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anyone still nursing?

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my dd weaned when I got pregnant with ds without too much sorrow :) the milk dried up and it was too painful. Now my son is nursing like normal (which is still a lot) he's not yet 2. and I don't know what will happen in the next few weeks!! but I hope it doesn't happen tramatically. I am okay with tandem nursing but wouldn't prefer it

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I have an older nursling (she's 3), but all my kids weaned when I was pg... she barely nurses so I'm sure it will be soon... but I don't mind what we have going now. If she was littler I'd have a harder time, but 3 is our longest stretch.

My 1+ y one weaned when I was 17w pg, he was totally fine with it... and I had been kinda worried, but it went ok. I am not against tandem, but I never have b/c they all wean before I get the chance. smile.gif
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I'm still nursing my 2 year-old. I doubt that he'll wean any time soon.

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My 2.5 year old nurses once every 5 days or so. He nursed yesterday. I think it'll be another time or 2 and he'll be done.

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Looks like my supply has dwindled. My 25 month old seems like he isn't getting anything at all and just stays on for short spurts and hardly ever asks anymore. I am sad and not ready, I will miss our nursing bond. I should know this, but i'm not sure what I am supposed to supplement the breastmilk with. It was so easy to make sure that he had adequate nutrition before, now what? Any ideas? Raw cows milk? I can't find raw goats milk locally, that is what my ped mentioned some months ago.

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I'm still nursing, and I'm planning for tandem nursing since DD doesn't seem anywhere near done. She'd still like to nurse all night if she could, and she's waking up more because she didn't get enough milk in the last feeding. She's a little older, though, 28 months, and she has been pretty mature about understanding and accepting that the breasts are "empty" and need some time to make some more milk for her before she nurses again. She seems quite happy to dry nurse (though she was doing the flutter suck to get a letdown for several minutes straight last night after she'd drunk everything there was to drink), so I don't think that losing my milk is going to convince her to stop. Colostrum, though, I'm less sure. It's an adventure, and it's anybody's guess what will happen.

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I'm nursing my almost-10 month old and plan to tandem nurse. My supply has had a dip, but thankfully he's persevering until my milk comes back more bountifully. I was terrified he would wean. I really want to nurse him until 2 at least. 

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I am still nursing my 14 month old. My supply has taken a little dip so she's not nursing quite as often as she was but I don't think she's giving it up any time soon. I am willing to tandem if she wants too especially since she'll only be 21 months when baby is born. But I admit that I would prefer not to tandem but I would like her to make it until at least 18 months.

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