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First trimester bleeding

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So, I have been spotting on and off for a week.  Last night I passed a large amount of blood full of large clots (some as large as a quarter).  I was also having really bad cramping.  DH and I went to the ER, prepared for the worst and baby is fine.  Everything looks to be holding tight. 


Doctors have asked me to stay in bed as much as possible and not lift anything heavy until the bleeding and cramping has stopped.  At this point he said there is usually a 50/50 chance that the pregnancy will make it out of the first trimester.


Anyone else experiencing first trimester bleeding??  It's really quite scary.  I spotted with DD1, but never anything like this.  



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That's great news your little bean is holding on for now. Take it easy, hoping for a good outcome!

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I had mentioned on another thread that I had severe bleeding with ds. Everyone was pretty sure he would be swept out by sheer force, he held on. I quit my job and took it very easy back then.

I had bleeding with this pregnancy, but nothing as bad, no clots, no cramps.

All you can do is to wait it out, take it easy. I wish you best of luck!!!

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I told of my experiences in other threads on this forum also.  This is pregnancy #6 and the third one that I have had significant bleeding.  This one is the worst by far.  Just shy of 8 weeks I had blood and clots running out of me.  I went in to have an U/S to confirm pregnancy loss and was elated to see a heartbeat.  throughout this last week since then I have had it go to light spotting back to heavy bleeding several times.  


Early Wed morn when I was exactly 9 weeks I woke up soaked in blood and soaked two pads right after.  I thought is was over again for sure.  I went to my midwife and she was able to find the heart tones.  So, so far so good.  All my pregnancies so far have turned out fine.  

It is the scariest thing in the world though.  This last week and a half has been one of the hardest in my life.  


I can say I know what you are going through and I'm so sorry!  Hopefully all will go well for us both.  


Could they see any sign of where the blood was coming from for you, like a subchorionic hemorrhage or placental tear?  They have never seen a reason for the bleeding with any of mine.


And, by the way, in my research I read that if no problem is noted with the placenta and the baby looks good, statistically we have a 90% chance of our beans making it, even with the bleeding.  That makes me feel so much better than 50%!


Whew, one day at a time!

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I think I may be out...at least my midwives seem to think so. I started spotting last Sunday (just brownish stringy bits) then it changed to red on Monday afternoon. Tuesday I went in for an ultrasound and they found a wee bebe with a heartbeat and drew some blood for testing. They got back with me on Wednesday and said that my HCG was good (19,655) but my progesterone was low (4.8, I think)...so they got me a prescription (100mg. oral twice a day) and I started that Wednesday night. Every time I'd take the progesterone, my bleeding would lighten for a few hours and then pick up. I was passing small clots, but on examination they were just red stringy bits clumped together. Yesterday I went back to have more blood drawn for comparison.


Early this morning I felt what felt like a mini water breaking episode and dashed to the bathroom. There was a bigger sized clot on my pad and two fell in the toilet...each about the size of a baby's palm (I have a just turned two year old, so they were just smaller than that, but flatish). I saved them in a container, but was absolutely gushing blood for a bit after that...but not enough to alarm my midwives who told me only to worry if I'd soaked through a pad in less than an hour or developed a fever. I've actually only changed to my third pad of the day (we are talking right at 12 hours now) and the first two weren't soaked through...they were just yucky enough to want to change. The blood has lessened a great deal and is back to just on the paper when I wipe and the occasional drip or red stringy bit into the toilet when I go. I cried violently, of course...as I'd just miscarried at four weeks in February and was so hoping this one would make it. Still not completely giving up hope, I waited to hear from the midwives as to my blood test results. Got those back and my HCG had dropped to 17,000-something (she didn't give me an exact number, just that it had dropped to around that). At that point I really lost it. My husband says that it's most likely that I did miscarry, but that we should maybe get the clots tested, as I didn't see anything that looked like a baby or an actual sac in there. The chance that baby is still okay is crazy slim...what with the clots, the gush of liquid besides (amniotic fluid?), and the lower HCG. The only signs pointing to a positive outcome at this point is my progesterone tripled and I haven't passed anything that looks like a baby (which at 8.5 weeks should be visible enough to the naked eye, right?). 


I'm so emotional about it all right now!! My midwives have pretty much told me it's a done deal and that I should stop the progesterone...but I'm still unsure. What if I lost a twin that was already not visible on the ultrasound or a second sac and stopping the progesterone might endanger a still okay baby? I know I'm grasping at straws here...but I can't completely give up hope till we get test results on the clots back, or I pass a baby, or I have another ultrasound...or all of the above to rule out any small chance!!

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That really sucks. Why can't you have another us before you decide to end anything? My twin's sac and especially their placenta was very easy to see and looked very differnt from clots. i induced the misscarriage at 9.5 weeks, but they stopped growing much before that.

I am so very sorry, all this worry and grief.

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Texan, your bleeding sounds so much like mine.  I felt like an idiot for wanting to hold onto the slight hope.  My husband asked me not to waste money on the u/s since it was over.  I knew I needed that confirmation in order to move on.  And here I still am.  Bleeding went from scant to very heavy gushing at least three times during the week.  We confirmed by doppler that baby is still alive after the last and worst bleed.  It is crazy.  I don't blame you for needing that confirmation.  How far along are you exactly?  Was baby measuring right with a good heartrate at your u/s?


You'll be in my thoughts!  Keep us updated.  I hope you can get some answers soon.  The waiting is brutal.

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According to the ultrasound tech I was measuring just over six weeks on the day I was supposed to be eight weeks based on my LMP, but my one midwife who was there with me told me after that some babies are just smaller...and later my other midwife said something to the effect of "It's just a machine, it's not perfect"...so neither of them were too worried. There was a good heartbeat though on Tuesday.

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Well, we officially miscarried last night.  It was the most traumatic experience of my life, passing tissue, the bleeding.  I guess baby wasn't as content in there as I thought.  I was 10 weeks.  So, I'm out.  I wish you all the best mommas!  May your pregnancy's be smooth sailing.



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Erica, I am so sorry this happened to you. It is so sad and I am so sorry.


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Texan, I hope you can get some answers soon. Sitting in between and not knowing is such a hard place to be.


Erica, I am so sorry for your loss. I found a lot of comfort in the loss boards here after my loss a few months ago.

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Just checking in to see how you mamas are doing. I've been thinking about you all. Hope the bleeding has slowed down & the babes are sticking hard!
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I've had some brown spotting for weeks, which the OB and ultrasound tech both said is probably because the placenta is low.  Somehow that didn't manage to comfort me much.  Yesterday afternoon I wiped and it was red!  Today it's back to brown but a little more than usual.  My next OB appt isn't until Aug 30.  I am worrying like crazy.  DH is stopping on his way home tonight to buy me a doppler from the secondhand baby store (for $10!).  It's probably a terrible idea because I'm barely 10 weeks along and I know you can't always find it with the doppler that early, but I don't think not finding a heartbeat could make me any more worried than I am now.  And if I do find it, I will be soooo relieved.  Waiting stinks.....

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My baby is gone. I just had to know for sure, so I went and got a sonogram this morning and it was confirmed that baby was no longer with us. 


Rest in the arms of Jesus, my sweet baby Paisley!!

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So sorry Texan!  I hope you are able to find peace as you go through this storm.

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