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Hello everyone

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I just found this forum and I'm very excited to join this community. I have one son, almost 6 months and we decided to not do circumcision. I will admit I was not educated a lot on the subject and all the men in my family were circed. My husband, however was not circed and has very strong views on why not to do it. Now I understand why.


I have spent a few hours reading through posts on the forum. Anyways, we were concerned because my son's foreskin seemed to be really intact and not stretching (we thought it was supposed to) We didn't force it ofcourse, but went to the doctor yesterday for his 6 month WCC, and asked the pedi about it. She told us to make sure to stretch it back once a day. She pulled it back so far his glans was exposed and he started crying really loud. Poor thing.


After reading here, I see it's definitely NOT necessary to retract the foreskin, especially in younger babies and it's normal for it to be tight until puberty. Is this correct?   Why would the pedi do it and insist on us to do it? 


I did watch one of the  youtube videos someone posted and felt sick to my stomach and personally could not see how I could ever put my child through this.


I'm looking forward to chatting with you ladies!!

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Many pediatricians are misinformed. A non-retracting foreskin is normal. The average age of full foreskin retraction is 10 years. Do whatever it takes to make sure that pediatrician does not retract your son's foreskin again. Either insist he never touches your son's penis or switch doctors. 



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yeahthat.gif It is unfortunate that Dr's here in the USA only know how to cut the foreskin off. Proper care is wash like a finger from base to tip, dont retract and never allow anyone else to do so.
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Thanks for the replies!!

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