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Why am I so tired

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Anyone else just very fatigued post partum? My little one is a month old now, I go to sleep around 9PM when she does. She sleeps right next to me and I nurse her all night but overall get a fair amount of sleep, then we get up at 5:30 or 6. I also usually get a 1-2 hour nap during the day. I have a 3 yo as well but 3 days a week she goes to preschool from 9-3. So why am I so tired? Maybe I'm just a wimp? (It's ok, you can say it.)

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ddc I would keep taking your prenatal vitamins.  Your body is spending alot of energy making milk for your little one and it can be taxing on your body.

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I haven't quite gotten used to not sleeping for more than 2-3 hours at a time since baby's birth. It's hard to sleep when he sleeps, although I try, but I'm crabby trying to nap in the daytime because it's so warm and loud around here.


I am still taking my vitamins and trying to eat well, but I feel pretty 'meh' most of the time. I think I'm bogged down by the lack of solid sleep and the continual PP bleeding - both of these issues make me feel fatigued even if it's just a mental thing.


Hope you feel better mama! You're no wimp!

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I'd guess your iron stores have been depleted.  I'd recommend supplements or more iron rich foods.   I took alfalfa and netles in teas pre-pg and it seems to have really worked for me.  I'm 3 days post delivery with very little bleeding and I think that has helped with the fatigue factor.  I don't have a second lo to chase after so that can definitely be part of it too. 


Don't think you are a wimp at ll momma.  Hang in there hug2.gif

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