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Salicylate trial help.

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My 4 year old is absolutely out of control and I am getting desperate to help him.  I have spoken with some professionals and I think there is a pretty good chance he has ADHD and I would like to try the Feingold 4 day trial that is listed in the book, Why Can't My Child Behave.  I have a few questions though.  I am reading multiple websites and Salicylate food lists and am having a hard time making sense of what to feed him.


Honey: I have read conflicting reports on honey.  One site says honey is high, another says honey is safe. 

Milk: One site says dairy is completely safe, another says give whole milk only. (We receive WIC, which gives 1% milk)

Zucchini: Again reading conflicting reports on whether it is safe or not

Pineapple: One list says absolutely not, another says it is safe

Melons: One list says to avoid all melons, another says that all melons are safe.


There are a ton more, and I am feeling like I can't feed my son anything.  I wish he were still nursing a ton and I could just nurse him for 4 days straight.   I am feeling so desperate.  This poor child needs help desperately.  We are extremely low income, and I am a single parent and I have contacted the Feingold association three times seeking financial assistance with their program and they have not responded at all.  I NEED to help this child.  I am losing my mind.  I have a social worker working with him regularly, he is on a months long waiting list for a therapist so that he can be referred for ADHD evaluation, but I need to help him now.  Just yesterday, he threw a rock at a child's head and cut his head open.  He also sat down and screamed bloody murder at me because he stubbed his toe.  He wasn't screaming because his toe hurt, but because he screamed "MAMA COME OVER HERE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  He has started hitting himself in the head when he gets excited (and not even super excited, just somewhat ramped up), and a million other things.  I am starting to isolate myself socially because I just can't handle him in public anymore.  We need help...

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Please, someone who has done /Feingold tell me you can help with this.  I am just winging it until I can afford to buy the program.  Here is what he has eaten so far this morning (he is also gluten free, and has been for about 2 months)


Breakfast: Mango and whole milk

Mid-morning snack: Nature's Path Crisp Brown Rice cereal mixed with

Envirokids Cocoa Brown Rice Crisp cereal


I am cooking a pork loin for lunch right now, and plan to give him some corn or peas to go with that.  I also bought him some frozen gluten free bagels, but I am not sure if they are safe or not.  The are made by Against The Grain, and here is the ingredient list:  "Tapioca starch, milk, eggs, mozzarella cheese, canola oil, sesame seeds, salt, sesame oil"  Hoping those ingredients are ok. Not sure about mozzarella cheese, that could have lots of things that I am not sure about....  Someone help please!

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Maybe you can find some help there?  This place isn't all that active.  Maybe you can find some more/more specific help there?


Sorry and hugs!

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