they left for MD this week.  Well, the ENTIRE way to their house he wouldn't talk to me and there was this "VIBE" coming off of him that turned my REALLY good mood that day into a HORRIBLE mood!  I usually don't like to confront him, especially in front of the girls but it was affecting everyone in the car and I told him about it.  My exact words were "Your negative energy is OOOOZZZZINNGG out of you and affecting everyone in this car!!!"  At least for his health and well being he DIDN'T disagree with me.  I was not in the mood to hear him either.  I just honestly don't get how he could NOT know that I wasn't taking BCPs.  I mean I don't go to the Target where I have the script anymore and HELLO I'm not wasting $9 a month on something that is keeping me from having a baby and screwing up my internal system!!! For the 1st time in my life I'm finally having "normal" cycles and don't have to waste all of my money on pregnancy tests thinking that I might could be pregnant when I was just having 45 day cycles!!!!



Okay, anyways, I can REALLY tell that AF is here, my mood has SUCKED the past week lol.  (DARN PMS)  I would like to join you ladies in the cheese, chocolate, and wine BUT i've started my diet!!! I've only been on it for 5 days and I've already lost 3 lbs.  I'm hoping to keep losing at this rate because I think if i can get some of this weight off our chances of having a baby will improve a lot more!!! I was at 177.5 when I started the diet and i'm down to 174.5....so only 56.5 more lbs and i'll be happy....i'd love to lose a little more than that but, i figure that i will at least be a little happier at 118....we'll see though lol. 



I hope that everyone has a great week and I'll be back tomorrow for more personals.  I just needed to vent real quick before I got started on doing my reports. (and the fact that i'm on another shift tonight really sucks...so i've gotta make sure that i don't step on the toes of those who i'm working with since they aren't my normal co-workers).



OH and WELCOME ItsMeSri!!!   If you would like to be added to our list just shoot me a blurb and i'll put you up there.  I hate that you are going thru what you are but there are several ladies here in this thread and in the IVF thread with plenty of advice and are WONDERFUL listeners!!!

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brichole - Ugh. That is no fun with your dh. My dh forgets things I tell him all the time, so probably your dh just forgot. Also, I hate it when I feel like my dh is upset at me and just isn't saying anything. Sometimes he actually isn't, but I'm super sensitive to ANYONE being upset about ANYTHING, so I get totally on edge when he's upset, even if 90% of the time it isn't at me. If he is upset at me, I tend to completely lose it!

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Brichole, sorry for the aggravation. I'm confused though...just how did your DH think that you got pregnant on BCPs in July? I mean, I realize it some people may get pregnant accidently but did he think he had super sperm that bypassed the effects of the BCPs? (haha i was thinking about a sperm dressed in a superman costume triggering ovulation...I need more sleep) I can't believe he accused you of keeping things from him!! That's just ridiculous, especially since you got pregnant. Sounds like he's the one with PMS...I think men suffer from it just as much as women do. It also doesn't help that he was acting so immature, especially when you're sick! I hope you and he are better now and that he's more rational! Also, please stay safe!!! I hope that they caught the murderers and that your community is safe again!


Gozal, YAAAAH!!! Your RE is back in my good graces again. ;o) haha Seriously, though, that is fantastic news! i'm so happy for you! joy.gif


Ladies, let's have a virtual cheese and chocolate party together. yuuuuum 


DH and i are going to stock up on food and stay in all weekend. I can't think of a better way to spend our anniversary. Now, if only i didn't have this pesky af.gif!! ;)



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Thank you ladies!!! Things are better now i'm guessing since we DTD last night (and on CD3...i was totally shocked that either of us did that because i'm SOOOOOO OCD lol)...but I guess we needed that "time together" to make things feel more united.  Maybe that makes sence.  Anyways, they arrested 3 people last night for the murders so YAY for the police!!! It makes me proud to say that I was once a dispatcher for those guys. (i changed to a different dispatch center a year ago) ....but it also makes me so worried about the guys i've been friends with for the past 5 years!  I still keep in touch with them and in 2 counties over from where i live a police officer was shot and killed during a foot chase the same day that the murders happened in our town.  It's just totally rediculous.  Why can't people just understand that they aren't above the law!!!  (though it's already been proved that someone can kill their child and get away with it but that's another sore spot in my book!!!)   



I HATE CD4...it's so boring!!!  I think i'll start temping in the morning.  I just wish that I was getting more than 4 hours of sleep at a time.  Emma is still getting up at least 2 times during the night.  I thought she would be over this by now but I blame her daddy on this one.  He use to let her go to bed with us EVERY night and she stayed in our bed all night long.  Well, now that we are in the new house he's making her sleep in her crib...and she HATES it!!! I'm just ready to have my sleep back for a little bit!!!  I will need it if we do get pregnant (and stay that way) anytime soon!!! If not my body is going to KILL me lol. 




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brichole - I totally get you on the reconnecting thing. I always feel like everything's going to be okay after a disagreement or upset once we DTD. It's partly because physical touch is very much my love language, and partly because dh can't, erm, perform, if he's upset or stressed, so I know he's feeling better. ;)


And yeah, have a good anniversary weekend, renavoo!

