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Brichole, your cheat is sweet tea? UGH! haha i would die on your diet.


I hope you're enjoying your time off!! You definitely deserve it. are your hours crazy because the person you were training was an ass and quit?



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Hey guys! We were without power for the last four days (thank you, Irene) but it finally came back. The electric company was telling us it would be Monday or Tuesday (as in, twelve days without electricity)! Sheesh. We made the best of it, but it was not fun.


Guess what else Irene brought us...yes, that would be CD1. My methotrexate waiting period is finally over!!! To say I'm excited is an overstatement. I'm also excited to see that since my (failed) pregnancy in June/July, my periods have been more normal than before - before that, they were pretty light. My doctor said it was fine, but I was surprised that it was such a big change from before my pregnancy with DS. Well, since the June pg, they have been a lot more like what was normal for me before. I'm hoping it's a good sign, and that my body is really normalizing completely post-tumor.


Did Irene get anyone else? Everyone okay? Brichole, I'm sad that my cycle ended up being relatively long and we're not cycle buddies. However, I hope that just means that you get your BFP a week before I get mine! Renavoo, what's new with you? When do you start your protocol for your early October date? Monkey, did you decide to keep going with your doc? I live in a major metro area, but I still have trouble finding doctors I like sometimes.

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Yah Gozal!!!! I'm glad your period came!! And now you can start again. :o) Can't wait to follow along. Also, I'm happy that your periods look more normal. I hope it helps you prepare for a BFP and soon, a baby on the way! Are you going to do a natural cycle this month? It's so exciting!


ladies, I think it's time to start the Sept site. I'll take it over this month :o)






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Hi Ladies, I started the Sept site. Please join me!!


Brichole, I hope you don't mind. I just wanted to give you a break because I know you're swamped with work.

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