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postpartum question!

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hey everyone! i haven't really posted much but have been reading everyone's posts during my pregnancy :)

my son, asher, was born 2 weeks ago.

so here is my question, sorry if it sounds gross!: today when i went to the bathroom, a long clot started coming out. it was about 5 inches long, and just hanging there. i pushed to try to get it to come out, another clot came out, a couple inches long, but that one stayed.

so i called my midwife practice, and talked to a midwife about it. she said it was probably part of the membranes and that i could gently pull on it to get it out. so i did, and it was about 18 inches long total i'd say. this thing was massive! thick tissue substance. since then, i've been a little crampy, my bleeding has definately picked up, and i'm feeling a little weak. nothing major, i mean i'm feeling okay and i'm not pouring blood or anything! i've just been taking it very easy on the couch. but i'm feeling nervous about it, just because it was so weird!

anyone have any advice? does this sound okay to you guys? any similar stories? what was it that came out of me!?


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just realized this is actually the account i actually used to post on this forum! forgot i had that old one. hah :)

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I had a very large blood clot about 1 week postpartum and it did change the bleeding. Your MW is prob. right! Take it easy!

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The placental site is basically an internal wound- bleeding this much shows you are doing too much (as explained by my MW) so take it easy and try to avoid walking up and down stairs often- this is what makes me bleed.

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