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Not sewing straight

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I have a Brother CS-6000i and I feel like it doesnt sew "straight".  I will have my fabric all lined up and ready to go, start sewing a straight line with a regular stitch and its like it pulls to the left.  Even if I try and hold it to guide it its still just not right.  Am I missing something here?  (I havent been sewing very long, so I am still learning..)



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Are the feed dogs engaged properly?  They are the little sawtooth things on the bottom that feed the fabric through the machine.  Maybe one is working and not the other, making the material move through the machine unevenly.

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also, if you are able to attach a seam guide to your machine bed, that might help.  When I got my vintage singer, I initially had this problem, but using the seam guide solved it.

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good suggestions!  also, i recently bought a foot that has a 1/4 inch seam guide built in and i adore it... if it's not the feed dog that might be good for you.

i also have seen people attach painters tape to the machine where you want the seam to be (1/4 or 1/2 or whatever) and the long strip of tape makes it easier to line up fabric and guide it. 

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You might just need practice.. I sometimes have to sit and just sew straight lines to get back into the basics. One of my friends uses graphing paper to teach her daughters to sew straight lines with the sewing machine,

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I am sure you have gotten it figured out by now but my machine will do that every now and then and it is usually when it needs all cleaned out. Esp if I have been sewing a lot of fleece and fabric that sheds like that.  Just take the plate that goes around the feed dogs off (there are usually 2 screws and a quarter works great to unscrew them) and blow it out. I just blow but if you have the air in a can like for a  computer that works the best. 

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