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High Blood Pressure help...

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Looking for a natural remedy for high blood pressure... I have had high blood pressure since around 30 now I am 38 and it is still around, i have taken meds with my first pregnancy and havent taken any since then that was 7 years ago, it is always higher in the doctors offcie but runs around 147/80 and will go higher when nervouse, went to an alternative doctor and he put me on natural calm (magnesium) but that was hard on my tummy, ( i have reflux) took it for two weeks and stopped but someone mentioned to me Apple cider vinegar, anyone have any advice, I also heard garlic can help to... I am not over weight, I dont smoke and my diet is not that bad at all just passed on to me through by heredity....  would love to ehar some stories on what worked for you :)

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Hawthorn has been used traditionally for lowering high blood pressure.  I've had great success w/ it. It needs to be taken regularly for several weeks before you see the benefits, but it's worth it imo.

Good luck!

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is there any interaction with hawthorne as far as other meds that you know of, I have had to take motrin here and there i am a migraine sufferer and mortrin is the only medi will consider for the pain. thanks  ... on a side note again, I was given this supplement that is called HTN complex it has hawthorne magnesium and some b vitamins in it, but it didnt really do anything as far as lowering pressure i was on it a month it also was super hard on my tummy too.

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also what brand of hawthorn are you using?

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Hawthorn shouldn't be hard on the tummy at all. Nor is it contraindicated w/ Motrin.

I get mine from Mt.Rose Herbs - Hawthorn Extract


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thanks so much, I will give it a try :)

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My DH has also had borderline hbp for years now. Last year, I had him get a Vit D test and have been supplementing him 10,000 IU/day (on most days) of D3 (He's around 215 lbs). He recently had his blood pressure taken and not only was it not borderline, but it was great, and his triglycerides were down. We were both shocked and couldn't figure out why, until I thought about the Vit D.

There have been absolutely no other changes in his life to account for this....in fact, he probably has more stress now than before and has not begun any exercise.  Worth a try as most people are low.

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