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Can't get the poop out!

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I'm new to CDing and trying to get a washing routine. I have 6 week old twin boys and we have bumGenius 4.0 pocket diapers. My boys are breastfed with one bottle a day of fortified breastmilk (about 2 oz, so not much at all). I read all over that breastmilk poop is water soluble so just throw the diapers in -- no poop scraping or pre-treating necessary. I did this for the first batch (after 2 days of diapers) and washed with Rockin' Green Hard Rock detergent. We did a cold rinse, no soap, then warm wash with soap, then warm rinse. I still had poop on the pockets! Not stains, but actual poop! So next I scraped off as much poop as I could and tried again, same result. Next I tried hot instead of warm wash with an extra rinse before the wash for a total of four cycles, and I still have poop on the diapers!


I'm not real excited about the idea of a sprayer, and I need a solution for the meanwhile before I could get one anyways. So does anyone have any ideas to get all of the poop out? I found one similar question from 2006 with no real answer, just everyone saying that breastmilk poop is water soluble and it will come out. Apparently my boys have super poop!





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I think you need more water.  I am not good with front loaders (I'm just assuming you have one, correct me if I'm wrong!) but check if there are any settings that would allow you to add more water.  I think you can also just dump in a gallon or two of water along with your diapers.

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Nope, top loader and I have the load size set to super. Thanks though

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When my DS was exclusively breastfed I dunked the poopy diapers (covers only) in water, rubbed the insides together under running water to get rid of the poop, and then rinsed them in the sink before washing. It was the only way I could get them clean. And the hands on part isn't so gross with breastmilk poop.


Now he's eating solids if he poops in his diaper it usually just rolls off into the toilet.


But I swear the best thing ever was when I started catching his poops on the potty at about 4 months old. Now at 14 months old we only get a poopy diaper about once a week :)

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Are you washing on gentle or normal? I have to wash on normal, not gentle, or the poo doesn't come out.


Is the load over full or under full? Too many diapers means they don't agitate well and too few means they don't get enough friction to get the poop out. 


Is it all over the dipes or just in the elastic creases? If ds has a super poop that gets into the leg elastic I usually have to hand wash those diapers after they've gone through because the poo will stay in the folds.


Sorry you are having a hard time. Trouble shooting is by far the hardest part of cding! 



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 Personally I hate  RnG detergent.. It just for me did not clean the only time I had horrible staining and eventual stink and rash issues was with RnG.   Maybe try a diffrent detergent and see,


 However stains don't necessarly indicate unclean diapers but they do bug me.

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Rocking Green detergent just didn't work for us either. greensad.gif I really wanted to use it. I use Arm & Hammer Free and it really works great with just a tiny bit even using my front loader.
It seems strange that the poop stays on even with hand washing! Maybe it IS superpoop, lol. I'm sure it is very frustrating.
One other thought I had was that maybe you could try using Dawn dishwashing soap (blue) and then rinse and rinse till there are no more suds. That stuff is really good and if it doesn't get the poop off, I don't know what will!
Good luck!

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That's really weird that there is still poop if you do a wash every 2 days! You have the same wash routine as me except I do cold hot cold. For bf babies it usually just dissolves. I would suggest Bac Out by biokleen. It's pretty awesome. I use that on my diapers if poop gets outside of the cover ( I  don't care if there are stains inside because I just sun them) I just spray it on the poop and it magically goes away. haha I think it's worth a shot because you can use it for cleaning too or to strip your diapers. Just make sure you rinse the diapers really well. I got it at whole foods. Also a different detergent it sounds like. i use bum genius it does a good job for me.

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I just wanted to update with my solution. For a little while I did a hand wash before machine washing the diapers to get the "poop solids" out. This was really annoying and time consuming, so over the weekend we got a new washer! It works wonders, so I guess it was the washer after all. Thanks for all the tips!

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YAY! Thank goodness! I would definitely think hand washing and then machine washing would get old real quick smile.gif

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