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Brichole, yah to feeling better and to having a *very* nice night. hehe ;o) Is your DD getting better about sleeping in her crib? Or is she just as resistant as when you started trying to get her to use her crib. I hope you see improvement so that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel!


Monkey, how is everything is your world? You're at like CD7 or something thereabouts, right?


Spoke with my RE this morning...he's a nice guy. Gave me a call between procedures at my request because I wanted a follow up report. He thinks that generally, it didn't work this time because there were probably some chromosomal abnormalities with the embies. (seems like a pat answer-it's not like we can check that out!) but he did say that my frozen embies were better quality than the ones that we transferred. So he's optimistic about the FET. I'm hoping that it works out but I am being cautious. I don't know what I will do with another BFN. I'm just so tired of TTCing! But whatever...we'll hit that wall when we get to it!




Happy Friday everyone! Thank goodness we're here! Seems like everyone in my office is either not here or procrastinating. And I am definitely procrastinating...haha I just don't want to work today!



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renavoo - You know my cycle better than I do! I couldn't have told you off the top of my head it was CD 7. Yeah, nothing going on here. Though since I've decided for the moment to use FF again, I added a link to my chart in my signature. Does your clinic offer pre-implantation genetic diagnosis? Also, why did they freeze better ones than they implanted??


Oddly enough, I got a call from my RE's office today. They left a message saying they just wanted to follow up and see where we're at and if we're interested in more treatment. I am debating what to say when I call them back. I kind of want to say, please don't contact us again, not interested in doing business with you. But I kind of also want to ask if the doctor would be willing to do another Femara cycle with us without doing the ultrasound monitoring. That would be relatively simple and affordable. On the other hand, I don't like the doc. Sigh. We'll see.

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Ugh, if you don't like your RE, Don't go back!! I think you have to be completely comfortable with your RE and trust his plan for you. Otherwise, you end up questioning everything he does. i had that issue with my first RE. I didn't trust what she did and I really really regret staying with her as long as I did. i wish i moved on really quickly. Sadly, she was also my gyn for many years so I had to find a new one. The issue with NYC is that a new patient appointment with a gynecologist usually takes months to set up! Is there another RE you can check in with? Or maybe, you'll just get your free baby this month!



They froze the better ones because the better ones needed an extra day to grow. On day 5, it was impossible to tell that these two would have been better in quality. it was sad but hopefully, they unfreeze well and maybe i'll get my BFP at the end of October! i can't believe i'm looking forward to the end of October already!!!


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I agree with Renavoo on this one Monkeyscience. If you don't like your doctor i would find another one when you guys are ready financially to take on the treatments again.  Are there other RE's in your area?  I ask because where i'm from there is only 1 RE in the area so I didn't have a choice.  Not that I needed a choice because I liked my doctor...but it would have been nice if i would of had a choice in the matter if that makes sence. ANYWAYS, I hope that you guys are able to do this on your own though without a doctor's help.  A free baby is so much easier on the pocketbook!!! (well at least until they get here lol)



Renavoo...i'm so happy your doctor is willing to let you do what you wanna do with your FET and not have to give yourself injections.  I didn't have any problems with giving myself injections when we were doing our medicated cycles with emma but i did get tired of having to inject myself every day for almost an entire month!!!  I am also happy to see that your other 2 embies look good!!  That makes things a lot more positive for your next cycle...though October feels SOOOOOO far away!!! I'm praying that your embies thaw out beautifully!!!



Everyone has been quiet the past couple of days so the thread hasn't moved much...but it's still good to see everyone is doing ok....though I know graduating would be much better for me to see :)   I hope you ladies know how much I appreaciate all of your thoughts during my lose.  It really means a lot.  I hope that my body acts right this month but we will see.  I think i might look into getting pregesterone cream or something to help me. 

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Hey Brichole! So where are you in your cycle? i have high hopes that you will graduate soon too!!!


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I'm on CD7 and started temping this afternoon when I got up to come back into work after CRAZY hours that i'm working this week.  I know that my temps will be off some because i'll be temping at like 600 most mornings but today i had to temp at 100 this afternoon.  It really sucks but maybe Emma will work with mommy so that I can get correct temps the rest of the week!!!  My first temp started out 1 degree higher than it usually does and I don't know if I had more covers on than normal or what but my house was still the same temp as it is when I sleep at night so who knows?  I'm soooooo ready for my 2 off days Tuesday and Wednesday!  I also get to take monday off to be home with both of my girls so I think we are doing a family get together Sunday night and Monday too!  I'm looking forward to it, but i'm sad because my family likes to make really fattening things when we have get togethers and i've put myself on a diet that only includes chicken, greenbeans, brown rice, fruit, other veggies, whole-grain ceral, oatmeal, nutrient enrichched salads, and water/diet green tea.  So I'll just sit back and watch them while they enjoy their food and drinks lol.  Every now and then i cheat and have 8oz of sweet tea but other than that....i'm a good girl.  Though i don't wanna be lol. 

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