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It wasn't the birth I planned but...

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I was 42 weeks in yesterday. So first thing in the morning we went off to the hospital for a NST to make sure baby was ok.  Baby looked good, although both my midwife and the doctor had to tell me the risks involved in waiting any longer. (This has been a long process, we lost 2 before this one ) Our number one concern was making sure this baby got here safely. So after a discussion and lots of tears we decided to surrender our home water birth plans ( I've had 2 previous home water births) and stay at the hospital to induce labor. (midwives here are not allowed to break your water unless your in labor). It took a while to wrap my head around being in a hospital. So at 10am the doctor broke my water, at the time I was 2-3cm, my cervix was soft but long. After lots of walking 4 hrs later I was checked again and not much change, so off to walk some more. At 6 pm I was 3-4cm and 25-50% effaced. Although contractions had started to get stronger, between 6-8pm the contractions continued to grow but with not a lot of progression at 8 pm I got into a tub at the hospital, it felt great, although it seemed harder than my previous pregnancies. I stayed in the tub for an hour before wanting to get out, the washroom was now my choice to labor in, that constant feeling of having to go to the washroom. The contractions and pain were like nothing I have ever experience. My previous births were 6 & 3.5 hrs long, easy  even relaxing, this was the complete opposite. I tried various positions , water, ball, music, yoga breath nothing worked. Around 10:30 my midwife checked me again I was 5-6cm and 75% effaced. That was it I couldn't believe I hadn't progressed more and knew I couldn't take much more, it had been a long day, I was exhausted and the pain unbearable ( my previous pregnancies I hardly said a word) I had to almost yell through my contractions with my voice getting louder as the peaked, I was using my yoga breath and mantra, it was just really loud. My partner said it was extremely hard to see me in so much pain. I decided I needed an epidural (which is something I NEVER thought I do) and the doctor could not get there fast enough. It took the doctor about 30minutes to get to me. I hate needles and can tell you I didn't feel a thing the pain from the contractions was too overwhelming. It takes about 20 minutes for it to work. 20 minutes later they checked me and I was good to go I was shocked. The epidural didn't work on me completely, it only took effect on my left side, so I still felt the contractions it had just taken the edge off, thank god. Shortly after midnight I began to push, It was hard because of the epidural my body was so much more relaxed in a way and it was hard to feel what I needed to feel. I pushed for 1hr before she finally made her arrival. I am thankful I had the epidural because I was able to control the last pushes that not only resulted in my beautiful daughter but no tearing or anything (which is what I was most fearful of) So at 1:15am Aug 6th, Kya Chase came into this world weighing 8lbs 8ozs and 21"long. She is everything I could want and more, and she was absolutely worth everything I went through (the miscarriages, the hard pregnancy and the harder long labor). I'd do it again.



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Congratulations!! She's beautiful!
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congrats- glad you didn't end up with a c-section from the induction- she's gorgeous!

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Congrats to you!  Sorry that labor was so rough, but it sounds like you did what you needed to do and everything turned out well in the end.  She's darling. love.gif

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Yeah mama nice job... I hope you are able to rest & relax now and enjoy your new gal. Rest up so you can get back to that pole dancing! :)

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Awesome job and a beautiful girl you have there~sounds like you have made good peace as well. congrats!

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Congratulations! She is so pretty with a mouth you just have to kiss!

I had a labor similar to yours because of an induction - it makes the labor harder (I had pitocin in 3 out of 4 births).

I am glad she is here and safe!

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Thanks ladies, I am truly blessed and grateful she here. I am completely and totally in love. joy.gif

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Congrats! How adorable!

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