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Postpartum bleeding or return of menstruation?

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My postpartum bleeding was pretty light, tapered off quickly, and stopped after about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. Yesterday (3 weeks 5 days postpartum) I started bleeding again. It's not heavy bleeding at all, but it is mostly bright red. Is it normal for postpartum bleeding to stop for 5-7 days and then start up again? I don't have any symptoms of hemorrhaging. Could this be menstruation? I'm breastfeeding/pumping and bottle feeding (my baby has been having lots of trouble breastfeeding - see my posts on the Breastfeeding forum). She has not received any formula supplementation, though - only my pumped milk in a bottle. And I'm pumping enough to have a good start on a freezer stash. 

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It sounds like your period. A similar thing happened to me this time and I'd be interested what others have to say about it. I had light bleeding for a few weeks PP and it stopped for about a week or so. Then I started bleeding again, bright red, for nearly 2 weeks! I asked my midwife about it and she said it sounded like my period and that the first period PP was sometimes heavier than your normal period. Sigh. I was hoping to not get it for another 9 months.

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I don't think it sounds like a period- I have bled sometimes for up t0 5 weeks PP- start/stop bleeding and such and never got a period/start ovulating (actually I didn't get one for 15 years straight due to nursing/I kept getting pregnant the first cycle I would ovulate) until my toddlers were 3 years old (due to nursing- I know that's unusual and the other end of the spectrum).


My midwife would say you are most likely doing too much and the bleeding restarted from placental site. It's rare for someone to get a period this early PP when nursing but it does happen to some women.

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I found this on pregnancy.org: 



Normal Postpartum Bleeding

  • Color: Bright red, tapering off to pink, then brownish, brownish-yellow and finally white discharge
  • Flow: Heavier immediately following delivery for the first 4 days, then increasingly lighter over the course of 10 days to 6 weeks
  • Sudden Change: A sudden increase in the amount of bleeding or a color change back to bright red may be normal if you have increased your activities too much -- too soon. If this occurs, back off completely and give your body a chance to recuperate fully before resuming your normal pace.
  • Clots: Initially, you may find you are passing small clots. This is normal.
  • Stops and starts: There are women that experience an almost complete end to their bleeding, only to suddenly start up again approximately two weeks after delivery. This may appear to be similar to a regular menstrual cycle but generally is an indication of the remainder of the uterine lining dissipating.


I think I was probably just being too active and the ppb started up again. I had thought that when it stopped after 3 weeks that I could return to normal activity, but I guess I need some more rest. I've tried to take it easy the last two days and the bleeding has gone down.

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Good info- i am 17 days pp and bleeding started up again- too much stair climbing so i'm staying in bed which is hard when my 7 yo is fighting with the 11 yo.

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Good to know! Thanks for posting that :)

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