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Can you help a fashion challenged Mama out?

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I am clueless as to what kinds of clothes little girls wear to school.  What do kindergarten age girls wear?


We have the additional challenge that Gabrielle needs clothes that are easy to get out of for her cathing at shool.  The other challenge is the braces.  If I put her in pants they have to go under the braces.  But then you have to completely take her braces off in order to get her pants off for cathing.  I would prefer to put her in dresses (which she loves) but I know that isn't practical for playing at school.

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Could leggings go under the braces? My girls wear a lot of leggings and dresses year around. In the summer they put little cotton shorts under the dresses so they can play without having to worry about underwear showing. Neither one of my girls like jeans that much so I reserve those for days when it is muddy out or I know they are doing something really dirty at school. Even in the winter, they just throw snowpants over the dresses and go outside for recess that way. 

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That is what I was thinking.  The leggings would go under the braces fine and with a longer top or dress would look perfect!


She is also becoming more concerned about people seeing the braces.  With the longer top/dress this would help her feel better.

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My daughter wore all kinds of dresses in kindergarten last year. She also wore a lot of skirts, mostly the kinds that have the built in shorts underneath. But still she did wear plenty of dresses with and without leggings. 

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My daughter wears tons of dresses... pretty much only dresses, actually. I taught her the basics of proper dress-wearing (lol!) and she likes them better than anything else. She does wear leggings under them in the winter. 


If she is feeling a little worried about the braces you can look into Hanna Andersson dresses as they tend to be a little longer than most store brands. They are pricey but they hold up really well and you can get decent deals on Ebay. Plus, they have long-sleeved dresses and lots of cute prints.

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LL Bean, Lands End, and Hanna Andersson all have really cute knit dresses.  That's what we do along with tights and leggings for winter.  DD seems to play really well in them.

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My K girls' favorite outfits are anything matched with these skirts: http://www.bodenusa.com/en-US/Girls-Skirts/32373-BLU/Girls-Forget-me-not-Multi-Spot-Raw-Edge-Gypsy-Skirt.html.  They are very forgiving as to size and wear well (we have one from two years ago, last year, and this year that they're still wearing and each is a different size), and have elasticized waist for easy on-off.  They wear them with shorts or tights or leggings depending on the weather.  t-shirts in warm weather and long sleeve shirts and cardigans in cold.  They get so many compliments and comments about these skirts.

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Leg warmers are also popular for the colder weather. They could go over her braces if she wanted.
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